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Alessi A Tempo dish drainer rack

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Designer kitchen accessoriesContemporary designer steel kitchen accessories

It’s not the most exciting of kitchen purchases, but if you’re going to be washing up dishes, a dish rack drainer is a useful kitchen accessory to have. Plates, dishes and bowls can be safely propped up without falling over, allowing excess water to drain off and save your tea towel from getting to soggy when you dry up.

The majority of dish racks seem to be square or rectangular, with some made of uninspiring plastic or cheap chrome that doesn’t retain its colour or finish. So it’s nice to find a contemporary design that’s not only made of steel, but is also round in shape.

Designed by Pauline Deltour for Alessi, the a tempo dish drinking rack is made from polished steel and has a great aesthetic to it. It’s compact enough to work in small kitchen spaces, has enough room to stand plates and dishes, plus a cutlery draining pot too.

It’s worth shopping around for this dish rack, as prices vary considerably. Dotmaison sell it for £128 (gulp), whereas Made in Design have it available for £66. We’ve also found a new one for a little bit less on eBay (£63 and free P&P).

Alessi Tigrito designer cat bowls

Thursday, July 26th, 2012
Contemporary designer cat bowl

Alessi cat bowl set

One for your feline friends!

Feed your cat in style, with the help of these Tigrito blue cat bowls.

Designed by Miriam Mirri for Alessi, the bowls feature a blue kitten between a pair of metal bowls.

The kitten’s elongated tail doubles up as an easy-to-pick up handle, so you can move the bowls at ease. The bowls can be removed from the stand for easy cleaning.

The Alessi Tigrito cat bowl set is available from Heal’s.

Bargain alert: Alessi Pescher kitchen trivet

Thursday, February 10th, 2011
Alessi designer kitchen trivet

Fish design trivet

Trivets are really useful to have in your kitchen to pop hot pots and pans on, so the heat doesn’t run your kitchen surfaces.

As well as being practical, this shiny mirror polished steel Pescher trivet from Alessi is gorgeously stylish.

Designed by Donato D’Urbino and Paolo Lomazzi, the trivet features a selection of small and large fish lying side by side. The trivet is a good size, but can also be extended to accommodate larger pots or dishes.

If there’s not enough to love about it already, even better is the news that it’s reduced. Originally priced at £43, you can save a chunky 42% off the price of the Alessi Pescher trivet, as it’s now only £25 at Beth Stevens.

For more bargains and money saving buys for contemporary homes, check out the clearance section at Beth Stevens.

Alessi stainless steel cutwork salad servers

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
Mediterraneo salad servers

Mediterraneo salad servers

I’m on the hunt for some new salad servers and rather like the look of these, as they’re a bit unusual.

The Mediterraneo salad servers were designed for Alessi by Emma Silvestris and are made from stainless steel. The cutwork designs on both pieces mimic the idea of swirling seaweed.

It’s a really nice touch that the cut-out section of the spoon matches the shape of the head of the fork.

The salad servers come boxed, so would make a nice gift, and are available from John Lewis.

Alessi birds and clouds sushi set

Monday, April 12th, 2010
Quirky sushi set

Quirky sushi set

It’s not often you find cloud shape plates, but with Alessi, nothing is surprising.

This unusual sushi set, made from melamine and fine bone china, consists of one large cloud plate, a silk placemat decorated with birds, a small cloud shaped dish for soy sauce, a fine bone china chopstick holder and a pair of chopsticks made from melamine.

You can use it for its intended purpose of serving sushi, or simply serve up your favourite meal on a cloud-shaped plate.

The bird and cloud sushi set is available from GroovyTek and comes gift boxed.

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