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Special Offer: Sense touch-free bin

Monday, August 15th, 2011
Modern technological kitchen bin in yellow

Techno bin

The Sense bin is no ordinary kitchen bin.

This clever bin makes full use of infra-red technology, so it can sense when you’re approaching it (hence its name) and the lid automatically lifts for waste disposal. All you have to do is hover your hand within 10cm of the lid and, voila, it will be ready and waiting for your rubbish.

The 50L slim line hardwearing bin is perfect for use in a kitchen. It’s made from non-corrosive iron and finished in a smooth and glossy powder coating. We particularly love the striking colour of the glossy yellow, but it’s also available in turqouise blue, black or stainless steel.

The usual high street price for the Sense bin is £110. However, for the next five days you can take advantage of a special offer at and buy the bin for only £49.

Space Boy silver rocket inspired bin

Friday, September 17th, 2010
Funky silver space boy bin from Pedlars

Funky silver bin

Who said bins were boring?

Liven up your kitchen with this funky silver rocket shaped bin. It’s part of the Wesco range and is made from heavy duty stainless and sheet steel.

The bin opens with the aid of a pedal and the top slides open so you can pop your rubbish in. Bin bags are held securely in place in the inner rocket cannister, so your rubbish is kept neat and tidy until the bin is emptied.

The Space Boy bin is a tad expensive, but if you’re after style as well as functionality, and love all things space-inspired, it’s sure to make an impact in your home. You’ll find it for sale over at Pedlars.

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