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Amazon Black Friday lightning homeware deals

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Teal cast iron cookwareJoseph Joseph contemporary designer kitchen utensils

Amazon’s infamous Black Friday Deals Week kicked off yesterday, with lots of so-called ‘lightning deals’ launching throughout the day.

Each deal is only available for a limited time and in limited numbers, so you have to be quick. We’re spotted several good homeware deals coming up today, including:

A teal Le Creuset cast iron casserole, starting at 1.30pm.

A four piece stainless steel cookware set, starting at 6pm.

Joseph Joseph colour coded chopping board set, starting at 6pm.

Kitchen Craft non-stick paella pan, starting at 6pm.

Joseph Joseph six piece utensil set, starting at 6pm.

A Tefal Vita compact food processor, starting at 8.15pm.

There are deals running every day this week – with a Kindle Fire offer coming up on Friday – so keep an eye out! And if you’ve snagged a bargain, do let us know!

Invotis unusual wall gear clock

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Trendy car gear wall clockSilver funky Invotis wall gear clock from Amazon

For a modern and funky wall clock, how about hanging one of these Invotis gear clocks on your wall?

Designed by Wil Van Den Bos and made by Invotis, the gears are more than just decorative, as they spin around slowly and help tell the time. It’s fascinating to watch, yet functional too.

The gear clock is available in black or shiny silver, both £77.95 from the Contemporary Heaven store on Amazon.

If you’re shopping on Amazon this week, look out for the special Black Friday discount deals that are available until Friday 26th November.

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