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Balancing Style with Practicality: How to Plan your Family Bathroom

Monday, July 16th, 2012
Contemporary family bathroom ideas

Kingston bathroom suite

Practicality is the word here. It’s all well and good having that carefully crafted contemporary bathroom, but it’s not as if the kids will notice! There are various ways in which you can design a practical and safe bathroom to suit your needs, without neglecting style.

A bath is a must as shower enclosures will never suffice for the little ones, anti-slip surfaces are also advisable (avoiding those nasty slips that can happen in a bathroom). Materials that can be wiped clean,  such as simple porcelain, are great as your units can be kept sparkling with minimal effort.

Fit for all the Family

The design and decoration of your bathroom are, to an extent, as important as the units themselves. Having a bath at the end of the week with relaxing music playing in the background is the ultimate form of relaxation for the modern working mum or dad.

This means that it’s important to keep your bathroom looking fashionable but also ensure that it remains a space where children can begin to learn about personal hygiene.

Tiles should be prioritised for flooring and tiling as their easy wipe and waterproof nature mean that they’ll be entirely child resistant!

If you have a small room to work with, then giving the impression of space is a good way to open up your bathroom and make it more inviting. This can be done in various ways, one being that you can use large tiles for the floor surfacing as this will make the space seem bigger.

A good way to solve the adult/child divide when it comes to bathrooms is to install dimmer devices for the lighting. This means that it can be both bright and cheerful for the kids and also more sensual and tranquil for the parents!


Contemporary bathroom suite ideas

Palma bathroom suite

Over-imposing storage should be avoided as it can take the focus away from the rest of the bathroom (that is unless you decide to make a fixture such as a vanity unit the design focal point).

Blending storage units with the tile surrounds is a useful tip as your eye will more naturally be drawn to the features such as the bath or toilet that contrast in colour to the more dominating tile coverage.

Placing these disguised storage units below your sink or even above the toilet for example can be an effective way of incorporating these storage components into the room whilst avoiding making them stand out.

Follow these simple tricks and you’ll be well on your way to securing a family friendly, but magazine-esque family bathroom.

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Next Jacuzzi Asti roll top bath

Thursday, November 11th, 2010
Modern jacuzzi roll top bath from Next Bathrooms

Contemporary roll top bath

Did you know that Next sell bathrooms? It’s easy to miss, as their bathrooms are sold via a separate link to their usual site, but it’s well worth a look if you’re planning on updating your bathroom or ensuite.

There’s something about large freestanding baths that is utterly appealing – they feel more luxurious to use and look very elegant in a bathroom.

This contemporary jacuzzi Asti roll top bath is a modern version of a traditional claw footed freestanding bath. The bath is a lovely shape, with curved sides to aid comfort and taps and a plug in the middle. The elegant design is given a touch of extra shaping with a subtlely scalloped edge on the side panel.

The jacuzzi Asti roll top bath is available from Next Bathrooms for £799. In addition to individual items for the bathroom, Next Bathrooms also sell a range of bathroom suites at affordable prices.

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