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Wall art and measurer: Ruler design wall sticker

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Wall art ruler design art sticker

If it’s a rite of passage to keep a measure of the changing heights of your children, then here’s a great way of doing so.

This wall art sticker is in the design of a ruler and is easily applied to a wall. It’s available in a wide range of colour choices and, as well as being practical, it’s a fun wall art addition to have.

The ruler wall sticker is available from Nutmeg Wall Art Stickers.

Fresh Design Bargain Alert: Ferm Living wall sticker sale

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

The summer sale has kicked off at Heal’s today and, amongst the bargains, we’ve spotted some fab Ferm Living wall stickers with a huge saving. All these stickers currently have over 70 per cent off their usual price, making them super bargainous and highly affordable!

Contemporary wall sticker home decor ideas

Ferm Living love birds black wall sticker, featuring six birds perched on branches, now £10 (was £50).

Contemporary home decor ideas using wall stickers

Sheet of black butterflies wall sticker, now just £7 (was £35).

Affordable chalkboard wall stickers

Black To Do list memo wall sticker – featuring a usable chalk board. Now £7 (was £35).

Wall stickers for under ten pounds

Small birdcage black wall sticker, now £7 (was £35).

Working clock wall stickers from Spin Collective

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013
Funky fresh design clock wall sticker

Working alarm clock sticker

What’s better than a funky clock wall sticker? A funky clock wall sticker that doubles up as a working clock, of course.

Spin Collective do a brilliant range of working clock wall stickers in different designs. We love the oversized alarm clock wall sticker and the working wall clock sticker, in particular.

The vinyl decal stickers work like all other wall stickers and can be stuck in your chosen location. The working clock mechanism comes with the sticker and is simply applied to the centre of the sticker to finish off the time piece. The mechanism operates thanks to an AA battery, which is supplied when the item is purchased.

Fresh design funky wall stickers

Wall clock wall sticker

Most of the clock wall stickers are available in a choice of different colours, but the clock mechanisms are in a standard black finish.

Normally reasonably priced, these funky working clock wall stickers are even more affordable at the moment, as there’s 30% off the usual prices. Sale prices start at £25.90 for the wall clock.

For more funky clock wall stickers, check out our previous posts:

Big Ben clock wall sticker 

Big Ben clock wall sticker: Take two


Down the Rabbit Hole wall decal from Domestic Landscapes

Thursday, September 20th, 2012
Hypnotic dazzling fresh design wall decal

Wall decal

Could you live with this wall decal in your home?

This somewhat dazzling design (best not viewed with a headache or hangover) is produced by Domestic Landscapes. Rather aptly, it’s called Down The Rabbit Hole.

From a design point of view, it’s cleverly produced and can create a very effective impact on a wall, giving a sense of depth and the feel that you room extends out into a tunnel. In a small room, it could make it feel bigger.

As it’s quite ‘in your face’, it’s perhaps not ideal for the faint hearted.

The decal measures four metres wide by three metres high and comes in eight strips, which you have to assemble on the wall yourself. It could be interesting matching up the lines…

Down the Rabbit Hole doesn’t come cheap, but it is an intriguing design and a rather different form of wall decor. You can find it for sale at Bouf.

Fresh Design decor idea: Tetris wall sticker

Monday, August 6th, 2012
Funky contemporary wall sticker decor

Tetris wall sticker

Oooh, a Tetris wall sticker!

We’ve featured lots of fab wall stickers on Fresh Design Blog and it’s hard to choose favourites, but if it’s fun, colourful and retro you’re looking for – and you love a good computer game – you can’t beat having Tetris on your wall.

The Tetris wall decal is designed by Your Deco Shop and is available in several different sizes.

You get a selection of Tetris pieces in all the classic colours, which you can arrange on the wall as you wish – with bits already fitted into rows, and other suspended pieces in falling motion, or in any other way you choose.

Red Candy have three sizes of the Tetris wall sticker set in stock, priced from £51.

Skeleton wall stickers for Halloween

Monday, October 24th, 2011
Halloween wall decoration ideas

Skeleton wall sticker

If you’re decorating your home for Halloween, then how about adding a skeleton to the wall?

The Science Museum human skeleton wall sticker comes complete with all the bones (18) you need to make up a skeleton. You can put them together to form one whole piece, or add bits and pieces of bones to different areas of the wall – perfect if a headless skeleton appeals!

The wall sticker comes with full instructions for putting it together and applying it to the wall. It can easily be removed and stored in readiness for use at Halloween next year…unless, perhaps, you’d like a skeleton wall decoration all year round?

The skeleton wall sticker costs £24.99 and can be purchased from The Binary Box.

Chalkboard calendar wall sticker from Rose & Grey

Thursday, October 20th, 2011
Funky chalkboard wall sticker ideas

Get organised!

Here’s a great way of getting organised in the run up to Christmas – stick this large chalkboard calendar sticker on a wall, write notes on it or stick on post-it notes with reminders.

The wall sticker is large enough to catch your attention when you’re in the room, so could minimise the risk of forgetting what you’ve got to do or where you should be.

The sticker measures 100cm by 98cm, is made from vinyl and is easy to apply to a wall, and remove again when you’re fed up with it. It comes supplied with some post-it notes to get you started.

The calendar wall sticker is available to purchase from Rose & Grey, where it’s priced at £69.95.

Creative Wall Art: Cow Parade wall stickers

Monday, October 10th, 2011
Funky cow wall stickers

Funky cows

Fancy adding some cows to your interior decor? This funky herd are ready to moo-ve in and adorn your walls!

The set of Cow Parade wall stickers feature seven gloriously patterned and designed cows. There’s no simple black and white cows here – we’re talking floral, geometric, hearts and even an old style clock design on the backs of these animals.

If you want to add a bit of fun into a your living room, kitchen or bedroom decor, then have a patterned cow walking across the wall.

Use the wall stickers individually in several rooms, or group them together for a herd effect.

However you choose to use them, these quirky cows are bound to raise a few eyebrows and create a few comments, especially where they’re unexpected.

Made by Creative Wall Art and part of their Home Interiors Stickers collection, the Cow Parade stickers can be purchased from Wallpaper Direct for £21.98.

Feature Wall Ideas: Quote wall stickers

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Various home decor products feature quotes, but it’s one of those things that’s best used in moderation – too many quotes all over the place can be overkill. But one of the ways in which quotes can be used successfully in home decoration is in creating a feature wall.

When the words ‘feature wall’ are mentioned, it can conjure up images of a wall that you’ve spent ages decorating to perfection. But when wall stickers are used, the hours spent labouring on getting it perfect are vastly reduced.

To get a quote on a wall no longer requires a super steady hand and good handwriting to painstakingly paint every letter on – ready made wall stickers do the wording job for you. All you have to do, is choose an appropriate wall space and apply the stickers.

Whether you want to create a quote feature wall in your living room, bedroom, hall, study, kitchen or another room of your home, then here are 15 ideas to inspire you.

1. How to Live

Feature wall ideas with quotes

Live Laugh Love wall sticker

Live Laugh Love wall sticker by abp Graphics. Available in a choice of 25 colours and 2 sizes, priced from £9.99.

2. The Joy of Pink

Feature wall decor ideas

Audrey Hepburn quote

I Believe in Pink – Audrey Hepburn quote wall sticker available from Leonara Hammond for £35, in a choice of over 20 colours.

3. No Robots Here

Interior design blog feature wall ideas

Robotic wall sticker

I Am Not a Robot wall sticker – available in 20 colours and costs £22.

4. If In Doubt, Just Freak Out

Funky wall decal ideas for your home

Panic and freak out

The older, cooler brother of the Keep Calm and Carry On quote, the Now Panic and Freak Out wall sticker is available in 19 colours and costs £24.99.

5. Cooking With Wine

Humorous kitchen wall decal sticker
Humorous kitchen wall sticker

I Cook With Wine…and Sometimes I Add Food wall sticker - available in three sizes and a wide choice of colours. Priced from £9.99 from The Wallpaper Mural Company.

6. Silver Clouds

Feature wall decor ideas for your home
Silver clouds

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining wall sticker – £24.99 from The Binary Box.

7. A Little Bit of What You Fancy

Wall decal ideas from Fresh Design Blog

So true!

Yes, indulging can be a good thing! Available in a rainbow of colours, the A Little Bit of What You Fancy Does You Good wall sticker will cost £25 to get it on your wall.

8. Seize The Day

Seize the Day vinyl wall decal sticker

Seize the day

A Latin quote encouraging you to Seize the Day. It’s available in 15 colours and two sizes and costs from £9.99 at Vinyl Perfection.

9. Kitchen On Another Planet?

Contemporary wall stickers from Hommu

Kitchen galaxy wall sticker

Hommu offers a new take on the ‘galaxy far, far away’ quote, with this one aimed at use in your kitchen. It’s £17.50.

10. Think Big

Wall decal ideas for your home

Think Big Thoughts wall sticker

Think big thoughts, Relish small pleasures vinyl wall decal – 15 colours and two sizes to choose from. Costs from £9.99.

11. How to Waste Time

Inspirational interior design wall sticker

Wise words...

Time is Precious…Waste it Wisely - wall sticker from Aijographics. Available in over 20 colours and two sizes and costs from £16.99.

12. A Long Soak Required

Vinyl wall decal sticker for the bathroom

Bathroom wall sticker

Perfect for use in the bathroom – the Happiness is a Long Soak wall sticker costs £11.99 from Vinylworld.

13. Quote from the Bard

William Shakespeare Love All wall decal quote

Shakespearian wall sticker quote

If a famous literary quote is what you’re after, then this Love all.. quote from William Shakespeare could be on your wall for £20. It’s available in two sizes and loads of colour choices, from Spin Collective.

14. Turn To Your Wall For Cooking Ideas

Vinyl wall decor ideas

Recipe wall sticker

Recipe inspiration for those days when you don’t know what to cook. Gazpacho recipe wall sticker from Hommu. Vinyl wall decal sticker available in four colours for £97.

15. Making Memories

Interior design blog feature wall ideas

Making memories wall sticker

The Best Thing About Memories wall sticker. Available in loads of colour choices and two sizes. Priced from £16.99.

Okay, so some of them are a bit cheesy (and trust us, there are worse out there). What do you think of these and would you decorate a feature wall in your home with a quote wall sticker? We’d love to hear your views!

Bargain alert: Speech bubble chalkboard wall sticker

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
Bargain reduced price home decorating wall sticker

Chalkboard wall sticker

How often have you left notes at home for your other half, children or housemates, only to later discover they never got the message?

Forget bits of paper that are easily overlooked – leave a message on this speech bubble shaped chalkboard wall sticker instead.

With this on the wall in a prominent place, there’s more of a chance of them spotting the note – although we can’t guarantee they’ll take it in or act on it!

This nifty speech bubble wall sticker is now only £14.40 in the sale at Ella James. It comes equipped with chalk to write your messages and a sponge to rub them off.

In addition to the chalkboard wall sticker, there’s a matching magnetic chalkboard speech bubble fridge sticker available too.

If you love funky wall stickers, then check out some of the previous wall stickers we’ve featured on the blog.

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