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Contemporary wooden table top Christmas tree

Monday, December 17th, 2012
Contemporary Scandinavian wooden Christmas tree decorations

Wooden bell tree

This cute wooden contemporary Christmas tree is simple yet sophisticated.

We love the pared back wooden tree, which has a slight Scandinavian feel to it, and it’s simply decorated with mini bells in green, white and red.

The wooden tree is designed as a tabletop decoration and it can be flat packed after use, so you can store it away for next year.

For the ultimate in contemporary minimal Christmas decorations, you could get away with just having this out on display, but it would also go well used alongside other Christmas decor.

The wooden bell tree is £18 from John Lewis.

Contemporary twig Christmas tree designs

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Twig design minimal Christmas trees are widely available again this year and are a great alternative to a bushy green traditional Christmas tree.

Here’s a selection of some of the twig Christmas trees we’ve got our eyes on.

Best twig design Christmas trees

Very twig Christmas tree

This 5ft twig Christmas tree is from Very and is currently reduced from £79 to £47, making it even better value for money.

Best contemporary twig Christmas trees

Glitter paper twig tree

John Lewis have sold some brilliant snowy paper twig Christmas trees over the last few years and this year is no different.

This pre-lit glitter paper twig Christmas tree measures 7ft and comes with 120 soft white LED lights. It’s simple, but beautiful and costs £85.

Natural snow twig contemporary xmas tree

Fibre optic twig Christmas tree

Tesco are selling a 5ft natural snow effect Christmas tree. This one is fibre optic and comes with a wooden base. It’s priced at £124.92.

Best twig Christmas trees

Mini twig Christmas tree

This twig and berry Christmas tree is a bit different to the others and lovely to use as a table centrepiece (it reminds us of the bigger driftwood Christmas tree designs we’ve featured previously). It’s costs just £20 from John Lewis.

5 Contemporary Christmas Trees

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Only two months to Christmas Day – where has the time gone?

If you can bear thinking about Christmas home decorating, then the shops are already well stocked with Christmas ideas. If you’re after a new Christmas tree, then now’s the time to get deciding what you’d like.

As far as artificial Christmas trees go, they don’t need to be boring or traditional! In fact, there are some great contemporary, different and minimalist Christmas trees available that will provide impact, decoration and interest in your home, won’t drop pine needles all over the floor and will last year after year.

What do you think of these five contemporary Christmas trees?

1. The minimalist gold glitter Christmas tree

Alternative Christmas tree ideas

Gold glitter resin tree

This gold glitter Christmas tree is certainly a good minimalist tree option. It’s 6ft high, made of resin, comes in a gold pot and has just the right amount of glitter on it.

You could decorate the tree or leave it bare. The contemporary gold glitter Christmas tree is £150 from John Lewis.

2. The colourful light-up bauble twig Christmas tree

Colourful contemporary alternative Christmas decoration

Light up bauble tree

This light-up bauble tree is fun, colourful and a nice alternative to a green Christmas tree.

The brown twig-effect branches are finished with a light-up bauble, so you don’t even have to decorate it.

At just £25 from M&S, this is an affordable tree to use on its own, or in addition to, other Christmas decorations.

3. The slimline silver pine Christmas tree

Contemporary alternative Christmas tree ideas

Alberta pine tree

If space is an issue, then a slimline tree is a good option. This Alberta pine Christmas tree is elegantly slim and just 2ft tall, so is perfect for smaller spaces. It has hinged branches and, as well as being available in silver, there’s a black option too.

The slim Alberta pine Christmas tree is £90 from Heal’s.

4. The black Christmas tree

Contemporary slim black Christmas tree

Black tree

Black Christmas trees are a popular alternative to traditional green trees and this one comes in a tall and slim pencil style.

This tree would look good accessorized with gold tree decorations and you wouldn’t need a lot to adequately fill the branches.

The pencil black Christmas tree is 6ft, easy to assemble and costs £45 from Next.

5. The indigo blue Christmas tree

Blue alternative Christmas tree

Indigo blue tree

Forget green….ever tried a blue Christmas tree? Here’s your chance!

This compact  indigo blue Christmas tree is decorated with a mix of matt and metallic blue foils to create a magical and rather different effect.

It would be great with silver and white decorations.

The indigo tree is available in two sizes, exclusively from DZD.

Purple plum Christmas tree and decorations from Next

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
Modern and contemporary plum purple xmas tree decorations

Purple Christmas tree

For a vibrant Christmas tree and festive decorating scheme for a contemporary home, how about opting for a rich plum?

This striking purple Christmas tree and coordinating decorations are all from Next and are a great starting point for a plum theme.

The six foot artificial Christmas tree is two tone and comes with a metal stand. It’s £60.

Many of the decorations are affordable, so won’t break the bank. For example, a set of 50 assorted shatterproof tree baubles in shades of lilac and purple costs £10.

The mini glitter trees, seen on the mantlepiece, come as a set of five and double up as name place card holders that you can use on a dining table. They’re only £6 for a set of five.

Various other purple themed decorations are available too, including the plum flock stags (£12 for 2).

Update Nov 2012: For more gorgeous purple Christmas ideas, check out our new post on the best purple contemporary Christmas trees.

Modern Christmas Trees: 10 of the best

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Can you believe it’s a month until Christmas Eve? Where has the time gone?

Traditional Christmas trees, whether real or artificial, tend to be green and bushy. But if that doesn’t float your boat, there are plenty of modern alternatives available that will look perfect in your home.

Here are 10 of our favourite modern Christmas trees!

1. Contemporary Twig Christmas Tree

Modern Christmas tree

Snowy twig tree

If you’ve looking for a tree that will fit with your contemporary home, then take a look at this lovely snowy twig minimalist Christmas tree.

It’s sleek and modern and can be left as it is, or boosted with a few added lights or decorations.

The 6ft luxury contemporary twig artificial Christmas tree is £120 from Marks and Spencer. It’s only available online and in a few selected stores, so gets yours before they go.

2. Paper Jewel Christmas Tree

Contemporary Christmas paper tree jewelModern xmas tree

The Snowy Paper Christmas trees from John Lewis have been popular over the last few years (see our previous posts) and some are in stock again this year. But for a slightly different look, we love their 2011 paper jewel Christmas tree.

This elegant tree is 7ft tall and the wonderful jewel effect on the branches is created using wired teardrop ‘jewels’.

This tree looks great left undecorated and costs £75 from John Lewis.

3. Black Christmas Tree

Contemporary modern xmas tree

Contemporary tree

Forget green, think black. Black Christmas trees look great decorated with either all silver and white decorations or colourful decorations.

This contemporary slimline Duchess black Christmas tree comes with a folding steel tree stand and costs £80 from Heal’s.

4. Upside Down Reversible Christmas Tree

Modern contemporary statement Christmas treeModern upside down Christmas tree

You loved the reversible upside down Christmas tree we featured back in 2009, but whilst that particular product is not in stock any more, there are various similar items available.

This tree style is perfect if you want to be different and create a statement with your holiday decorating!

Christmas Trees and Lights sell a range of artificial Christmas trees, including a few upside down and reversible trees. The green and black 6ft trees are multifunctional, as they can be displayed upside down one year and in more conventional style the next.

The black upside down tree was £99, but is currently reduced to £87.99 and the green version costs £79.99.

5. Bleached Driftwood Christmas Tree

Modern driftwood alternative Christmas tree

Handmade driftwood Christmas tree

We’ve featured Karen Miller’s original natural driftwood Christmas tree previously and it remains a favourite. But for a slightly different look, here’s a newer bleached version of the tree.

It’s made from naturally sourced driftwood and can be put together and used year after year. It looks brilliant in use and is a really funky modern design.

This Christmas tree is a bit of an investment and the 3ft and 4ft versions are already sold out. But it’s still available in 5ft, 6ft and 7ft options from Devon Driftwood Designs.

6. Laser Cut Christmas Tree

Laser cut christmas tabletop xmas tree

Africa tree

Made from laser cut steel, each branch of this unusual Africa Tree includes elements of African wildlife – so there are monkeys hanging from some branches or birds perched on others.

The tree is small, so ideal if you’re limited on space, and can be displayed on a tabletop.

The Africa Christmas tree is available in red or white and costs £34.95 from Design My World.

7. Eco-Friendly Cardboard Christmas Tree

Alternative contemporary christmas treeAlternative cardboard modern xmas tree

Cardboard Christmas trees are becoming a popular alternative for those who don’t want a real or artificial tree.

There are several different options available, with some coming ready decorated for display, whilst others are totally blank and ready to be creatively designed and decorated by you.

The cardboard totem xmas tree, from Found Home Store, comes in 150 pieces, including decorations, and simply needs to be assembled. It’s £35 with free p&p.

The eco-friendly cardboard Christmas tree from Green Rabbit is available in white or brown and is designed to be decorated at home. It’s £16.

Paperpod also do a similar basic cardboard Christmas tree (£16), which is perfect for families to decorate from scratch.

8. Birch Plywood Christmas Tree

Designer Anne Paso Scandinavian birch wood treeModern christmas xmas tree

Whilst cardboard Christmas trees are great for one year, they may not last so well or remain in peak condition to use another year – but modern trees made from birch wood will last wonderfully.

The tree on the left is designed by Anne Paso and handmade from birch plywood in Scandinavia. The tree comes flat packed and is easy to put together, and there are plenty of branches to fill with your favourite decorations.

The natural wood birch Christmas tree is available in three sizes from Nordic Design Forum.

Another birch plywood tree that we really like is the Superstar Holiday Tree, by Modernica. The tree shape is made out of lots of Christmas star symbols for a modern look and the tree is available in a 3ft tabletop size or a large version.

Modernica are based in LA, but do ship internationally. The large superstar tree costs $449.

9. Space Saver Modern Christmas Tree

Modern xmas tree wall decalXmas tree wall decal sticker

If you’ve got limited space in your home, or don’t want to have an actual tree this year, then how about using a Christmas tree wall sticker instead?

The red tree sticker is only £24 from Spin Collective and is available in a choice of colours.

The green Christmas tree chequer wall sticker, which comes complete with tree decoration and present stickers, plus snowflakes, costs £24.99 from The Binary Box.

Best of all, you can remove them from the wall after Christmas and re-use them again next year.

10. Alternative Edible Christmas Tree

Contemporary alternative Christmas tree table decoration

Lollipop tree

Another modern alternative to the traditional Christmas tree comes in the form of the edible lollipop tree that we featured recently.

It comes with the tree shaped base and a set of 24 wrapped lollipops and you simple arrange them to form a tree shape. Great as a Christmas party decoration – and you can give your guests a lollipop as they leave!

The lollipop xmas tree is £45 (free p&p) from Nelly’s. They sell replacement lollipops too, so you can replenish your tree for another occasion.

Lollipop Christmas tree or advent calendar

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
Contemporary alternative Christmas tree table decoration

Lollipop tree

Wow, what a fantastic idea!

This festive lollipop tree makes a striking table decoration – not least as it’s one you can eat!

The tree would also make a great alternative to an advent calendar – you could count down the days to Christmas by having or sharing a daily lollipop! (Although perhaps your dentist may not agree….).

The Christmas tree stand is 20 inches tall and 15 inches wide when it’s empty and comes with 24 red and white swirl candy lollipops.

Each of the lollipops is sealed in cellophane to keep them fresh and finished with a coordinating gingham ribbon.

The Christmas lollipop tree costs £45 from Nelly’s.

Nordic Design Forum birch plywood Christmas tree

Friday, September 23rd, 2011
Designer Anne Paso Scandinavian birch wood tree

Birch wood tree

We realise it’s way too early to mention the ‘C’ word, but couldn’t resist a quick preview of these fabulous birch plywood Christmas trees from Nordic Design Forum.

Spotted at Top Drawer 2011, the trees are designed by Anne Paso and handmade in Scandinavia from birch plywood. The trees are available in several sizes and come flat packed – instructions are included to help you put the tree together. You can then pack them away neatly once the festive season is over.

It’s a nice alternative to a traditional Christmas tree and can be decorated as you wish.

The big birch plywood tree costs £395, the medium wooden tree is £115 and the small birch tree is £55.

The same concept is available in a slightly different, more rounded, tree too, which is equally nice and could during other times of the year.

Christmas tree hanging biscuit decorating kit

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Decorated biscuit kitMake biscuits to hang on your Christmas treeChristmas tree shaped biscuits

If you love the idea of having special handmade biscuits hanging on your Christmas tree, or of giving them as gifts to other people, but are a bit pushed for time, then this kit is a real time-saver.

The biscuit making part is done for you, as the kit comes with ready made biscuits in the shape of Christmas trees and stars. The fun part of decorating the biscuits is down to you and you get everything you need to create stylish and creative decorated biscuits, including roll out icing, shape cutters, piping gel, a rolling pin, edible lustre dust, silver balls and brushes.

As the idea is to hang the decorated biscuits on a Christmas tree, you’re also supplied with small cellophane bags, red ribbon and elastic metallic thread.

This would be a great kit to do with children in the run-up to Christmas, and if 10 decorated biscuits isn’t enough for you, then the biscuit recipe is included in the set, so you can more yourself.

The Christmas tree hanging biscuit decorating kit is created and sold by Little Rose Bakery and costs £17.99. For more details, take a look at their website.

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Contemporary Christmas tree wall sticker by Spin Collective

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Modern xmas tree wall decal

Christmas tree alternative?

If you’re looking for some new ideas for Christmas decorations this year, or don’t want to have an actual Christmas tree, then this contemporary xmas tree design wall sticker could be the perfect solution.

The Christmas tree wall sticker is made from high quality matt vinyl and measures 100cm by 60cm in size. It’s available in a choice of 20 colours, so you can choose a colour of your choice, to suit your interior decor.

The tree wall decal would look great used alongside any other Christmas decorations, but is also a nice alternative for anyone who doesn’t have room in their home for a Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree wall sticker is £24 from Spin Collective and can be re-used again next year.

8 of the best red Christmas tree decorations

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

We’ve already looked at the top 10 silver and white Christmas tree decorations, so now it’s time to turn our attentions to the colour red.

Red is a very traditional Christmas colour, but there are plenty of modern and contemporary red Christmas tree deocrations out there for those who prefer to add a modern twist to their seasonal home decorating.

If you’re decorating your home with a red colour scheme this year, or simply want to add one or two additional red decorations to mix with other colours in your Christmas decoration collection, then here are 8 of the best red Christmas tree decorations.

1.Bombki Little Cooper Christmas tree decoration

Bombki designer Christmas decorations

Little Cooper tree decoration

We featured the Little London Christmas baubles by Bombki last year and they’re quirky and unusual. The Little Cooper bauble is handmade from blown glass and decorated with a Union Jack on its roof, to give it a patriotic feel.

The Bombki Little Cooper Christmas bauble comes in a wooden presentation box and costs £15 from Heal’s.

2. Red and white polka dot bauble

Heal's christmas tree decorations

Poka dot bauble

This shiny red Christmas tree bauble is decorated with glittery white polka dots, in Nordic style.

The polka dot bauble is £5 from Heal’s.

3. Red flock stripe bauble

Contemporary home christmas decorations

Flocked bauble

The flock stripe design of this red bauble works really well, especially as the gold stripes and partially flocked design help break the design up, so it’s not all the same intense red colour.

The stripe flock bauble is available in a choice of two sizes – 6cm diameter and 8cm – and costs £2 and £3 each from John Lewis.

4. Red glass hanging bird Christmas tree decoration

Bird trend home decorating


For those that love birds (and we know only too well how popular the bird trend has been in home decorating), this red glass bird is ready to hang on your Christmas tree.

Part of the Rouge range at M&S, the bird has a mirror finish; it’s also part of their 3 for 2 offer, so you could save money when you buy Christmas decorations.

The glass bird tree decoration costs £5 from Marks and Spencer.

5. John Lewis pack of 50 red tree decorations

John Lewis christmas tree decorations

Bumper pack of decorations

If you want to change your usual Christmas tree decorations, introduce a new decorating colour scheme this year or add to an existing collection, then this bumper pack of 50 red Christmas tree decorations is a good buy.

All the pieces coordinate and you get a good mix of shiny and matt red, star shaped decorations, round baubles and long red drops.

The set of 50 red tree decorations is £10 from John Lewis.

6. Gisela Graham glitter shoe hanging decoration

Contemporary Wizard of Oz red glitter shoes decorations

Red shoes

Reminscent of Dorothy’s red shoes in the Wizard of Oz, this glittery red shoe decoration is by Gisela Graham.

Available in a choice of red or white, the glitter shoe hanging decoration is £2.50 from Heal’s.

7. Set of three red hand carved soapstone decorations

Soapstone christmas tree decorations

Soapstone decorations

These three red decorations, that come in a mixed set of a heart, star and Christmas tree design, or three of the same design, are admittedly not cheap. But they are rather nice and a bit unusual to hang on your tree.

Made from soapstone and painted with a block red colour, the decorations are finished off with hand carved snowflake motifs.

The set of three soap stone decorations cost £23 and are available from Fab and Funky.

8. Iconic chair Christmas tree decorations

Modern chair design decorations

Chair decorations, anyone?

For lovers of modern furniture and iconic chair designs, then you can now hang a mini version of your favourite designer chair on your Christmas tree. Available in a choice of two designs – the office chair on the left (complete with cushion) is reminscent of the famous egg chair and the chair on the right resembles the ball chair.

The iconic chair tree decorations are £7.99 each from The Contemporary Home.

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