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Colourful Kashmiri handpainted enamel beakers

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
Colourful beaker set

Colourful beaker set

Add a splash of colour to your home, with this set of six handpainted Kashmiri enamel beakers.

Each beaker has a plain background colour – one each of turqoise, green, pink, red, white and black - adorned with a floral folk-art style image.

You could use them to serve drinks in, dot them around your house as decorative accessories, or turn them into a pretty pen pot for your desk. The beakers measure 12cm in height, so are tall enough to accommodate pens, pencils and rulers.

Each set has six different coloured beakers and is priced at £36 from Not On The High Street. If you don’t want to keep all six for yourself, the set would be perfect to split up into smaller gifts (and they’d work out as very affordable gifts).

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Pedlars stainless steel beakers

Pedlars stainless steel beakers and tiffin carrier

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009


All these lovely pieces are made from stainless steel, with a fun bird design.

The beakers are available indiviudally, in black, red, blue or green, and cost £6.95 each. You could of course use them for the practical purpose of drinking from, but they’d also double up as nice little accessories, or for using as a pen pot.

The tiffin carrier is made up of four tins with lids, that can double up as plates, and it would be great for using for storage in your kitchen. The tiffin carrier is £15.95.

Both items can be found for sale at Pedlars.

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