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Nifty herb garden planter pot

Thursday, April 29th, 2010
Handy herb planter

Handy herb planter

Having fresh herbs growing on your windowsill, or just outside your back door, means you can cut and snip off fresh herbs to use as you’re cooking. This great little planter pot, made by Royal VKB, is ideal for growing herbs and even comes complete with a pair of scissors tucked in a little pouch at the side, so you never need rush around looking for scisssors to cut your herbs.

The pot is made of melamine, so is hard wearing, and you can either plant your own herbs directly into it, or pop in shop bought fresh herbs in pots if you wish (and no-one need know, if they get all bushy and hide the pots!).

The Royal VKB herb garden planter is available from various retailers, including House of Fraser, Made in Design and Stylish Life, but the best buy is at All Up and On, as they currently have 17% off the price.  

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J-me black wave coat rack

Monday, February 1st, 2010
wave-coatrack-black  wave-coat-rack-back

Hang your coats in style, on this creative wave design coat rack.

Designed by J-me (not to be confused with Jamie Oliver’s Jme), and made from powder coated mild steel the wave design coat rack can hold coats (up to15, apparently), as well as gloves and scarves.

As well as the waves, that act as coat hangers, there’s also a handy little shelf at the back, and at the top, that you can use for extra storage. It could be the perfect spot for putting your keys, for example, or even your glasses.

To add this stylish modern coat rack to your home, pop over to All Up and On, where it’s available for £40.

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