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Tord Boontje Table Stories horse glasses

Monday, April 23rd, 2012
Dutch designer glassware whisky tumblers

Ornate glass design

Aren’t these glasses gorgeous!

They were designed by Dutch designer, Tord Boontje, and are part of his Table Stories collection.

The clear glasses are blown by mouth and are ornately decorated with a white horse design. They’re so lovely, they almost too good to actually use!

If you do want to drink from them, they’re designed to be whisky glasses, but look like they’d work well as water tumblers too.

Jasmine Way have the horse whisky glasses in stock, with a set of two priced at £30.

Check out some of Tord Boontje’s other creations that we’ve previously featured.

House Doctor DK candle votive jars

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
House Doctor DK candle votive jars

Set of candle jars

We’re firm believers in shopping around to get the best buy (after all, for many of us, any money saved is a great help) and try and provide a good balance of products for all budgets through this blog.

In the case of this set of candle jar votives, we were all set to include details of where you get them for just shy of £10, when we came across somewhere else selling the identical product for even less! Even when the cost of postage is taken into consideration, they still worked out as being a lot cheaper.

So if you’d like to get your hands on this black and white set of three glass candle jars, which are part of the House Doctor DK range of products, head over to Ruby Roost, where they’re only £7.50 for the set (p&p is £3.50).

Each glass votive has a different design and they work well grouped together or used individually. They’d also make a perfect, affordable Christmas present.

GraphicGlaze glass splashbacks from Deco Glaze

Thursday, October 13th, 2011
Country scene glass splashbacks

Decorative splashbacks

Fancy bringing a bit of countryside into your kitchen?

If you haven’t got a stunning view outside your window, or you’re living in the city, then now you can have hills and grass in your home, thanks to these new Graphic Glaze splashbacks from Deco Glaze.

Designed by Ashley Phillips of Glartique the design is printed on the 6mm glass using environmentally friendly inks and is a great way of livening up a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

For more details, or to find stockist near you, check out the Deco Glaze website.

For more splashback ideas, see our previous post on contemporary kitchen glass splashback ideas.

Serina purple glass bedside table

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
Modern statement furniture for your home

Stunning purple bedside table

Bedside tables needn’t be boring! If you love purple and want to make a statement, then this Serina glass bedside table is guaranteed to do just that.

Made from deep purple glass, with a wonderfully glossy finish, the bedside cabinet features three drawers with contrasting clear glass sparkly handles.

Chic and stylish, the Serina bedside table could be a glam addition to a modern bedroom. It’s priced at £359 from Out There Interiors.

A purple chair, which would coordinate perfectly, is also available for £195.

Four contemporary glass kitchen splashbacks

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Traditionally, ceramic tiles have been used in kitchens to provide a splashback around the sink or around the cooker, but for a modern and contemporary interior design, glass splashbacks are a great alternative.

Glass splashbacks are made from durable toughened glass and are designed to be long-lasting and functional. A glass splash back gives a  modern and funky feel to a room and many of them have a lovely smooth and sleek finish. You don’t just have to just use them around a sink or cooker – they can be incorporated anywhere in your kitchen design.

Splashbacks come in a wide variety of colours and designs, so you’re sure to find something that fits in with your kitchen design and interior colour scheme.

To get a flavour of what’s available, here are four examples of stylish and colourful glass kitchen splashbacks currently on the market.

1. Lime green glass kitchen splashback

Contemporary glass kitchen splashbacks

Green glass splashback

This lime green glass splashback is by Kula and can be purchased from Topps Tiles. The price depends on the size you choose, but as a guide, a 70cm by 60cm splashback costs £84.99. Matching green glass tiles are available too.

2. Red glass splashback

My Colour Glass specialise in glass splashbacks

Wonderful red splashback

Create a colour statement in your kitchen with a vibrant red glass splashback. This is available from My Colour Glass, a company who specialise in glass solutions for the home. As well as red, they can produce splashbacks in a wide range of colours and can colour match for you.

A standard sized 900mm by 750mm kitchen glass splashback costs £134.

3. Union Jack glass kitchen splashback

Union jack kitchen tiles
Feeling patriotic?

You can even have a giant Union Jack glass splashback surrounding your sink if you wish! This is another Kula creation and costs £169.99.

4. Charcoal glass splash back

John Lewis glass kitchen splash bac

Charcoal splashback

This charcoal glass splash back is from John Lewis and costs from £122. If the charcoal colour is too dull for you, they also have a big rainbow of colours to choose from.

Silvana washing machine drum table

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
Silvana wash drum table designed by Reestore

Funky washing machine table

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of recycling and designers who are creating new pieces of innovative furniture and home accessories through the use of recycled materials.

Previously we’ve featured items such as the fabulous chair made from recycled cutlery, an Italian seat made from old car tyres and tarpaulin material, Christmas decorations made from recycled circuit boards, a stunning chandelier made from milk bottles and a chalk-like memo board made from recycled coffee cups.

Now here’s another clever product that’s been made from recycled materials – it’s a washing machine table!

The funky table is made from a reclaimed washing machine drum (isn’t it the most perfect shape and size?) and has been designed by award-winning UK designers, Reestore. With its unique design, and stainless steel metal finish, the table is perfect for a contemporary home.

A piece of frosted glass has been added to the top of it, making it fully functional as a coffee table or side table and, as an extra special twist,  a low energy light has been popped inside the drum, which provides a lovely glow of light through the tiny holes of the drum. It’s a great design and a very effective use of recycled materials.

The Silvana reclaimed washing machine table is made to order, but can be purchased from Ecocentric for £275.74.

Round driftwood and glass coffee table

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
Handmade reclaimed drift wood furniture

Driftwood table

Furniture and home accessories made from driftwood have a unique appeal, not least as every item is individually created and no two are the same.

This round coffee table is made from reclaimed pieces of driftwood that are layered together to create the mushroom-like shape. To ensure the piece is fully usable as a table, a glass top is added (we guess this will also help preserve the wood too and prevent the top from becoming damaged).

As well as being a useful table, the driftwood creation is also a piece of art in its own right and provides a decorative centrepiece for a room.

The round driftwood coffee table costs £279 and can be purchased from Aflair.

If the round version isn’t quite to your taste or size requirements, then they also do a large rectangular driftwood coffee table and a driftwood drum side table.

50% off Snowden Flood designer homeware products

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Designer Battersea embroideryDesigner glassware by Snowden Flood

Snowden Flood produce some unusual homeware products, including ceramics, glassware and linens. Many items in their current collection are now half price in the January sale at Bouf. We’re particularly fond of these two pieces:

The colourful Battersea embroidery design ceramic plate, which is part of their Landmark series, features a design from a hand embroidery. Personally, this plate looks too nice to use – I’d much rather display it in my home. One 27cm plate was originally £35, but is now £17.50 in the sale.

The unusual black tree glasses are very striking. Each of the four glasses in the set features bold images of trees, with one each of oak, blossom, birch and fir. The glasses originally cost £39.95 per set, but are now only £19.98. The tree design glasses are also available in white, which produces a softer, snowy look.

Eva solo bird feeder from Beth Stevens

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010
Bird feeder for the garden

Feed the birds

Have you been feeding the birds in this cold weather?

We’ve been glad to see that the blackbirds have successfully spotted lots of berries available in our garden to eat (during the first lot of snow, we put extra food out, but they didn’t find it). We also have some bird seed out too, for smaller birds, but the plastic holder it’s in has not fared well with strong winds in the past and a lot of the seed just falls out.

There are some much stronger bird feeders available though, including this Eva solo bird feeder which is designed to withstand wind, weather and beating wings!

The glass ball is made from mouth blown glass and can be suspended from trees, bushes or any other garden structures you have available, and it’s suitable for use on a balcony too. This feeder looks particularly good as you can use it for both nuts and seed – often the design of them means it’s an ‘either or’ choice – and it’s a nice contemporary design.

The Eva solo glass bird feeder is £39 from Beth Stevens.

Top 10 silver and white Christmas tree decorations

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

It may seem early to think about how you’ll be decorating your Christmas tree this year, but with products in the shops already, some of the good buys are beginning to sell out.

For those of you planning to decorate your tree in silver and white, or if you’re looking for a few decorations in these colour to add to your existing Christmas decoration collection, then here are 10 of the best new silver and white Christmas tree decorations available!

We’ve found special baubles, bargain sets of baubles,  decorations with a handmade look and contemporary pieces to add a modern feel to your seasonal decorations.

There’s something for everyone, so read on and see what takes your fancy!

1. Matt white pyramid bauble

Pyramid design modern christmas tree bauble from Heal's

This modern matt white pyramid bauble reminds me of the style of some of the contemporary pendant lights.

It’s a really effective piece and would look fantastic hung on a Christmas tree.

The white pyramid bauble is £10 from Heal’s.

2. Deer Christmas ball bauble

Contemporary cream deer bauble

Add a contemporary touch to your Christmas tree, with this deer design bauble.

The cream coloured earthenware Christmas tree ball bauble is decorated with a black silhouette of a deer on one side, with a small silhouette on the other side.

This unusual bauble is £11 from AIGA.

3. Starburst round bauble

Unusual designer Christmas tree bauble

This unusual round bauble is called Starburst for a good reason!

The silvery white special bauble would make a great addition to your tree and costs £5 from John Lewis.

4. Origami polar bear Christmas tree decoration

Unusual carved polar bear

This cute little polar bear isn’t made from paper, as the origami part of its name suggests. In fact, it’s carved to produce the origami look, which is very effective.

The white bear has a small hanger on the top of its back with ribbon strung through for hanging. It would be special piece to bring out for Christmas and treasure year after year.

The carved origami bear costs £12 from the V&A Shop.

5. Beaded snowflake hanging decoration

Contemporary christmas decoration

Even if we aren’t blessed with a white Christmas, this pretty beaded snowflake decoration can add a wintery touch to your Christmas tree.

The beaded snowflake hanging decoration is £5 from Graham and Green.

6.Round crackle glass bauble

Christmas tree decorations from Lombok

You can’t beat a good glass bauble and if it’s got a crackle effect, then it’s even better.

These clear glass round crackle baubles are available in a choice of two sizes. The small bauble is £2 and the large £3.50 and they’re sold by Lombok.

7. Felt feather tree decoration

Felt feather Christmas decoration

I’ll be honest, I thought this was a leaf when I first saw it, but leaf or feather, it’s a dainty piece to add to your Christmas tree.

Made from silvery white felt, the decoration has a lovely stitched effect running through it and, if you love the handmade look, this would be perfect.

The felt feather decoration is £4 from the V&A Shop.

8. Sparkly star tree decoration

Silver star Christmas decoration

Every Christmas tree needs a star and this one has just the right amount of sparkle.

The five pointed three dimensional star is sprinkled with glitter to make it sparkle under your Christmas tree lights.

The star decoration is £3.99 from The Contemporary Home.

9. Frosted silver hanging hearts

Vintage style Christmas tree decorations

This pair of frosted silver hanging heart decorations are made from glass and hang from a contrasting velvet ribbon.

They’re a bit vintagey in style, but would look lovely used alongside contemporary decorations for an eclectic mix.

The pair of frosted silver hanging hearts cost £10 from Cox and Cox.

10. John Lewis mini glass baubles

Bargain box of silver Christmas decorations

In addition to all the gorgeous, one-off special baubles, every tree needs a good set of baubles to use to fill in the gaps year after year.

This super set of 27 mini glass silver baubles from John Lewis is a great starter kit and perfect for smaller Christmas trees. The baubles come in three different finishes – glittery silver, matt silver and shiny silver.

Best of all, they’re a great buy at only £4 per box.

Update December 2012: Check out our new post featuring more gorgeous silver and white Christmas tree decorations.

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