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Ripple stone wall art panel from Artisanti

Thursday, February 9th, 2012
Stone and metal wall panel art ideas

Textured wall art

Wall art is a great way of adding texture and interest to your wall and this large stone wall art panel would certainly do that.

The natural coloured stone has an interesting ripple effect that draws the eye in and the piece is big enough to make an impact on your wall.

The wall art panel comes fitted with metal brackets, so it’s ready to hang up when you receive it.

It’s a nice alternative to a picture, photograph or wall sticker and the natural colour should fit in well with many interior decor schemes.

This interesting piece of stone wall art costs £239 from Artisanti.

Faux leather side tables

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
Side table set

Side table set

Side table sets are handy to have in your home, for when you’re entertaining and need an extra surface to put a glass or cup on, but some of the side table sets don’t work wonderfully well in a contemporary home.

This Buzby faux leather set of three side tables is a good option for those wanting funky side tables.

 The curved tables are coated in a brown faux leather material with white stitching and the two smaller tables easily slide back under the larger one to provide compact storage.

The large table measures 45 x 59 x 50cm, the medium measures 38 x 48x 45cm and the small is 33 x 37 x 39cm.

You can find the side table set at Artisanti for £257.

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