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Espresso cup stacking tower set

Thursday, January 13th, 2011
Expresso coffee cups and saucers set

Stylish stacking for small spaces

If you’ve got limited space in your kitchen and need cupboard space for essential food and cooking supplies, your worktops are the next best place to store crockery and cups.

The ingenious design of this tower stacking piece means that you’ll always have cups and saucers to hand and can easily stack them back up in the storage unit when you’ve finished with them.

These colourful cups and saucers are described as being espresso sized, but even if you don’t drink coffee, they’re great for serving other drinks in.

The espresso cup tower set costs £18 from Oliver Bonas.

If you like the idea, then there’s also a matching egg cup tower set available for £14.

Rob Brandt crushed expresso cup

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
Ceramic crushed cup by designer Rob Brandt

Ceramic cup

Sometimes it’s amazing how even the most simplest of designs can be so effective, or so popular.

That’s certainly the case with Rob Brandt’s ceramic expresso cup. Designed to look like a crumpled and squashed used coffee cup, the piece is actually made out of ceramic and will provide a long life of coffee needs.

Each white cup is handmade, so the creases and crumples will be unique to you. At only £4.90 from Made in Design, it’s a fabulous price for a really quirky design piece.

If you like this kind of design idea, you may also like the porcelain flour bag container or the porcelain carton milk jug that we’ve featured previously.

DeLonghi Icona coloured coffee maker

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010


If you’re bored with predominently black or stainless steel kitchen gadgets, then these colourful Icona coffee makers from DeLonghi will add a much needed splash of colour into your kitchen.

They not only look good, but work well too, producing a delicious cup of espresso or creamy cappucino in minutes. The Icona coffee maker works with both espresso pods or ground coffee, so you’ve got both options rather than being stuck with one or the other (it’s ground coffee all the way for us), unlike some other machines.

The removable stainless steel drip tray at the bottom allows for easy cleaning and you can use it with dinky espresso cups or full size mugs or cups.

Available in blue or red (and black or white, if you must), the Icona coffee maker is £149 from John Lewis.

Eco re-usable ceramic coffee and tea cup

Monday, August 2nd, 2010
Ceramic coffee or tea cup
Ceramic coffee or tea cup

Here’s a novel cup for your favourite tea or coffee. Designed to look like the coffee shop takeaway cups, this one is in fact made of a pretty blue and white china. It comes complete with a heat resistant sleeve, so you can carry it around and not burn your hand whilst you drink it, and a funky rubber lid, just like the ones you’re used to getting with takeout coffees.

If you’re really into eco issues and being green, you could even take this ceramic cup with you to your favourite coffee shop and see if they’re prepared to serve you a cuppa in this, rather than their usual cups.
It’s a fun piece of china for all tea or coffee lovers and is only £12 from Rockett St George.
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