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Nick Munro Domus coffee pot from Occa-Home

Thursday, November 1st, 2012
Designer stainless steel coffee pot

Domus coffee pot by Nick Munro

British designer Nick Munro is renowned for his original and modern designs.

Amongst his many designs are a host of contemporary stainless steel products and the Domus coffee pot is one of these.

The design of this sleek and stylish coffee pot was apparently inspired by an old bicycle pump. There’s not much about it that we particularly liken to a bicycle pump, except perhaps for the coffee plunger element!

Compared to other typical coffee pots, we really like the size and style of the Domus. It’s well made, elegant and has a good sized handle, which makes it easy to pour coffee, plus the coffee plunger slides down with ease.

It’s unusual to come across a coffee pot that is so slimline, yet still provides an ample amount of coffee, as often they can be quite chunky in design. This makes the design particularly ideal if you’ve got limited space for storage in your kitchen as it won’t take up loads of room in a cupboard.

That said, you’re unlikely to want to hide this coffee pot away, as it’s a functional and stylish item and looks lovely displayed out on a work surface or shelf.

The Domus coffee pot is available in two sizes, small and large, with the small one providing 400ml of coffee (14fl oz) and the large 1000ml (35fl oz).

If you’re a fan of coffee, and love modern British design, then it’s a must-have item.

Nick Munro’s Domus coffee pot is available to buy from Occa-Home.

To complete the look, other co-ordinating stainless steel Domus products are available, including a Domus sugar bowl and Domus cream jug, also available from Occa-Home.

(Disclosure: We were sent a Domus coffee pot for review)

Jan Constantine official London 2012 home textiles

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012
London 2012 official homeware and textiles

Patriotic textiles by Jan Constantine

The shops are awash with London 2012 themed homeware, but if it’s textiles you’re after, then you must check out Jan Constantine’s products.

British designer Jan was awarded an official license to manufacture London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic home textiles and has produced an eye-catching array of red, white and blue patriotic products that will help you retain memories of the games long after they’ve finished.

The patriotic cushions are made in linen and embroidered in wool, with bold London 2012 emblems. They’re now on sale at the Olympic Park London 2012 Megastore, online from the London 2012 shop or via Jan Constantine’s website.

A percentage of the sale of each product goes towards the cost of staging the Olympic Games.

Holly Palmer’s Book Porcupine

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
Holly Palmer's Book Porcupine

The Book Porcupine by Holly Palmer

British designer, Holly Palmer, is renowned for coming up with ingenius ideas and her clever Book Porcupine is no exception.

The Book Porcupine offers a novel and rather different way of storing your books. The nifty little shelving unit has a range of 18 different compartments of varying sizes (to accommodate small, medium and large sized books) and the books slot into the spaces.

It’s called the Book Porcupine due to the way the book spines stick out of the shelving unit – like the needles on a porcupine. When books are removed, colours in the compartments are revealed.

The Book Porcupine isn’t cheap, but it is a designer piece and a great example of inspired design. The porcupine storage unit is available in white, with splashes of green and orange.

(Via Freshome)

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