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Colourful contemporary Christmas tree decorations

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012


Best Christmas baubles 2012

Liven up your Christmas tree by adding some colour in the form of colourful Christmas decorations and baubles.

We love all of these for making an impact:

1. Pantone Xmas baubles, £8 each from Found Home Store on Bouf

2. Bombki Little Cooper Christmas bauble, £13.60 from Heal’s

3. Karasel, pack of three hand painted carousel glass baubles, £12 from Habitat

4. Set of three paper honeycomb baubles, £8.50 from The Forest & Co

Felt So Good contemporary felt Christmas wreath

Saturday, November 17th, 2012
Alternative contemporary Christmas door wreath garland

Pom-pom xmas wreath

Fancy a wreath decoration for Christmas? How about one made of felt?

This funky red and white pom-pom wreath is a lovely alternative to a traditional Christmas wreath. It’s made by Felt So Good, an ethical interiors company, and all the materials used to make it are biodegradable.

The soft pom-pom wreath measures 30cm in diameter and can be hung on a door, or used to decorate your home. The Felt So Good wreath is available from John Lewis for £35.

Contemporary felt Christmas decoration

Mini felt wreath decoration

There’s also a cute mini felt wreath decoration (10cm), perfect for hanging on a tree, for just £5.

Glass bauble Christmas lights

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
Unusual Christmas home lighting ideas

Glass bauble lights

There are loads of lovely Christmas lights available, but if you want to combine something decorative with a lighting option, then these bauble lights are ideal.

These pretty gold lights are shaped like Christmas baubles and are fitted with LED battery operated lights.

As far as lights go, they are delicate as they’re made of glass, so need to be hung and handled with care. You could use them on a Christmas tree, where the 2-in-1 bonus would mean you don’t need heaps of other decorations, or you could use them to light up your living room or hallway.

The string of glass bauble lights measure 180cm long in total and are £12 from Next.

Purple plum Christmas tree and decorations from Next

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
Modern and contemporary plum purple xmas tree decorations

Purple Christmas tree

For a vibrant Christmas tree and festive decorating scheme for a contemporary home, how about opting for a rich plum?

This striking purple Christmas tree and coordinating decorations are all from Next and are a great starting point for a plum theme.

The six foot artificial Christmas tree is two tone and comes with a metal stand. It’s £60.

Many of the decorations are affordable, so won’t break the bank. For example, a set of 50 assorted shatterproof tree baubles in shades of lilac and purple costs £10.

The mini glitter trees, seen on the mantlepiece, come as a set of five and double up as name place card holders that you can use on a dining table. They’re only £6 for a set of five.

Various other purple themed decorations are available too, including the plum flock stags (£12 for 2).

Update Nov 2012: For more gorgeous purple Christmas ideas, check out our new post on the best purple contemporary Christmas trees.

Johnny Egg flying reindeer set exclusively from Heal’s

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
Contemporary Christmas designer decorations

Reindeer decorations

Fancy having some flying reindeer on your wall this Christmas? Here’s a contemporary flocked set by Johnny Egg!

Designed exclusively for Heal’s, the red reindeer come in a set of three, in graduating sizes, and are wonderfully flocked in the distinctive Johnny Egg style.

They’re available now from Heal’s and cost £45 for the set.

If you love Johnny Egg’s products, then you may want to take a quick look at Achica, as there’s a Johnny Egg promotion on at the moment (running until 7am on Friday 28th October) with some great reductions on funky products.

Patchwork Harmony vintage chocolate mould decorations

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
Unique hanging decorations

Unique hanging decorations

For something different to hang on your Christmas tree this year, how about these vintage chocolate mould decorations?

You wouldn’t know it to first look at them, but they’ve been upcycled from redundant chocolate moulds and made into unusual hanging decorations. The decorative shapes of the moulds suit the purpose well and it’s a very clever idea.

A mixed bag of five of these unusual decorations is available from Patchwork Harmony for £6.95.

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