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Take your walls to a new level with wow factor wallpaper

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Could your walls do with a completely new look? Why not take them to a new level with these fab designer wallpapers that are bursting with wow factor?

Studio job NLXL archives black and white withered flowers wallpaper  Contemporary colourful withered flowers wallpaper from Studio Job and NXL Archives

The withered flowers wallpaper is available in a classic black and white or colourful options. It’s produced by design company Studio Job in conjunction with creative wallpaper manufacturer NLXL. The result is their stunning Archives wallpaper collection.

They’re quite ‘busy’ designs, but will provide you with plenty to look at. It’s amazing how different the coloured version looks.

Stunning Feathr Firefly wallpaper in blue, designed by Chinese artist Yuexin Du Contemporary designer Feathr Firefly wallpaper in a refreshing shade of mint green

The Firefly Feathr wallpaper is created by Chinese artist Yuexin Du. The inspiration behind the design is her memories of summer nights in her childhood and particularly dark forests filled with the light from fireflies.

The mosaic design on the wallpaper is really effective and incorporates the idea of light and movement. We particularly love the blue design, which is very reminiscent of night-time colours. The refreshing mint shade is a bit more like early morning light in the forest to us, but still produces a lovely effect.

Stunning contemporary wall mural designs from Mr Perswall.

We’re already fans of Mr Perswall’s designs, but some of these designs have got us swooning! The expressions pieces are a cross between wallpaper and wall murals, as they’re produced in single panel format. What makes these special is that you can also have them created to your own bespoke size. So if you’ve got an odd shaped wall, you don’t have to worry about wasting wallpaper.

The Wilderness design, with its fiery copper and emerald green accents, says ‘autumn’ to us, but you may well see it in a completely different light. Either way, it’s stunning and a very different design from standard wallpapers.

The Wallpainting and  Ageing with Beauty pieces both bring elements of texture and natural effects to your wall. Or for something different, you could opt for the Abstract design (admittedly, you could just throw paint at your wall to create a similar effect, but at least this has turned out nicely!).

Pastel walls: My Secret Garden wallpaper by Majvillan

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Gorgeous pastel wallpaper designs, from the My Secret Garden collection by Swedish company Majivillan.

Love decor in soft shades of pastel? This wallpaper collection by Swedish company, Majvillan, could be perfect for you!

The My Secret Garden collection of wallpaper is designed by Charlotta Sandberg and features a range of designs. From whimsical birds and cute deer, to trailing florals, geometric patterns and stylised damask, there’s something in here to appeal to a variety of design tastes.

Sweet cotton trailing blooms wallpaper by Swedish company Majvillan

Each design is available in a range of colour combinations. The Sweet Cotton design looks lovely in soft blue.

Alice grey geometric design wallpaper from Majvillan

The Alice geometric print is a great contemporary design and works really well in soft grey.

Tomoko pink wallpaper by Majvillan would work well in a kid's bedroom

The designs are suitable for a range of uses. The pink and orange Tomoko, for example, is a fresh and bright print that could be effectively used to decorate the walls in a child’s bedroom.

Lovely yellow Estelle design Swedish wallpaper from Majvillan

And the cheery yellow of the Estelle print would be an ideal welcoming colour to have on the wall in a hall or entrance way.

The My Secret Garden wallpaper collection is in stock at Wallpaper Direct.




Decorating made easy: Transform walls with stunning wall murals

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Want to create a feature or statement wall in your home? Rather than painting it or using standard wallpaper, why not make the transformation easy by using a wall mural?

Wall murals come in a variety of designs and styles. They can be funky and bright, calm and soothing, modern or industrial. There are options that will bring natural elements, cityscapes, landscapes or sea views into your home, or simply gorgeous patterns and abstract designs. Plus, there are murals for children and adults alike.

Murals look impressive when installed and can bring a whole new vibe to a room. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about it not fitting, or having to cut it to size, as you can order them to be custom made exactly for your wall size.

Here are some of our favourite wall mural designs from specialist company, Murals Wallpaper.

Love this modern geometric triangle design wall mural and especially that it can be custom made for your wall size.

Add a lively modern geometric style to a room, with this multicoloured triangles mural.

Embrace the ombre trend, with this peach and turquoise fade ombre design mural.

Create an instant brick wall effect, with this white paint bricks mural.

Bring a sense of calm to a room, with this amidst the mist forest design mural.

To complete an industrial style decor scheme, add this bare concrete mural to your wall.

Easy way to add a sense of funk to a room - use a graffiti wall mural!

Funk things up, with this twisted arrows graffiti mural.

Help your kids learn to explore the world, using this navigator map mural.

Dreaming of far off places? Transport yourself to New York, with this sunset mural.

These are just a few of the amazing designs available. For more ideas and inspiration to make decorating easy, check out Murals Wallpaper.


Funky and affordable contemporary wallpaper from Wilko

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Admit it – a mention of wallpaper, and the first place you think of to buy it probably isn’t Wilko.

But it’s honestly worth a look. They’ve got a good range of wallpaper options available, especially online, and their prices are generally affordable (you’ll spot the odd designer wallpaper at a designer price).

The small catch is that some papers come with a minimum order requirement of two rolls. But as it’s always good to ensure patterns and colours match up well, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Here’s a small glimpse into their offerings of funky and affordable contemporary wallpapers.

1. Mad Dogs wallpaper

Love this quirky Holden mad dogs wallpaper. It's aims to present British eccentricities and does so with style and charm

Holden Mad Dogs multi wallpaper – capturing the essence of British eccentricity! £16 (A black and white version is also available)

2. Library effect wallpaper

Create the effect of a library at home, with this clever stacked bookshelves wallpaper

Muriva bookshelves wallpaper – create the illusion of shelves of books on your wall. £14.97

3. Zebra animal print wallpaper

Stunning zebra animal print wallpaper by Rasch. It's a paste the wall job too, so easier to decorate with.

Rasch zebra animal print wallpaper – designed by Barbara Becker and a paste the wall wallpaper. £18

4. Vintage cartoon wallpaper

Super cute vintage style comic cartoon wallpaper featuring Mickey and Minnie mouse.

Disney Mickey and Minne’s night out wallpaper – a quirky vintage cartoon featuring memorable characters. £10

5. Manhattan skyline wallpaper

Graphic line drawing style Manhattan skyline wallpaper. Ideal for a contemporary feature wall decoration.

Rasch Queens Manhattan skyline wallpaper – a stunning graphical design for a contemporary home. £14.97

6. Alien crowd wallpaper

Fancy some aliens on your wall? This fun and funky Alien Crowd wallpaper could do the trick!

Graham & Brown Alien Crowd multi wallpaper – designed by graffiti artist, Kev Munday. £10

Affordable and stylish wallpaper from Next

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

How to make decorating affordable - check out these six gorgeous contemporary wallpapers that are all priced at only £15 a roll.

How many times have you found wallpaper you love, only to discover the price tag is way out of your league? As one of our most popular past posts was on affordable wallpaper, we know cost is often an issue when it comes to decorating.

However, the good news is that there are plenty of retailers who sell stylish and on trend wallpaper at affordable prices. One of them is Next, who have some lovely designs in their current collection. And the best bit? All of these designs are only £15 per roll.

Ombre wallpaper

Bring an ombre effect to your walls, with this affordable wallpaper from Next. It's a very soothing and calming colour scheme.

This ombre wallpaper is lovely and very on trend. It seems like a very soothing and calming design to have on your wall.

Nikko design wallpaper

Contemporary geometric print Nikko wallpaper from Next.

If you love geometric designs, then the all-over repeat pattern of Nikko could be ideal.

Origami effect wallpaper

Love this origami effect wallpaper. It adds just the right amount of design to a wall without being overpowering.

If you want a touch of design on your wall, but don’t want to be overpowered by colour, then the subtle effect of this origami wallpaper would work well. It draws the eye in and adds a sense of depth to your wall.

Textured geo wallpaper

On trend textured geo triangle design wallpaper from Next. Like the slightly weathered look of this one.

Geometric prints continue to be a popular theme in home interior design and decorating. This textured geo wallpaper featured a fab triangle design and a slightly weathered look to it.

Natural trees wallpaper

Gorgeous natural trees wallpaper from Next. An affordable paper with a soothing design.

Soothing and calming, the natural trees wallpaper has a delicate sheen to it and looks great used in a minimal room scheme.

Retro geo wallpaper

Gorgeous retro geo geometric design wallpaper from Next. It's affordable too, so won't cost the earth to use.

With its colours and design, this retro geo wallpaper certainly lives up to its name by oozing in retro style!

Fresh Design ideas: Creative ways to use wallpaper in your home

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

There’s no doubting that wallpaper looks stunning on walls, but it can also work wonders around your home in other ways too.

If you’ve got leftover off cuts of wallpaper, unused rolls waiting for the perfect project or designs you’d love to buy, but have no walls available for decorating, then here are some alternative and creative ways you can use wallpaper!

1. Use wallpaper to transform furniture

Wallpaper and wallpaper panels can be stunning when used on furniture. Cole & Son’s Harlequin Circus wall panel is a perfect example of this, just look at how good it can work on a wardrobe:

What a stunning wardrobe! The design has been created using Cole & Son's Harlequin Circus wall panel.


And here it is used to great effect on a vintage retro piece of furniture by London-based Muck ‘n’ Brass Boutique:

Cole and Son Harlequin Circus wallpaper looks stunning used on this retro sideboard

This piece is currently available to buy on eBay.

2. Use wallpaper on your stairs

As we’ve mentioned before, wallpaper can work brilliantly on your stair risers as an alternative to carpet. It brings an instant statement to your hall or entrance way:

What a fab way to make a statement with your stairs! Love the Orla Kiely design wallpaper.

(Image credit)

Or if you can’t decide on a single wallpaper to use, why not go for an eclectic mix and match approach? It’s a great way of incorporating all your favourite designs, or a good way to use up off cuts and leftover paper from other projects:

Love these eclectic and funky wallpapered stairs - what a great use of wallpaper!

(Image credit)

3. Wallpaper the sides of your drawers

If you don’t want to wallpaper the whole of a chest of drawers, why not just wallpaper the sides of the drawers instead? You’ll get a lovely flash of pattern and design each time you open them:

Wallpaper looks really effective used to pretty up the sides of drawers

(Image credit)

4. Create a custom wallpapered headboard

Can’t find the perfect headboard for your bed? Why not design your own using wallpaper. Just cover a plain headboard, or suitable panels of wood and, voila:

Fab way to create your own custom headboard, using wallpaper

(Image credit)

5. Transform wallpaper into art

If you’re anything like me, you’re always finding wallpaper designs you like, but don’t really have enough projects to use them in. Framing wallpaper is a brilliant alternative, as you get to enjoy the designs in your home without having to decorate a whole wall. Plus, you can mix and match them. A gallery-style wall of wallpaper is fab:

Great way to use all the wallpaper you love - frame it as art.

(Image credit)

Large framed wallpaper panels like these look great too:

These framed wallpaper panels look stunning - and they're easy to make.

(Image credit)

6. Create statement wallpapered shelving

Inject some new life and colour into plain  shelves or wall hanging units by adding wallpaper to the back of them. It’s another great way to integrate your favourite designs into a room:

This is a great idea for transforming plain shelves or wall units into statement pieces.

(Image credit)

Do you have any other great ways to use wallpaper? Let us know in the comments below.

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