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Contemporary sculpture design by Pierre Malbec

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Contemporary art dog sculpture by Pierre MalbecUnique contemporary sculpture radiatorCompression contemporary French sculpture design

French sculptor, Pierre Malbec, specialises in producing one-of-a-kind sculptures and pieces of art.

Three of Pierre’s creations, which are suitable for display at home, include these metal dog, radiator and compression designs, which are all created from iron.

They’re unique, eye-catching and original and are perfect for fans of contemporary sculpture and art.

You’ll need to fall head over heels in love with them, as they don’t come cheap (plus there’s a hefty postage charge required too), but you can find these three sculptures by Pierre Malbec in stock at Anthropologie.

Blue Shift Gallery Sleepwalking print

Friday, August 5th, 2011
Misty wood art print from Blue Shift Gallery

Atmospheric print

There’s something haunting and entrancing about this frosty wood print from Blue Shift Gallery.

We particularly love the way the early morning light falling between the trees has been captured.

Part of their fine art collection, the print is called Sleepwalking and will set you back £89.

Contemporary work print by Andy Smith from Design Supremo

Friday, July 22nd, 2011
Modern and contemporary art prints for your home

Do you?

Not that this ever applies to us, of course….but it seemed quite apt for inclusion on a Friday, when some workers are beginning to wind down in the afternoon in readiness for the weekend. We love the bright colours and typography.

The I Pretend to Work screenprint is by Andy smith and is available in a limited edition of 25, all signed and numbered by the artist.

It costs £50 from Design Supremo.

100 Secrets to Life art print by Pearl and Earl

Thursday, April 21st, 2011
100 secrets to a happy life inspirational ideas

Inspirational art

When you think of inspirational art, do you automatically think of mesmerising artwork or pictures? A lot of people do, but art made up of words or phrases can be just as inspiring as a gorgeous landscape picture or colourful piece of modern art.

The 100 Secrets of Life art print is made up of 100 things that make Jacqui, from Pearl and Earl, smile. The chances are, they’ll make you smile too, plus give you some ideas of things to do.

Some of the secrets offer words of wisdom, whilst others focus on things you could do or try. Some examples include:

Trust yourself.

Baking rocks.

Don’t forget to dream.

Smile if you’re skint.

Make fond memories.

Make good mix tapes.

Use words wisely.

Belly laugh everyday.

Drink real ale.

The unframed print is only £20 from Pearl and Earl, but it can be framed, and even personalised, for an extra fee.

Contemporary Indian interior ideas from Plum Chutney

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Plum Chutney eclectic contemporary interior designHibiscus flower lamp light home lighting from Plum ChutneyContemporary Indian white flower cushion from Plum Chutney

Plum Chutney is a recently launched interiors and online store, specialising in stylish and eclectic contemporary Indian products.

They stock some quirky and original designs, including many colourful and vibrant pieces, that could bring life and interest into your home.

The Truck Talks art print is a riot of colour and offers a modern and graphic take on traditional Indian lorries. It comes mounted and costs £45.

The botanic table tripod lamp features a red hibiscus flower print, that has been screen printed. The tripod style pillai maradu wooden legs make it extra stylish. The lamp costs £125.

The white flower trail chushion is designed by Vaishali Sinha and features striking flowers made from vintage prints appliqued onto white cotton canvas. A slightly different blue version is available too and both cost £35 each.

Other products include the Passage to India range of cushions, with modern images of India  and original art by Indian artist, Satyadheer Singh.

For more details and product ideas, have a look at the Plum Chutney website – you could even win your favourite product in their April contest.

Big Ben wall clock wall sticker: Take two

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Transform your wall with wall stickersWall sticker that is a real working clock

Remember the  functioning Big Ben wall clock sticker that we featured previously? If you liked the idea, but don’t quite have the wall space to accommodate it, then here’s another take on the design that may appeal, as it’s smaller and more compact.

This version of the Big Ben wall clock wall sticker focuses on just the clock face, rather than the whole tower too. The sticker comes with a clock mechanism that can be attached to the wall first, so that you end up with a fully functioning wall clock.

The sticker forms the clock face – it comes in two halves – and you simply surround the clock with the relevant parts, making sure the numbers are the right way around to be able to tell the time!

As an added addition, there’ s a little cow sticker with a complementary design that comes with the set too, which can be used alongside the clock or elsewhere.

The Big Ben wall clock wall sticker set is available to purchase from John Lewis and costs £25.

For more working clock wall stickers, check out these posts:

Spin Collective wall clock and alarm clock wall stickers

Present Time wonder wall photo frame reduced

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
Create a photo collage

Fantastic photo display

If you like the collage effect of wall photo art, then this large multi frame is a great way of creating something special for your home, or to give as a gift.

The wonder wall photo frame measures 115cm in height and 53cm in width and has room to fit 32 photos. The frame is available in various colours, including black, and the usual RRP is £54.99.

However, Amazon currently has a 12 Days of Christmas sale on and the black Present Time wonder wall photo frame has been reduced down to £33.72.

Prices for the other colour options vary slightly, but are all under £40 – the silver is £38.49 and the white is £32.14.

Large polka dot 3D art canvas

Friday, August 13th, 2010
Go dotty!

Go dotty!

If you love having contemporary art on your wall, then how about this utterly dotty creation?

The large 3d wall art canvas is handmade in England and measures 75cm x 75cm x 3cm in size. The pure white background of the canvas is brought to life by the addition of an array of colourful polka dots. The polka dots are 3D, so add a bit of dimension to the canvas too.

The polka dotty 3D canvas is available from Fairy Angel Cake for £150, with free delivery.

Stunning photos by Angie Muldowney

Monday, August 9th, 2010


No home is complete without some form of pictures, art or photography on the walls. These inspiring photos are by photographer Angie Muldowney, who uses a mix of modern photography techniques and vintage cameras to produce stunning effects.

If you’re looking for some new artwork for your wall, then she currently has a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer available at her Etsy store. Buy any one photo, of any size, and choose a second photo (of the same value or less) for free. There are full instructions in the shop as to how to redeem the offer and a fantastic selection of photos to choose from.

Amongst our favourites are Truelove (£6.43 for a 5″ by 5″ print), Going In, Roost and Only Time Will Tell.

Angie also adds in the helpful information that Ikea’s RIBBA 23cm by 23cm frame fits perfectly with her photos, offering an inexpensive way of creating a framed print for your wall.

John Lewis Made to Order prints

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

august-field     venice-canal-printstepping-out

Did you know John Lewis offers made to order prints? We didn’t, but have been pleasantly surprised to discover the vast selection of prints they have on offer.

In fact, their online exclusives include 229 prints to choose from and, believe us, it’s a tough choice!

The prints range from iconic images, such as jars of Marmite, old posters and modern prints, to black and white and colour prints, stunning close up flower photography, soothing beach and sea scenes, nudes, animals and paintings, plus lots more in between. Prices start at £40, rising up to a top figure of £279 for larger sizes.

There are several framing options too, so you can pick the one that suits your need. For example, a frameless canvas print (where its stretched onto a concealed wooden frame) for the ‘gallery look’, a stretched canvas print in a wooden box, for the ‘boxed gallery look,’ or a simple framed print that is mounted, in a wooden frame and with clear acrylic on the front.

Some of our favourites, as above,  include August Field, Venice canal print and Stepping Out. What would you hang on your wall?

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