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Spring wallpaper: Graham and Brown cherry blossom

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013
Best affordable wallpaper ideas

Cherry blossom wallpaper

The weather has been so cold and grey recently, so we’re looking forward to the arrival of spring and spring flowers.

To help bring a bit of a spring feel into your home now, how about decorating your walls with cherry blossom inspired wallpaper?

If you’re unsure about floral wallpaper, then this design is a good one to start with, as it’s dainty and subtle. Although the design is available in some stronger, more vibrant colours, we love this soft silvery colour palette.

The wallpaper is given an extra special finish thanks to the addition of just the right amount of glitter, so the cherry blossoms shine in the light.

At only £16 a roll from Graham and Brown, this is an affordable wallpaper that won’t break the bank and, as a bonus, cherry blossom is supposed to bring you good fortune!

3 Of The Best London Themed Wallpapers

Monday, July 30th, 2012

With all eyes on London as host of the 2012 Olympic Games, here are three of the best London city themed wallpapers.

1. Albany London Life wallpaper

Iconic images of London

London Life wallpaper

Albany’s London Life wallpaper features some of the iconic images of London and sporting activities in a fun and quirky manner.

The hand drawn wallpaper has a lot of detail in it and the images are red, blue and yellow on a white background. It’s a lovely way of decorating your home and celebrating all the best bits of London, such as Big Ben, the Tower of London, red telephone boxes, black cabs and rowing down the Thames.

The London Life wallpaper is available for £28 per roll from Wallpaper Direct.

2. Graham and Brown Londinium wallpaper

Images of London cityscape wallpaper

Londinium wallpaper

There’s an extraordinary amount of detail included in this cityscape style Londinium wallpaper.

London’s best known landmarks, buildings and attractions lie cheek by jowl across the paper, producing a stunning decorative effect on the wall.

A 10m roll of the Londinium wallpaper costs £25 from Graham and Brown.

3. Brewer’s Coloroll London text wallpaper

Contemporary graphic London wallpaper

London text wallpaper

This bold red, white and blue wallpaper from Coloroll celebrates the best of London in text format.

From Chelsea and Victoria, to Greenwich, Hyde Park and Soho, this graphic wallpaper is a feast for the eyes, as as it reminds you of all the places and locations London is famous for.

One 10m roll of the London text wallpaper costs £8.99 from Wallpaper Direct.

Graham and Brown flamingo wallpaper

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012
Affordable wallpaper decorating ideas

Funky pink flamingo wallpaper

For a fun and striking wallpaper, how about adding pink flamingos to your wall?

It’s not the first pink flamingo wallpaper we’ve come across, as Cole and Son also do a flamingo design wallpaper, but this one is bold, bright and more suited to a contemporary home.

We love the combination of the deep purple background with the vibrant pink flamingos, but there’s an alternative, paler colour option if you’d prefer.

The flamingo wallpaper is affordably priced at only £18 a roll from Graham and Brown.

Affordable wallpaper: 12 wallpapers under £20

Friday, July 8th, 2011

We know how much you love decorating with wallpaper, yet sometimes it can seem like an expensive option. Whilst some designer wallpapers do cost a lot, there are plenty of other choices that are more affordable.

To help you save money and decorate your home, we’ve rounded up 12 affordable wallpaper designs costing under £20 per roll (okay, so there’s one that costs exactly £20 too, but we couldn’t resist popping that design in!).

1. Arthouse Jazz Teal wallpaper

Stylish affordable Arthouse wallpaper

Under £8 per roll!

This Arthouse Jazz wallpaper in a pale teal and cream colourway is a real bargain at only £7.99 per roll from Wallpaper Central. It’s available in other colours too.

2. Graham and Brown Curvy Paintable wallpaper

White textured affordable wallpaper

Part of the Graham and Brown Superfresco paintable range, this curvy wallpaper comes in white and has a lovely curvy textured design. For a neutral look, put up the white paper as it is, or transform it into another colour by adding paint. At only £10 per roll from Very, you can’t go wrong.

3. Next Green Seed Pod wallpaper

Affordable wallpaper from Next

Seed pod wallpaper

This green seed pod design wallpaper from Next is £15 per roll.

4. Coloroll Havana green stripe wallpaper

Stylish and affordable contemporary wallpaper

Fresh green wallpaper

This Coloroll Havana green wallpaper, which is part of the Tequila collection, features a fresh and zingy stripe design which would brighten up a dull room. It’s only £9.98 per roll from Wallpaper Direct.

5. Swirly damask wallpaper

Dramatic feature wall wallpaper

Damask wallpaper

This dramatic black swirly damask wallpaper has a luxurious feel to it, yet it only costs £18 from Next. Use it to create a feature wall in your home.

6. Graham and Brown Serene wallpaper

Affordable floral wallpaper

Serene floral wallpaper

This simple and elegant monotone Serene wallpaper features an oriental orchid design. It’s £19 per roll from Very.

7. Albany Birds of a Feather wallpaper

Stylish and quirky birds of a feather wallpaper

Birdy wallpaper

This fun and quirky Birds of a Feather wallpaper, with its hint of British flavour, just squeezes into this category, as it costs exactly £20 per roll from Wallpaper Direct.

8. British Design Talent City Scape wallpaper

Affordable designer British wallpaper

Cityscape wallpaper

This contemporary black and white city scape wallpaper costs £19.98 per roll from B&Q.

9. Albany Linen lilac wallpaper

Linen effect wallpaper with texture
Linen effect wallpaper

Perfect for those occasions when you’d like colour and texture on your walls, but don’t want an overpowering pattern, this lilac wallpaper from Albany is designed with an effective linen weave effect. It costs £13.99 from Wallpaper Direct.

10. Stone Effect wallpaper

Create a stone wall look in your home

Create a wall of 'stone'

This stone effect wallpaper was already affordable at £19.99 per roll, but has an extra few pounds off in the Leekes sale, making it even more of a good buy. Great for creating a natural stone effect in a room, without much hard work.

12. Kelly Hoppen Hicks wallpaper

Designer Kelly Hoppen wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper

Part of Kelly Hoppen’s range of contemporary wallpapers with texture, this Hicks design wallcovering is in taupe, charcoal and silver and costs £19.95 per roll from B&Q.

Graham and Brown My Wall wallpaper jewels

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Be creative with your wall designs Add sparkling gems and jewels to your decorating

Decorating your home should be all about making your own mark on it. It’s great to be creative and add your own special touches and designs, be it through colour, home accessories, paint or wallpaper. If you’ve not been able to afford the more expensive roll of wallpaper that you would have liked, or fancy adding extra interest to the wallpaper you’ve got, then why not have a go at using these My Wall wallpaper jewels from Graham and Brown!

The wallpaper jewels are a fantastic collection of art and craft products designed to be used to customise your walls, rooms and other interior surfaces. Used with wallpaper, they bring life to the design on your wall, enabling you to add extra dimension and a touch of sparkle. As you can see above, they work well with flower designs, but would be equally good with any wallpaper design that you’d like to jazz up a bit. You can also use them on other surfaces too, so you can have a lot of fun finding appropriate places to put them.

The wallpaper jewels come in a selection of different styles, designs and colours, from teardrops and hearts, to mixed sets of stones and mini stones. You can use as much as you’d like, or as little, but it’s a great way of adding more sparkle and zing and helping your decor become extra special.

The jewels and stones are £7 per pack from Graham and Brown.

Top 10 contemporary floral wallpapers

Monday, August 10th, 2009
If you’re looking to adorn your walls with eyecatching wallpaper, then there are some great contemporary floral wallpaper designs on the market. Here are 10 of our current favourites.

1. Sanderson Dandelion Clocks wallpapers

Sanderson Dandelion Clocks wallpaper

Sanderson Dandelion Clocks wallpaper

This bold floral design wallpaper from Sanderson’s Options 10 collection featured stylised dandelion flower heads.

Shown here in the blue, green and grey colour scheme, the paper is also available in red and pink shades too, but we’re rather fond of the fresh blue and green.

The colours and look are reminiscent of 1950s designs, but they’ve been given a fresh and contemporary look.

The Sanderson Dandelion Clock wallpaper can be purchased from John Lewis for £39 a roll. (Check out our other posts on matching Dandelion Clocks home decor).

2. Amy Butler Lacework wallpaper

Contemporary designer floral wallpaper

Designer, Amy Butler, has created this gorgeous Lacework wallpaper, which offers a contemporary take on a traditional folk design.

The floral element is presented as bold round flower heads, depicted in a mandala style, with flowing leafy stems. The Lacework wallpaper is available in various colour options, but we love this blue and moss version.

The Amy Butler Lacework wallpaper costs £30 per roll from Graham and Brown.

3. Prestigious Radiance silver wallpaper

Prestigious Radiance silver wallpaper

Prestigious Radiance silver wallpaper

This Prestigious Radiance wallpaper features a big, bold floral design in white on a metallic silver background.

The flowers are highlighted in greys and black and it’s the ideal monochrome design for a contemporary home.

Alternative colours are available and it can be purchased for £30 a roll from Wallpaper Direct.

4. Villa Nova Florence Raspberry wallpaper

Villa Nova Florence raspberry wallpaper

Villa Nova Florence raspberry wallpaper

The Villa Nova Florence range of wallpaper are available in a variety of colours, but we rather like this fresh raspberry shade.

Only the flower heads are raspberry, with the rest of the design a more subtle shade, so it’s not too overpowering on the wall.

The Villa Nova Florence wallpaper is available for £31 per roll.

5. Magdalena rich chocolate flock wallpaper

Magdelena chocolate flock wallpaper

Magdalena chocolate flock wallpaper

Chocolate is high on the list for desirable contemporary wallpapers. This rich chocolate flock Magdalena floral wallpaper is a special paper for a feature wall.

The luxurious wallpaper has dark chocolate flocking and metallic gold designs on a chocolate background, with the design running in vertical lines.

The Magdalena paper is £95 a roll from Feature Wallpaper.

6. John Lewis Honesty wallpaper

Best contemporary floral affordable wallpaper

Honesty wallpaper

This lovely Honesty contemporary floral wallpaper features a floral print in the shades of blue, white and grey (the Archer colourway).

The Honesty wallpaper is sold by John Lewis for £22 per roll.

7. Linda Barker Tempting wallpaper

Linda Barker Tempting wallpaper

Linda Barker Tempting wallpaper

This bold and beautiful Tempting wallpaper by Linda Barker features a gorgeous large pink chrysanthemum flower against a chocolate brown background.

It would look great as a statement wall in many areas of the house, including the bedroom and living room.

The Tempting wallpaper is £19.99 a roll from I Love Wallpaper.

8. Marcel Wanders Alice wallpaper

Marcel Wanders Alice wallpaper

Marcel Wanders Alice wallpaper

This stunning amethyst purple and gold contemporary floral wallpaper is designed by Marcel Wanders, winner of the 2006 Elle Decorations International Designer of the Year.

Made of vinyl, the Alice wallpaper is £9.99 a roll from Direct Wallpaper.

9. Birdtree wallpaper

Neisha Crosland Birdtree wallpaper

Neisha Crosland Birdtree wallpaper

This contemporary floral wallpaper features red, grey and gold bold flowers on a cream background, which the designer calls Cockatoo Red.

The wallpaper is also available in several other colourways.

The Birdtree wallpaper can be purchased for £66 a roll from Fabrics and Papers.

10. Circulo black wallpaper

Circulo black wallpaper

Circulo black wallpaper

And finally, if you’re looking for a contemporary floral wallpaper that’s not too overly floral, then this silver on black Circulo wallpaper could be the solution.

Each individual circular design (which resembles a polka dot from a distance) features an intricate, interwoven floral design of swirls, flowers and leaves.

If black’s not your colour, then there’s also beige, red and teal available too.

The Circulo wallpaper is only £12 a roll from Feature Wallpaper.

Updated May 2012

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