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Nefos contemporary hanging cloud chandelier

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
Contemporary outdoor garden light

Cloud chandelier

Looking for lighting that’s different from the norm? How about a cloud chandelier?

Proving the point that chandeliers certainly don’t have to be serious, the Nefos cloud chandelier is a fun and eye-catching contemporary light.

The cloud is designed by Paolo de Lucchi for MyYour and is made of polyethylene.

The added bonus of this design is that it’s actually suitable for use both indoors and out in your garden, so your cloud could be used to light up your garden or outdoor space for parties or barbecues too.

The Nefos cloud chandelier is available in medium or large sizes and as transparent, light blue or yellow colours. They can be ordered from Garden Beet.

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Metal comb-ination honeycomb trellis

Friday, November 4th, 2011
Metal honeycomb contemporary modular garden trellis

Honeycomb trellis

The autumn and winter months are a great time to plan garden ideas for the next year. If you fancy putting up some trellis to grow plants vertically up a fence or wall, but want something contemporary in design, then how about this metal comb-ination trellis?

Based on a honeycomb pattern, and designed by Arik Levy, this modern modular trellis comes in three sizes and can be put together to create your own pattern, allowing for plenty of creativity.

It’s made from powder coated metal and comes with all the necessary fittings and fixtures to put it up. It’s a lovely idea and very eye-catching, whether there are plants growing up it or not.

The metal Comb-ination trellis is available to purchase from Garden Beet. Prices start at £36.

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