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Creative Wall Art: Cow Parade wall stickers

Monday, October 10th, 2011
Funky cow wall stickers

Funky cows

Fancy adding some cows to your interior decor? This funky herd are ready to moo-ve in and adorn your walls!

The set of Cow Parade wall stickers feature seven gloriously patterned and designed cows. There’s no simple black and white cows here – we’re talking floral, geometric, hearts and even an old style clock design on the backs of these animals.

If you want to add a bit of fun into a your living room, kitchen or bedroom decor, then have a patterned cow walking across the wall.

Use the wall stickers individually in several rooms, or group them together for a herd effect.

However you choose to use them, these quirky cows are bound to raise a few eyebrows and create a few comments, especially where they’re unexpected.

Made by Creative Wall Art and part of their Home Interiors Stickers collection, the Cow Parade stickers can be purchased from Wallpaper Direct for £21.98.

Serina purple glass bedside table

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
Modern statement furniture for your home

Stunning purple bedside table

Bedside tables needn’t be boring! If you love purple and want to make a statement, then this Serina glass bedside table is guaranteed to do just that.

Made from deep purple glass, with a wonderfully glossy finish, the bedside cabinet features three drawers with contrasting clear glass sparkly handles.

Chic and stylish, the Serina bedside table could be a glam addition to a modern bedroom. It’s priced at £359 from Out There Interiors.

A purple chair, which would coordinate perfectly, is also available for £195.

Rice paper mache deer head

Thursday, August 26th, 2010
Contemporary deer head

Contemporary deer head

No deer have been harmed in the production of this quirky wall decor. No, in fact it’s made from good old paper mache.

Contemporary versions of traditional deer heads are 100% more animal friendly and offer a 3D hanging that will provide impact on even the dullest of walls.

The Rice paper mache deer heads are available in a choice of colours – red head/white face, purple head/blue face and blue head/green face and can be purchased from Camel and Yak.

Add flowers and dimension to your wall decor

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

 If you’ve ever wanted to add a bit more dimension or a 3d effect to your wall, then you must try these fun wallflowers!

This set of 25 flowers in five sizes from small to large are made out of polypropylene, with magnets embedded into them. This allows them to be mounted to the wall easily and without fuss, via means of either a small magnet or a tack. As well as being available in black, which looks great used in a monochrome colour scheme, they’re also available in pink and white.

They add a real sense of dimension to any wall, are fun to use and can be moved around when you change your mind about your decor. Available from Amazon for £29.36.

Bring nature into your home with forest wallpaper

Monday, June 1st, 2009
Forest wallpaper

Forest wallpaper

Wallpaper has evolved considerably over the years and there are now some lovely designs available these days. If you’re living in the city without green spaces on your doorstep, or simply like the environment, then this forest wallpaper could brighten up your walls.

 The Mysterious Forest mural-style wallpaper features a very atmospheric misty grey image of tree trunks and is supposed to evoke feelings of the morning light. It would be most effective used on a single wall, as a statement wallpaper effect, rather than on every wall in a room.

It’s available from Wallpaper Direct and is specially made to order.

Decorate children’s rooms easily with wall stickers

Friday, May 29th, 2009
Bird Tree

Bird Tree

Decorating children’s rooms is often a bit of a conundrum, as no sooner have you painted or wall papered their room with their favourite cartoon character or colour, then they change their mind and like something different. And as much as children may love to have pink or train-themed when they’re seven, it’s not so much fun when they’re 14.

If you’re faced with children’s bedroom decorating dilemmas, then these wall stickers could solve your problem. Ferm LIVING  have produced some great sets of wall stickers that can be stuck on children’s bedroom walls, but easily removed when they’re bored with the design or simply fancy having them up elsewhere.

The stickers are easy to use and come complete with everything you need to successfully stick them in place. What’s more, they don’t cause damage to the surface they’re stuck on and can be used on walls, ceilings, windows or any other form of flat surface. Some even look good enough to be used in adult rooms too!

The Bird Tree Wall Stickers cost £65. Also available for children’s rooms are the Animal Tower  wall stickers, which depicts a variety of animals all stacked up in a pile and  doubles up as a height chart (£55) and the Butterflies, which are £31 for a set of 12. You can find them all – and more – online at Cloudberry Living.

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