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Letter A shaped bookcase for children’s room

Monday, February 25th, 2013
Bold and bright nursery furniture and storage

Colourful bookcase

If you’re looking for a contemporary storage solution for a child’s bedroom, then how about this bold and vibrant bookcase?

Designed in the shape of a letter A, the bookcase is equipped with plenty of shelves on which to store books and toys and it’s finished in a lively lime green shade. It would make a great addition to a child’s bedroom or nursery.

The A shaped bookcase is £269 from Maisons du Monde.

Fresh Design Furniture: Casamania Opus Incertum bookcase

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
Contemporary designer bookcase

Opus Incertum bookcase

We love a good bookshelf design and this one is certainly eye-catching!

Designed by Sean Yoo for Casamania, the Opus Incertum is made from recyclable expanded polypropylene. There are numerous honeycomb shaped segments which work as shelves, where you can store books, CDs, DVDs or other items.

Designer bookcase for a modern home

One piece on its own works well as a bookcase or display cabinet, but you can also use several pieces to create a larger display system for a home or office. Several bookcases joined together on the wall to form a larger display unit look really effective.

Contemporary room divider screen

In addition, it’s got the creativity and charm to double up as a room divider or screen, with the shelves used for their storage capacities or kept open to let light shine through.

The Opus Incertum bookcase is in stock at Made in Design and is available  in black, white or gold. How would you use it?

Designer bookcase

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
Collect designer bookcase

Collect designer bookcase

This designer bookcase certainly ticks all the boxes for originality and design.

The Collect bookcase is made from pine and comes in a vivid green colour (they say ‘spring green’, we say ‘lime’).

Made in Denmark, it was designed by Ole Jenson for Normann Copenhagen and is part of the New Danish Modern furniture series.

The bookcase is unusual and eye-catching and we’re sure you’d have a lot of fun arranging all your books or treasures on its shelves.

Sadly the price tag may cause a sharp intake of breath, as it’s priced at £2,400, from Bodie and Fou.

Holly Palmer’s Book Porcupine

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
Holly Palmer's Book Porcupine

The Book Porcupine by Holly Palmer

British designer, Holly Palmer, is renowned for coming up with ingenius ideas and her clever Book Porcupine is no exception.

The Book Porcupine offers a novel and rather different way of storing your books. The nifty little shelving unit has a range of 18 different compartments of varying sizes (to accommodate small, medium and large sized books) and the books slot into the spaces.

It’s called the Book Porcupine due to the way the book spines stick out of the shelving unit – like the needles on a porcupine. When books are removed, colours in the compartments are revealed.

The Book Porcupine isn’t cheap, but it is a designer piece and a great example of inspired design. The porcupine storage unit is available in white, with splashes of green and orange.

(Via Freshome)

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