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Bargain buy: Aven fruit design flan dish

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Habitat flan dish sale bargainCeramic fluted flan dish from Habitat

There’s still time to catch a bargain buy at Habitat, where the sale ends on Sunday.

Amongst the bargains we spotted is this Aven ceramic flan dish, measuring 27cm in diameter.

The fluted edge dish is decorated inside with an apple and pear and around the outside of the dish is a jaunty blue ribbon-like pattern.

The Aven white ceramic flan dish was £15, but is now only £8.40 in the sale at Habitat.

Other good buys include a lidded wok with 7 piece accessory set for £16.80, a 12 cup rumbaba silicone cupcake tray for £1.92 and the Cleo black wood CD storage unit for £83.20.

Quirky ceramic rubber glove sink tidy

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Funky ceramic sink tidyModern sink tidy for a contemporary home

This looks like a yellow rubber glove discarded by the sink after doing the washing up, but it’s actually a ceramic sink tidy!

This quirky item has been cleverly created by designer Helen Johannessen, from Yoyo Ceramics, and looks exactly like the infamous Marigold’s. It’s got all the details and creases of the real thing, as if it’s just been taken off.

Placed by the sink, the ceramic rubber glove would be a useful place to store your scourer, plug or dish cloth and it’s sure to fool people.

It costs £22 and can be purchased from Yoyo Ceramics.

If you like the quirkiness of this design, then some  similar items we’ve featured before include the glass plastic bag bowl, the porcelain flour bag container, the porcelain carton milk jug and the tin can storage jar.

Martha Mitchell Design illustrated china

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

White china crisp snack bowlChina sweet dish for entertaining

These unusual illustrated bowls are part of the tableware collection by designer Martha Mitchell, a graduate from Nottingham Trent University.

Her unique ceramic collection features black and white illustrations from popular everyday food products on china bowls and other products. On the crisp bowl, for example, you’ll find tiny images of well known crisp packets, such as Wotsits, French Fries and Monster Munch.

On the sweet bowl, there are cute little images of sweet packets, such as Cadbury Eclairs, Pick ‘n’ Mix, Haribo Strawbs, Werthers Originals and Maoam Stripes.

All of the illustrations are applied by hand, so each piece is unique. The illustrated crisp bowl and illustrated sweet bowl are £12 each and would be perfect to use for Christmas entertaining or party nibbles.

There are lots more products in the range too that are worth a look, including a nice egg cup, mug and cake stand. All the illustrated products are available from Martha Mitchell Design’s online store.

Silhouette wall plates by Andrew Tanner Design

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
Contemporary designer silhouette plate

Cutwork plates

These wonderful silhouette wall plates are created and made in England by award-winning designer, Andrew Tanner.

Each of the plates has an imaginative cutwork design so that, when it’s hung on the wall, it creates a silhouette effect.

These three designs – butterfly boutique, Louis chair and the lovebirds – are all part of the Romantic Collection and are designed to be images of romance.

The silhouette plates are a great take on traditional wall plates and are full of funky charm. They cost £75 each or £185 for the set of three from Andrew Tanner Design.

Rob Brandt crushed expresso cup

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
Ceramic crushed cup by designer Rob Brandt

Ceramic cup

Sometimes it’s amazing how even the most simplest of designs can be so effective, or so popular.

That’s certainly the case with Rob Brandt’s ceramic expresso cup. Designed to look like a crumpled and squashed used coffee cup, the piece is actually made out of ceramic and will provide a long life of coffee needs.

Each white cup is handmade, so the creases and crumples will be unique to you. At only £4.90 from Made in Design, it’s a fabulous price for a really quirky design piece.

If you like this kind of design idea, you may also like the porcelain flour bag container or the porcelain carton milk jug that we’ve featured previously.

Textured spot teapot

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Unusual spot design teapot

Spotty teapot

The homeware department at Anthropologie can be a bit of a mixed bag at times, but we rather like this white ceramic teapot.

For a start, the bone china teapot is made more unusual by a textured rippled surface. Then it’s impressed with a series of patterned polka dots, livening up the white background. Finally, the top of the teapot lid is finished off with a dash of gold.

The Spots-of-Tea teapot can be used on its own, or coupled up with a matching Spots-of-Tea lidded milk jug or sugar bowl. All three are available from Anthropologie.

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