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Graham and Brown flamingo wallpaper

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012
Affordable wallpaper decorating ideas

Funky pink flamingo wallpaper

For a fun and striking wallpaper, how about adding pink flamingos to your wall?

It’s not the first pink flamingo wallpaper we’ve come across, as Cole and Son also do a flamingo design wallpaper, but this one is bold, bright and more suited to a contemporary home.

We love the combination of the deep purple background with the vibrant pink flamingos, but there’s an alternative, paler colour option if you’d prefer.

The flamingo wallpaper is affordably priced at only £18 a roll from Graham and Brown.

Pink flamingo cushion by Lucy Gilchrist

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Contemporary textile designer Handmade contemporary flamingo cushion

British contemporary designer, Lucy Gilchrist, has captured the charm of pink flamingos in this handmade cushion.

The cushion features a hand printed design on the front and a high quality coordinated fabric on the back (the backing fabrics vary, as do the finishing touches, which are either a bow or buttons) and the inside is filled with a duck feather pad.

It’s a great design and a lovely cushion to own. You can buy the flamingo cushion direct from Lucy for £30, or from Retro Roost.

The same flamingo design is also available as a jaunty print.

If you’ve got a soft spot for pink flamingos, then check out the table we featured previously!

Pink flamingo table

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
Fabulous pink flamingo tale from Bouf

Pink flamingo table

If you enjoy a sense of fun in your home furnishings, then how about this unusual pink flamingo table?

It’s been cleverly designed in the shape of a flamingo, with the two table legs angled in the same spindlely way as a flamingo. In order to balance the table and make it functional for using, the third table leg is designed to be like the head and long neck of a flamingo. It’s a really fun piece and, although rather quirky, has a certain degree of elegance about it.

As someone who’s been fascinated by seeing pink flamingos in the wild, the table very effectively captures the shape and activity of flamingos, especially the idea of the head dipping down into the water to hunt for food.

The pink flamingo table is available to purchase from Blue Sky via Bouf, a company run by a design graduate and ex-boat builder who now specialises in making furniture and cabinets.

If you can’t get enough of flamingos, then check out this post regarding pink flamingo wallpaper from Cosy Home Blog.

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