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Muuto crush bowl: Designer fruit bowl

Monday, May 14th, 2012
Designer china crockery and tableware

Crush bowl

Triangles rule, as this striking crush bowl by Muuto demonstrates.

The bowl is made up of lots of equilateral triangles (remember those, from your maths classes?) and it’s been given a designer ‘crushed’  look. It’s made from white bone china and designed by Julien De Smet.

It’s an unusual piece and, whether you put it to good use (we love the idea of using it as fruit bowl, as the individual triangle segments are just right for holding pieces of fruit), or just show it off on display, it’s a worthy  investment piece.

A small Muuto crush bowl is available for £39 from MyDeco, and the larger version costs £69 from Made in Design.

Quirky smile bowl by Tina Vlassopulos

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
Designer ceramic snack bowl

Quirky ceramic bowl

What’s better than a plain bowl? A bowl that smiles at you!

Designer Tina Vlassopulos has created a quirky range of earthenware bowls with smiling faces carved into the asymmetric rim.

This one is the ideal size for snacks or nibbles, but there are other sizes available too, including a large salad bowl.

The smile bowl is £24.95.

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