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Ferm Living Spear design vase and bowl

Monday, September 10th, 2012
Contemporary design vase by Trine Andersen

Spear design china

With autumn on the horizon, here are some fresh homeware pieces that reflect the colours of the season.

The Spear design vase and bowl are designed in Denmark by Trine Andersen, for Ferm Living.

Both pieces are made from porcelain, with the design featuring modern geometric graphics. Autumn colours are reflected in the browns, golds and soft orange shades adorning the vase and bowl.

Both pieces, plus more in the collection, are available from Cloudberry Living.

The Spear vase costs £39.95 and the Spear bowl is £54.95.

KAS magenta ripple throw

Friday, September 9th, 2011
Sofa or bed throw for a cosy home

Add warmth with a throw

It’s not exactly the warmest of weather at the moment, especially at night, and if your thoughts are turning towards autumn warmers already, then adding a throw to a sofa or bed provides a great bit of extra warmth.

This magenta pink ripple throw by KAS can be used for just that and provides a lovely bright splash of colour for a dull day or dark evening. The ripple effect is stylish and sets it apart from plain throws. When it gets really cold, why not wrap yourself up in it too?

The ripple throw in magenta costs £45 from Selfridges.

Large autumn tray by Eskil Design

Monday, January 31st, 2011
Large tray by Swedish design company Eskil

Autumn design tray

Every kitchen needs a tray or two and this large autumn-themed tray is a very useful size to own.

The tray features silhouette-style outlines of birch trees and flying birds and is made in Sweden by design company, Eskil Design.

Measuring 28cm by 36cm, the autumn tray costs £25 from the Eskil Design store on Bouf.

A matching autumn chopping board is also available for £17.

Create a purple bedroom: Four gorgeous purple bedding ideas

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Decorate your bedroom with on trend purple

If you’re loving the autumn trend for purple homewares, then how about transforming your bedroom into a haven of purple?

There are some gorgeous purple bedding sets and curtains available at the moment and you can choose from going all out with purple passion, or mixing purple with white, which can help tone it down for some people.

We’ve been on the hunt for purple bedding ideas and have come up with these four beauties to start with.


Stunning ceramic horse chestnut conkers

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Realistic ceramic horse chestnut conkersDesigner conkersDisplay seasonal autumn conkers in your home

Autumn is a great time of year, not least as it’s conker time! I still can’t resist hunting for conkers and there’s nothing quite like finding a perfect conker hidden beneath a pile of leaves, or opening a newly fallen horse chestnut shell to reveal shiny and fresh new conkers inside. Each year, I return home with my pockets stuffed full and tend to fill large brass bowls with conkers to create a seasonal home decoration.

However, as shiny as they are to start with, natural conkers don’t retain that look for long (although you can varnish them) and soon end up looking dull and shrivelled. So I was thrilled to find these stunning ceramic horse chestnuts which are bursting with the essence and spirit of real conkers.

They are amazingly realistic – they’ve got the look of a shiny and fresh horse chestnut and the way the conkers are sitting inside the shells is just like you find them on the ground. The shells are life-like too, even down to the spikes on the outside, and the conkers can be removed from their ceramic shells if you wish.

The ceramic horsechestnuts are available in various different designs, from Ginger Rose, with prices starting at £69. For conkers that will last forever and still look like new, I think it’s worth it!

Spotty salt and pepper mill set

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Autumnal spotty salt and pepper mill

We love these spotty salt and pepper mills, from Bouf.

The spots are in autumnal shades of brown, terracotta and golden yellow, so very apt for this time of year.

Made by T&G Woodware, the acrylic salt and pepper mills each measure 6.75″ and cost £24.99 at Bouf for the pair.

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