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High gloss white coffee table from Arden Grace

Monday, July 26th, 2010
Pure and simple table

Pure and simple table

For those that love keeping home furnishings pure and simple, and crave minimalist living, this glossy white coffee table would fit in perfectly.

The table is nice and solid (4cm thick) and is finished with a high gloss white lacquer, which will reflect the light well and be durable too.

The white coffee table is a good size and would be ideal for any modern living room and costs £69.95 from Arden Grace.

Quirky chalkboard coffee table by Duffy London

Monday, February 15th, 2010

chalkboard-coffee-tablechalkboard-table2    chalkboard-table3

Finally,  a coffee table that the kids are allowed to draw on!

This quirky coffee table, by Duffy London, has a top made from chalkboard, so you can write on it, draw on it or make notes on it time and time again. Express your creativity by drawing pictures on it, or why not draw out a chequers, chess or draughts board outline on the table and play a game or two?

The coffee table measures 100cm by 70cm by 35cm and can easily be wiped clean. It’s sold by Duffy London and is available from Bouf.

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Tapered rectangular coffee table from Dwell

Friday, February 5th, 2010

   tapered-rectangular-coffee-table   tapered-rectangular-coffee-table-2

If you’re looking for a modern design coffee table, then how about this unusual rectangular tapered design?

The coffee table is quite chunky, but the tapering at the sides helps give it a more slimline look. It’s finished off with rounded edges, so you won’t get a nasty jab if you knock into it.

Finished in a lovely gloss lacquer with great reflective abilities, the table is available in black or teal.

You’ll find it available to buy from Dwell.

Clear glass coffee tables from M&S

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

   italian-clear-glass-coffee-table                    clear-glass-coffee-table

If you’re on the hunt for a glass coffee table, then it’s worth checking out the tables on offer at M&S, especially as they’ve got a special 50% off furniture deal starting today (and running until 26th January 2010).

The contemporary glass coffee table, with its Italian design, is perfect for any discerning modern home. Its rounded ends and smooth, flowing lines help it fit effortlessly into a room and it measures 38cm by 120cm by 60cm.

If you prefer a table that’s slightly less cutting edge, then the Viva coffee table, with its brushed metal finish, is a good classic option.

It has a shelf underneath, which would be handy for storing magazines or children’s toys, although with the glass top you can’t get away with hiding too much clutter underneath! This table measures 40cm by 85cm by 50cm.

For more home furniture bargains, including reduced sofas, cabinets, armchairs and beds, have a look at the M&S furniture sale.

Noguchi coffee table

Monday, August 3rd, 2009
Modern Noguchi coffee table

Modern Noguchi coffee table


This Italian version of the classic Chinese Noguchi Tribeca coffee table is very much like the original in style and design and would look great in any modern home.

It’s made from only three pieces – a 19mm thick glass top and two curved solid wood legs – and together the legs interlock to form the support for the glass top.

The table is available in black or walnut stained solid ash base.

The modern take on the Noguchi table is available from Go Modern for £500.

Funky white loop table

Sunday, May 31st, 2009
Funky loop table

Funky loop table

It’s often hard to find really nice white tables, but this coffee table could fit the bill. It’s a modern, rectangular loop-shaped coffee table that comes in a white lacquer finish.

The funky loop table was designed by Lynne Wilson and is finished off by brushed aluminum feet. It’s a striking piece – perfect for any home striving to be modern and fresh – but has plenty of practical uses too.

You can buy the loop table from Funky Lifestyles, for £325.

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