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Fabric decoupage stool by Viva Fabric

Monday, October 11th, 2010
Funky fabric hand crafted decoupage stool

Funky stool

I’m all for having a few quirky pieces of furniture in your home, whether it’s something unusual, colorful or something that reflects your personality or interests.

Being a fan of decoupage and fabric, and loving splashes of colour, it’s no wonder this fabric decoupage stool caught my eye.

The tall wooden stool has been covered all over with an assortment of colourful fabric. In order to make it functional, the fabric surface has been sealed and is now wipeable, so you can easily clean up any spills or marks when it’s in use.

The fabric decoupage stool costs £60 from Viva Fabric. If you like the decoupage look, then check out the rest of their products, as they specialise in creating funky and contemporary furniture and accessories and have lots more unusual creations to look at.

Make your own lampshade

Monday, June 21st, 2010

lampshade-kit lamp-shade-kit2

Ever wished you had a lampshade that matches your wallpaper, curtains, duvet or sofa fabric? Well now you can have a go at making your own perfect lampshade, with this great kit from Hunkydory Home.

This kit comes complete with step-by-step instructions and everything you need to make your own lampshade -  all you need to supply is your choice of fabric or paper. Designed to make a 30cm lampshade for use in the UK or Europe, the end result will be suitable for a ceiling pendant or lamp base.

If you fancy being a bit creative and trying your hand at making your own lampshade, then this is a good kit to get you started. It’s only £12.99 from Hunkydory Home.

DIY passe partout Karlsson wall clock

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

diy-frame-clock     diy-frame-clock2

There are a lot of these types of clocks around at the moment and they’re great for a contemporary home. This one is a bit different though, as it’s designed so you can fill the frames with whatever you want (pictures, children’s drawings, keepsakes, scraps of wallpaper, postcards etc) and you can move the frames around to whatever position you want them in.

In essence, it’s a fully customisable clock.

It’s a great idea, especially if you’re happy to be creative and crafty. It would make a good present too – you could fill all the frames with wedding photos as a gift for a newly wed couple, put pictures of friends and fun times in it for students starting a new chapter of their life, or pop children’s photos and drawings in the frames as a gift for grandparents.

And if in time you decide you want another look, you can simply change the contents of the 12 frames and start again.

You can buy the diy passe partout Karlsson wall clock from Soulful Toaster for £44.99. It has sold out at the moment, but they’ve got more stock coming soon and, if you’re interested, you can let them now in advance.

Create your own wall art

Thursday, July 30th, 2009
Collage sheet

Why not frame this arty collage sheet?

 There are lot of lovely art works available for your walls, but if you’re feeling a bit crafty and want to create you own, then a few easy an inexpensive way would be to use collage sheets like this.

Although sold with the intention that someone making crafts could cut the images up and use them on cards, jewellery or other artwork, the sheets contain so many lovely images that they’d look great left whole and framed and put on your wall.

This one features ‘sophisticated flowers and birds,’ and the images are the size of Scrabble tiles, but there are lots more available and they can be resized if need be.

At only $2.50 from a seller on Etsy, it won’t break the bank to have a go and see what you could do with them.

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