Lemon fresh: Citrus-inspired home accessories

July 2nd, 2015

Nothing says ‘fresh’ like the sharp, citrussy scent and zingy bright colour of lemons, perfect for banishing the cobwebs and bringing a breath of summer to your home. Here are 10 of the best lemony accessories to add a little ‘ap-peel’ to your house.

1. Swing lemon cushion, Go Square

Lemon Swing geometric print cushion

We love this bold geometric design that looks almost three dimensional. This cushion comes complete with a feather pad and will add a pop of colour to the plainest of sofas. £49 from IN-SPACES.

2. Love print in lemon, Luzelle van der Westhuizen

Geo love print

This colourful and bold print is inspired by the pop art of the sixties, and its simple geometric shapes and right colours will complement a contemporary decor. £35 unframed from Lu West, also available in other colours.

3. Pushboy kitchen bin in lemon, Wesco

Retro lemon yellow kitchen bin

Throw away in style with this 50 litre, retro inspired high quality powdered steel bin. Perfect for brightening up a dark kitchen corner, this bin will make you smile every time you use it. There are other items in the range too. £136 from Red Candy.

4. Kivi tealight candle holder in lemon, Iittala

Yellow glass tealight holder

Designed in 1988 in Finland, this chunky glassware has stood the test of time. The simple shape and bright colour are enhanced by a lit candle but look equally stylish during the day. £28.50, available from Cloudbery Living.

5. Geo brights yellow frame, Oliver Bonas

Yellow wooden photo frame

How gorgeous is this square, canary yellow wooden photo frame with its geometric design? The distressed finish adds a bit o character, so it’s all ready for your favourite summer snap. £12 from Oliver Bonas.

6. Lemon tea towel, Dear Colleen

Gin, tonic and lemon tea towel

At last -some kitchen advice we’re happy to follow! This 100% cotton tea towel would make a great present or would add a splash of colour to any kitchen. £11, from Maiden.

7. Yellow deer head, The French Bedroom Company

Yellow deer head

Make a statement in a monochrome bedroom or hallway with this bright deer head. Use him as a hat rack or hang him with fairy lights, he’s sure to get noticed. £45 from The French Bedroom Company.

8. Yellow Vera rug, Pappelina

Vera yellow PVC rug/runner

This bold rug is decorated with a single row of circles for stylish simplicity. Woven from environmentally certified PVC, it’s vry hard wearing and would be ideal in a hallway or bathroom. It’s also non-slip and machine washable, so a practical choice for children’s rooms. It’s available in 14 different colours and a range of sizes, and the pattern is woven into both sides of the rug. £95, available from The Scandinavian Shop.

9. Lemongrass scented candle,Sophie Allport

Lemongrass scented candle

Fill your whole house with the intense aroma of fresh lemongrass with this hand-poured candle, made in England. Made from 100% refined mineral wax blended with a high quality fragrance, it will burn for up to 40 hours while gently perfuming your rooms. £20 from Sophie Allport.

10. Lemon salts paint, Mylands Paint

Lemon Salts yellow paint

Established in 1884, Mylands Paint has an impressive pedigree as Britain’s oldest family-owned and run paint  manufacturer. This Lemon Salts paint will brighten a kitchen, cloakroom or corridor and add a touch of sunshine to the darkest corner. Prices start at £4 for a 100ml sample pot from Mylands Paint.

Create fresh designs for your walls with custom personalised wallpaper

July 1st, 2015

Design your own wallpaper

As anyone who’s hunted for the perfect wallpaper to finish their interior design scheme knows, sometimes perfect doesn’t exist. You find products that almost fit your vision, are similar to what you’d like to  achieve, or are nearly the colour you want, but aren’t quite ideal. If that rings a bell for you, then hold your horses – help is at hand to create your perfect wallpaper at YourWalls.

YourWalls specialises in bespoke wall coverings and gives you the option to upload your own design, or use one of the designs from their online gallery as the basis for your creation. If you’ve got a favourite photo you love, such a landscape shot or holiday beach, then now’s your chance to see it in all its glory every day.

Or if you’re a budding artist or illustrator, then you could see your favourite design brought to life in large scale for all to enjoy. If you’re prepared to think creatively, the possibilities are endless!

How to design your own wallpaper

YourWalls make creating your own wallpaper an easy task. Once you’ve uploaded your own high resolution image or chosen one from their gallery, you’ll need to choose which wallpaper finish you’d like.

There are two different types of finishes are available – Digimura RP Premium and Digimura Fino. The premium paper has the look, texture and feel of fine, tight-weave fabric. It’s the more classic finish and non-reflective.

Fino, on the other hand, has a more vintage feel to it. It’s full of texture and has slim raised areas running vertically down it.  If you’re not sure which finish you’d prefer to see on your wall, samples are available to order so you can see which looks best.

Then all you need to is measure your wall in centimetres, input the details and place your order. And, voila, the creation of your perfect wallpaper is in progress.

Your design will arrive with full instructions for putting it up, plus you can download information online.

Personalised custom wallpaper is the ideal way to ensure you get the design you really want on your walls, plus it’s a fun and creative way to unleash your inner design abilities. If you use your own design, then you can be sure that no-one else will have the matching wallpaper in their home and that yours will indeed look and be unique.

Weird and wonderful upcycled furniture ideas

June 29th, 2015

If you go down to the Old Cinema today, you’re sure of a big surprise – well, if you look at their upcycled section, at least.

If you love the idea of creating upcycled furniture, but lack the time to it, then buying an already upcycled item is most definitely not cheating.

The Old Cinema London specialises in antique, vintage and retro products and can always be guaranteed to hold some surprises. In amongst their upcycled range today, we’ve spotted these beauties – all distinctive and quirky in their own way and made from some unusual materials:

Contemporary upcycled home furniture ideas

1. Bet you’ve not seen many mirrors like this, have you? It’s made been converted from an old NYC taxi door!

2. This fab table is ideal to use as a coffee table. It’s made from industrial steel and inlaid with a colourful yardstick top.

3. Would you believe that this upcycled chair has been made from none other than seat belts?

4. Why not light up your home with a gorgeous green bottle chandelier, made from glass and old iron.

5. Another unusual chair to pep up your home seating, this time made out of an old Q8 oil drum, by Faye Vermaak

6. An old retro sideboard has been brought back to life with a striking black and white design

7. Moveable storage is always useful (especially when it’s full and heavy!) and this upcycled steel cabinet on wheels looks great with its funky star design.

Fab Friday Bargains: Funky furniture, stylish storage and unusual home buys

June 26th, 2015

Home and furniture sale bargain buys

Oh my, all these home beauties are currently sporting some rather fab discounts, so they’re definitely worth of making our Fab Friday Bargains list this week!

1. Set of two blue hexagonal shelf units with a leaf design – now £39.20 (was £49) from Lisa Angel Homeware and Gifts

2. Shelfie wooden shelf and bike rack – now £188 (was £235) from Griffin and Sinclair

3. Flower design steel kitchen or bathroom cupboard – now £62.30 (was £89) from The Original Metal Box Company

4. Steel wire mesh noticeboard – now £35.25 (was £47) from Oakdene Designs

5. Tall boulder display unit, in various colours, made to order – now £1276 (was £1595) from Coucoumanou

6. Let’s stay home rug – now £76 (was £95) from Bodie and Fou

7. Petal shape curved side table in a choice of colours – now £132 (was £165) from Curvalinea

8. Low loop design cabinet, made to order – now £1196 (was £1495) from Coucoumanou

9. Metal Dutch design cabinet, in a choice of three colours – now £98.40 (was £164) from The Original Metal Box Company

Set Your World on Flowers: 40 days of flowering garden plants

June 25th, 2015

40 days of flowering plants

Whether you’ve got a garden, patio, deck, balcony or simply a small backyard, I’m sure you’ll agree that being able to look out at some colourful flowers helps brighten up the space.

If you’re strapped for time or don’t have remotely green fingers, then don’t panic – there’s an easy solution to hand!

Set Your World on Flowers has come up with a great concept so that everyone can enjoy fresh looking flowers outside throughout the summer. They’ve grown selected varieties of flowers with a ‘secret formula’ (so secret that we can’t tell you what it is) so that the flowers will stay bold, beautiful and in bloom for at least 40 days – all you need to do is water them.

Given the unpredictability of the British weather, that’s quite a claim….so they sent us some to try out and put to the test.

Here’s what they looked like when they arrived:

Blooming floral plants made easy

As you can see, they arrived in a riot of colour, with gorgeous pink and purple flowers and lots of healthy green looking leaves. Although a lot of the flowers were blooming away happily already, there were still lots of buds waiting to open, which was encouraging to see.

So the plants have been outside on our patio ever since, in wind, rain and sun. They’ve survived being accidentally blown over when it got rather windy , being baked in the sun and occasionally going without water after someone (ahem…) forgot to water them.

A month on, here’s how they’re looking today:

Fresh Design garden flowering plant review

Still blooming, hooray! I adore both of the pink ones, they’ve got lovely subtleties of colour and they’re looking gorgeous. The dark purple flowers provides a striking contrast and are an ideal colour combination.

Of course some flowers have gone over, petals have fallen off – that’s only to be expected from a natural plant, you can’t control it’s growth completely without doing more to it – but all things considered, they’re still looking really good.

The Set Your World on Flowers products are currently available exclusively from selected Waitrose stores.

Find out more at, or check them out on Twitter and Instagram

(Disclaimer: We received these plants for review, but all views and opinions are our own).


Stylish city shower curtains and more from Men’s Society

June 25th, 2015

Shower curtains bathroom accessories for men

The Men’s Society specialises in stylish gifts for men, but we reckon partners, wives and other halves will appreciate most of these shower curtains too. Who wouldn’t want to shower with a fab city view like these thrown in?

What’s more, you could save yourself some cash too, as all of the shower curtains are currently in the sale, most reduced by 25%.

1. Venice city shower curtain – reduced by 25%

2. Apothecary canvas shower curtain – reduced by 20%

3. Paris city shower curtain – 25% off

4. London Underground shower curtain – 25% off

5. New York city shower curtain – 25% off

6. Barber shop shower curtain – 25% off

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