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Habitat Jacobs bench with storage

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

White modern home storage bench Modern style black bedroom storage bench

One of the key ways of keeping rooms clutter-free, especially when you’re short on space, is to make good use of storage options.

But when space is limited, pieces that offer dual function are particularly useful, like this Jacobs bench with storage from Habitat. The bench serves as a modern and stylish seat, but also opens up to reveal a good amount of storage too. Even better is that the clutter is well hidden away and out of sight once it’s inside!

The upholstered bench is made from faux leather and is available in white, black or brown finishes and would be suitable for use as a window seat, as a dining table bench or in a bedroom. You can buy the Jacobs storage bench at Habitat.

Pacman retro wall stickers

Friday, December 10th, 2010
Pacman bedroom wallpaper sticker

Quirky Pacman wall sticker

We’ve had some requests for Pacman bedroom wall stickers, so have found these fun and quirky retro Pacman stickers that would work well for decorating your bedroom wall or any other room in your home.

The high quality vinyl wall decal stickers are precision cut in the shape of the famous 80s retro computer game, Pacman. The stickers come in a mixed pack with separate stickers for Pacman, the ghosts, Pacman food (the little dots) and cherries (bonus points) and you can organise them in the way you wish on your walls.

The Pacman retro wall stickers are available for £23.99 from Canvas Prints Online.

If you’re on a budget, some similar sets of Pacman wall stickers are available for £13.99 from a seller on Ebay.

Jali Indian quilt from Berry Red

Monday, November 9th, 2009
Vibrant Jali quilt

Vibrant Jali quilt

I’m loving the vibrant colours of this Jali Indian quilt, with its striking pinks, blues and greens. 

It would certainly inject a shot of colour and liven up the look of a bedroom on a cold, dark day.

The quilt measures 250cm by 250cm and there are matching pillowcases available to complete the look.

It’s available from Berry Red, with the quilt priced at £135 and the pillowcase at £25.

They also do the Martha Indian quilt and cushion, which is pretty lovely too.

Selina Rose Bloom bed throw

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Bloom bed throw by Selina Rose             bloom-bed-throw-close

For a great way of achieving the classic monochrome look, then this intricate cutwork black throw, by Selina Rose, works very effectively on a white duvet.
Produced in England, and handmade to order, the cosy cutwork black wool felt throw measures 50cm by 200cm, and is the perfect size to drape over a bed.
The Bloom throw is made by the same designer, Selina Rose, as the Botanica rug we’ve featured previously.
It’s available to order from Bodie and Fou.

Would you put a bath in your bedroom?

Monday, September 28th, 2009
Double ended freestanding bath

Double ended freestanding bath

Many of the cool new home interior trends stem from the plush decor and ideas experienced in posh hotels.
There was an interesting article in the Sunday Times yesterday looking at the issue of putting a bath in your bedroom. Not an en suite, which is separated from your bedroom by a door, but an actual bath.

The bath in a bedroom trend is something that has definitely stemmed from luxurious hotels with big rooms, where the bath is situated only a few footsteps away from the bed. A nice idea if you’re away on a relaxing weekend, but it’s a bit different thinking of having a bath in your bedroom at home.

The article did look at one person who has popped a freestanding bath in their bedroom. It seems to work, as the room is large enough to house it, and it does’t entirely out of place to have the bath situated there.

The general consensus, however, was that space is essential and it’s a trend that can only really work at the high end of the market, in a house where the bedroom is roomy enough to have a bath in, and where there are other conventional bathrooms in the house too.

For anyone with a standard semi, it probably won’t add value or excite future buyers if a bath was squashed into a normal sized bedroom.

Thankfully, the classic freestanding bath works very effectively in conventional bathrooms too, with none of the problems of accidentally splashing water on the carpet or bedding.

The slipper style bath pictured is made from double skinned acrylic and comes with beautiful ball and claw, or large claw feet, in a polished chrome. It’s available from True Shopping for only £298.97, so you can have the luxury of a freestanding bath, without too much of a hefty cost.

Three contemporary bedroom ideas

Friday, July 31st, 2009
Gorgeous gold bedroom
Gorgeous gold bedroom

One of the best bits of planning your own home is the wonderful excuse to look at ideas for different rooms and see what other people are doing.

We’ve been drooling over some bedroom pictures on the Living Etc gallery and thought we’d share some of our favourites.

This gold room has unusual textured wallpaper, which is accented by a gold cushion on the bed. But it’s actually the brocade-style headboard that caught our attention. It’s very decorative and looks great next to the contrasting wallpaper.

We also like the fact the bed looks homely and slept in, not totally pristine and never used.

Monochrome bedroom

Monochrome bedroom

This monochrone bedroom is characterised by the large flower canvas above the bed.
Whilst most people probably won’t have a bespoke oversized canvas going spare, it’s a good example of how effective a statement wall can be.
In fact, the effect can be easily recreated with some stunning wallpaper and the rest of the room can be left relatively simply designed.
Black walls can work

Black walls can work

Black is not a colour that everyone would automatically think to put on the wall, but this black painted wall is a classic example of just how effective it can be, if you dare to try it out.
The large decorative gold mirror works wonderfully well against the dark background; in fact, the black helps the detailing in the mirror stand out well. 
Using a mirror on a black wall is also great for helping prevent a room from looking small – as black on every wall could do.  

Faux leather double bed

Sunday, May 31st, 2009
Vienna faux leather bed

Vienna faux leather bed

Leather look headboards and beds continue to be popular in contemporary homes, but are often expensive to buy. That’s why we were surprised and pleased to discover this faux leather double bed for under £200! Yes, you read that right.

The Vienna faux leather double bed is a standard 4′ 6″ size and is made from a lovely brown, soft-touch faux leather that looks very much like the real thing. The contrast stitching defines the style and, with its high headboard and low footboard, it’s a striking piece.

It would look great in any modern bedroom and could be dressed up with nicely with contrasting or coordinating bed linen. If storage is an issue in the bedroom, then there is the option of having the Vienna bed with storage facilities too, although it will cost a little bit more.

The basic, non-storage Vienna faux leather double bed is available from RoomsToGo for only £185.

The soothing circular rocking bed

Friday, May 29th, 2009
Private Cloud rocking bed

Private Cloud rocking bed

As far as unusual beds go, this has to be one of the more unique bed designs ever produced.

The idea behind the bed is that, as children, we get used to being rocked off gently to sleep. It’s a calming and relaxing process, so why not offer a rocking bed for adults too?

The rocking bed is made from wood, which has been carefully bent to produce the wonderful rounded effect. The bed can be used in its natural state, with a gentle rocking movement, or put into a sloping position, which is great for reading in bed, sleeping or watching TV. The feet at the bottom of the construction help to keep the bed steady and stable – and if you get fed up with the rocking movement, then you can easily remove them.

The rocking bed is about to gain fame, as it’s featuring in top German TV soap, Sturm der Liebe, during the month of June. This rather nifty bed has been made by Private Cloud, and you can find out more details here.

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