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Big Ben wall clock wall sticker: Take two

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Transform your wall with wall stickersWall sticker that is a real working clock

Remember the  functioning Big Ben wall clock sticker that we featured previously? If you liked the idea, but don’t quite have the wall space to accommodate it, then here’s another take on the design that may appeal, as it’s smaller and more compact.

This version of the Big Ben wall clock wall sticker focuses on just the clock face, rather than the whole tower too. The sticker comes with a clock mechanism that can be attached to the wall first, so that you end up with a fully functioning wall clock.

The sticker forms the clock face – it comes in two halves – and you simply surround the clock with the relevant parts, making sure the numbers are the right way around to be able to tell the time!

As an added addition, there’ s a little cow sticker with a complementary design that comes with the set too, which can be used alongside the clock or elsewhere.

The Big Ben wall clock wall sticker set is available to purchase from John Lewis and costs £25.

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Stunning vinyl wall art stickers from Stickul

Friday, March 11th, 2011
Create a focal wall with a wall sticker from Stickul

Ornate wall sticker

It’s no surprise that we’re a fan of wall stickers, as we’ve featured a wide selection of them on Fresh Design Blog. They’re perfect for creating a feature on a wall of your home, but without needing extensive decorating skills or time.

Stickul sell a wide range of vinyl wall art stickers, both designed in-house and by UK artists, and are currently the only wall art supplier for Fenwick stores. Their range of wall stickers can also be bought direct from them and there’s a big choice of options. The stickers are helpfully arranged into themes, including nature, orante, frames, transport, music, lights & interiors, maps & landmarks, urban, vintage & retro and kids.

We really like the look of the ornate round crest wall sticker, which is available in a choice of 10 colours, and is perfect for creating a focal point on a wall. The medium size wall sticker, measuring 51cm by 50cm, costs £49.99.

Light rig wall sticker exclusive to Stickul

Light rig wall sticker

The light rig wall sticker is rather unusual and exclusive to Stickul. It’s a novel way of creating a theme in a room and costs £49.99.

For more details about the Stickul wall art products, or to find out how to use them, then check out their website. It’s worth noting that they’re new designs regularly, with up to 10 new designs each month.

Pacman retro wall stickers

Friday, December 10th, 2010
Pacman bedroom wallpaper sticker

Quirky Pacman wall sticker

We’ve had some requests for Pacman bedroom wall stickers, so have found these fun and quirky retro Pacman stickers that would work well for decorating your bedroom wall or any other room in your home.

The high quality vinyl wall decal stickers are precision cut in the shape of the famous 80s retro computer game, Pacman. The stickers come in a mixed pack with separate stickers for Pacman, the ghosts, Pacman food (the little dots) and cherries (bonus points) and you can organise them in the way you wish on your walls.

The Pacman retro wall stickers are available for £23.99 from Canvas Prints Online.

If you’re on a budget, some similar sets of Pacman wall stickers are available for £13.99 from a seller on Ebay.

Contemporary Christmas tree wall sticker by Spin Collective

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Modern xmas tree wall decal

Christmas tree alternative?

If you’re looking for some new ideas for Christmas decorations this year, or don’t want to have an actual Christmas tree, then this contemporary xmas tree design wall sticker could be the perfect solution.

The Christmas tree wall sticker is made from high quality matt vinyl and measures 100cm by 60cm in size. It’s available in a choice of 20 colours, so you can choose a colour of your choice, to suit your interior decor.

The tree wall decal would look great used alongside any other Christmas decorations, but is also a nice alternative for anyone who doesn’t have room in their home for a Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree wall sticker is £24 from Spin Collective and can be re-used again next year.

Winter trees wall art sticker

Thursday, October 14th, 2010
Fantastic home interior wall sticker featuring trees

Winter trees wall art

If you’ve got a plain wall in your home calling out for some decoration, then using a wall sticker is one of the easiest ways of jazzing it up and creating your own form of wall art.

This stunning winter trees wall sticker set brings an element of nature into the room and here the colours blend in perfectly with the colour of the sofa.

This sticker comes in 10 separate parts – six trees and four birds – so you can get creative and group them together, or use them on separate walls, as you choose.

The wall sticker set is sold by Zazous and is availble from their shop on Bouf.

Kitsch vinyl wall sticker clock

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010
Red kitsch vinyl wall sticker cuckoo clock

The wall sticker that's also a clock...

Wall stickers are not only great forms of wall decoration, but they can be functional forms of art too.

In a similar vein to the Big Ben wall sticker clock, here we have a rather kitsch red vinyl wall sticker decal that also doubles up as a functional, working clock.

The wall sticker can be easily applied to an appropriate area of your wall and comes with the clock face that can be positioned on top. The clock sticker is designed in a style reminiscent of traditional cuckoo clocks, but without the annoying bird.

To get your hands on a kitsch vinyl wall sticker clock, head over to the I Love Retro store on Bouf, where they’re priced at £27.95.

Felt Flutter wall stickers by Rachel Horrocks

Monday, August 23rd, 2010


As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions before, we’re big fans of wall stickers or wall decals, as they offer a quick and easy way of adding interest and design to you walls, without much effort (and you can easily change it if you go off the design).

A lot of wall stickers are very flat and lack texture, so we were thrilled to discover this fab wall decor product by designer, Rachel Horrocks. Her Flutter butterfly wall decor is very cleverly made from felt and and feels wonderful to touch and look at.

The butterfly wall stickers work in the same was as traditional wall stickers, with a self-adhesive backing that sticks them to your walls immediately. The felt butterflies are 3mm thick and made from 100% wool.

Available in mixed sizes of packs of five or 10, and in petrol blue or lavender, the butterflies can be used creatively in whatever way you choose – have them fluttering down your lounge walls, flying up the stairs or positioned over your bed, the choice is yours!

The Flutter wall decor is available to purchase from Pure Design from £24.50 per box.

Inke vintage wallpaper birds

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
Wallpaper birds

Wallpaper birds

If your walls are plain, but you like the idea of introducing a small amount of colour and love vintage wallpaper designs, then how about using these wallpaper birds?

They were originally created by designer Inke Heiland for her son, but were subsequently introduced to the public at an exhibition in Amsterdam in 2004. The birds proved very popular (and not just for children) and have led to the creation of lots of other similar silhouettes too, including large animals and trees. The birds remain a firm favourite and are now used in homes all over the world.

The wallpaper birds are cut from collections of vintage and designer wallpapers. They come with adhesive included and measure about 20cm by 25cm.

Supernice are selling limited edition Inke wallpaper birds in pairs, with the choice of pink, orange, blue or green colours. A pair of birds on their own would work very well used on a plain white wall, or you could buy multiples and create your own wall art collage.

The wallpaper birds cost £16.90 for two from Supernice.

Deal of the Day: 50% off Binary Box wall stickers

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

space-invaders-wall-sticker eiffel-tower-wall-sticker barcode-wall-sticker

falling-leaves-tree-wall-sticker chandelier-wall-sticker world-map-wall-sticker

The Binary Box do a fantastic range of contemporary wall stickers and, for 36 hours only, they have an amazing 50% off the usual prices.

Choose from a great range of designs, including the Retro Space Invaders (now £9.99), the Eiffel Tower wall sticker (now £15), the Barcode wall sticker (now £12.50), the Falling Leaves Tree wall sticker (now £15), a stylish black chandelier wall sticker (now £12.50) or a fantastic world map wall sticker (now £15).

The deal ends at 11pm on Friday 28th May, so get yours now!

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Cute kitten vinyl wall stickers

Monday, May 17th, 2010


Rosie wrote in asking as to hunt down a kitten wall sticker. Better than finding one, we’ve found nine kitten wall stickers that come under one reasonable price!

The wall stickers can be used on the wall as you wish – grouped altogether as in the picture, or dotted around in different rooms.

The kitten wall stickers are sold by ODE, run by designer Jolyon Yates, for £21.95 per set.

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