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Cool Fire Dice tea light candle holder

Friday, December 2nd, 2011
Eco contemporary candle holder

Dice candle holder

We’re always keen to find great examples of products made from recycled materials, so were pleased to hear about this dice tea light candle holder.

It’s made from recycled aluminium metal – which originally came from aircraft. Each of the six sides of the dice can accommodate tea lights (although not all at once), so you can choose to light anything from one or two candles, right up to a full set of six.

The glossy aluminium of the candle holder looks sleek and stylish during the day, and is brought to life even more when the candles are lit.

The large dice tea light holder costs £125 from Ecool Designs. A smaller, cool baby dice (which holds one single tea light candle) is available for £19.95.

Aluminium heart salad bowl

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
Aluminium metal interior design product

Shiny salad bowl

This lovely shiny bowl is made from aluminium and is crafted into a heart shape.

In theory it’s designed to be a salad bowl, but it would work equally well as a fruit bowl or simply used for decorative purposes in your home.

The aluminium metal salad bowl is sold by The Heart Store and costs £50.

Although we prefer to use heart-shaped home products in moderation, if you’re fond of all things hearty, then the Heart Store sell a variety of other heart related items – bizarrely, even a heart-shaped shower head!

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