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Champagne cork side table

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
Champagne cork handmade table

Giant cork table

Partial to a glass of champagne?

Here’s a different way of having more champagne in your life, in the form of a champagne cork side table!

The table is handmade from top quality natural Portuguese cork. It’s shaped like a cork you’d pop out of a bottle of a bubbly, only in a rather more giant size.

The top of the table is flat, so you can safely use it as a functional table for drinks, plates or even to stand a lamp on.

The champagne cork side table costs £110 (usually £120) from Impulse Purchase.

If you like the giant cork idea, then they also do a matching champagne cork stool or a Bordeaux wine cork stool.

Silver champagne flute from M&S

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009
Bargain champagne glass

Bargain champagne glass

If you’re planning on popping open a bottle of champagne or two to toast the New Year, then these silver champagne flutes from M&S would be the perfect accompaniment.

They’re reduced in the sale and are now only £3 each – a very stylish bargain!

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