We do not feature paid for reviews or opinions on Fresh Design Blog.

The vast majority of products and homeware we feature on the blog are personally chosen and always items we’d recommend ourselves or would love to have in our own homes.

On occasions, we do receive products for review, or get asked to test relevant services. In such cases, the review will always be an honest representation of our views and not influenced by the company providing the product or service; all posts of this nature are clearly marked and full disclosure is provided.

Sometimes we do run Sponsored Posts written on behalf of, or supplied by, specific companies. These are always clearly labelled as such, so you can easily identify that it is a sponsored post.

In order to help fund the cost of hosting the site, occasional product links included in the blog are affiliate links. However, they are always for products we love and recommend. We don’t include products just because they’re affiliate links and never include affiliate links to products we wouldn’t purchase ourselves.

The editor and our writers are freelance journalists in their own right and may, on occasion, work for some of the companies whose products we happen to feature. Our opinions are never influenced by work carried out for other companies and the case remains that we will only feature products that we’re personally happy to recommend.

Any comments posted on the site are not necessarily the opinions of Fresh Design Blog. Comments are moderated and, where necessary, comments may be removed if deemed inappropriate.

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