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Animal inspired cushions from ContemporaryLab

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

ContemporaryLab have some great new animal inspired cushions in stock, all designed by Katie & The Wolf.

Modern fox design cushion

Martha cushion

The Martha cushion features a striking fox design. It’s made from digitally printed silk and screen printed organic cotton and the back of the cushion is nicely finished off with button details.

Perch bird cushion designed by Katie and the Wolf

Perch cushion

As the name suggests, the Perch cushion features a brightly coloured turquoise bird perched on a leafy bush. The back of the cushion is plain (the same bluey grey shade as the bush), with two contrasting buttons.

Contemporary bird cushion by Katie and the Wolf

Gather cushion

Birds also feature on the Gather cushion, but in a rather different design. Definitely more modern and contemporary in style, the monotone colours of the bird and black background of the cushion contrast with the bright colours below.

All of the cushions by Katie & The Wolf are priced at £54 each and can be purchased from ContemporaryLab. The site sells lots of unique and unusual pieces of furniture, lighting, textiles and kitchenware by award-winning new designers, so is well worth a browse.

Aluminium bull towel ring

Monday, November 1st, 2010
What a load of bull towel ring

Contemporary towel ring

Towel rings can be bland and boring, but that’s certainly not the case with this one!

Quirky through and through, the aluminium bull holds a ring in its mouth, through which a towel can be hung. The shiny aluminium gives it a contemporary look and it’s suitable for use in a bathroom or kitchen.

The bull towel ring costs £39 and is available from Graham and Green.

Funky Zebra wallpaper

Friday, June 11th, 2010

 zebra-wallpaper-by-turner-pocock-charcoal   zebra-wallpaper-by-turner-pocock-charcoal2

If you thought animal print wallpapers were only for children’s rooms, then think again. This wonderful zebra wallpaper is fun and quirky and, with it’s lovely charcoal shades, looks great used in contemporary styled rooms.

Created by interior designers, Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock, from Turner Pocock, together with sketches by Catherine Cazalet, the wallpaper design is hand drawn and features a quirky runinng zebra. One of the best aspects of it, and the element that makes it look so effective on the wall, is that each of the zebras has a paler mirror image reflection. They’re also alternately facing in different directions and the way that the zebras are drawn makes it look like they’re bounding along the wall.

The zebra wallpaper is printed in the UK and is available to purchase from Rockett St George.

Junior polar bear bookshelf

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
Stunning bookshelf

Stunning bookshelf

This clever animal bookshelf, called Junior, is in the shape of a polar bear and comes in brushed stainless steel, or shiny white.

It was designed by Benoit Convers and made by Ibride, and is available from Made in Design.

There are numerous shelves, so you can fill up the spaces with all your books. It would be great for a child’s room, but just as fun used by an adult too.

Junior the polar bear bookcase is available from Made In Design, where you can also find his big brother, Joe, too.

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