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Sunset canvas and blinds

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
Inspiring sunset sky

Inspiring sunset sky

There’s nothing like witnessing a truly stunning sunset and it’s no wonder that sunset themed photos and pictures are popular in homes.

This gorgeous golden sunset image is available from Artylicious as a canvas – they have three sizes available ranging in price from £35.99 to £74.99.

But as a clever extra option, you can also have the design printed onto a roller blind – so as you roll down the blind to shut out the cold and dark, the bleak view outside gets replaced by this wonderful sunset scene inside.

It would be especially nice if you live in the middle of a city and nowhere near the coast, as you can bring this sunset sea image into your home.

Prices for the printed blinds vary, depending on the size you need. If the sunset isn’t your cup of tea, Artylicious have plenty of other designs to choose from, or you could provide them with an image of your choice to digitally print on a blind for you.

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