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Fresh Design Furniture: Hex glass side table

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Contemporary modern honeycomb hex side table

Side tables are often humble and functional – they’re the younger sibling that may seem overlooked when big brother is there. But not this side table. No sirreee, you can’t miss this little beauty!

The design and character of this side table is all in its legs. It’s gloriously constructed from a gold three legged hexagon honeycomb design that looks fantastic. It works particularly well with the glass top, that shows the design off from every angle.

This is one table that you’ll love to use with pride and won’t want to hide away at the side.

You’ll find the hex glass side table available from Graham and Green.

Fresh Design Style: Industrial trolley coffee table

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013


How to get the industrial style look

When you’re designing an industrial style living room, having the right style of furniture helps bring the look together.

There are lots of industrial coffee table designs available, but one popular style is the trolley or wheel barrow table. As the name aptly indicates, this style of table is all or part on wheels and has an air of rustic industrial charm, and its made from materials such as metal and wood.

One example is the Jodin Barro table. This table has been hand crafted from salvaged industrial steel, iron castors and has a wooden top made from reclaimed wooden planks. It works well as a coffee table, but can also double up as useful shelving or a display unit for your room.

The Barro table is available from Reason Season Time, where it’s currently in their sale.

Contemporary Geo table: Affordable geometric design side table

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Best geometric design table

As we’ve written previously, we’re loving the geometric home style trend at the moment and are pleased to have found another product that fits in perfectly with this look.

The Geo side table is a wonderfully geometric shaped table for a modern or contemporary home. Both the top and base are oozing with style and it’s a really funky piece.

The red table in particular, with its shiny lacquer finish, helps the design stand out and the open ‘stilts’ of the base fit well with a minimal interior scheme.

Normally the typical high street price of the Geo table would be about £129, but as it’s available from, this fab geometric table will only set you back £79.


Modern minimal design Fun coffee table from Camerich

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Best modern contemporary design coffee table

This well designed coffee table from Camerich has all the clean lines and sleek finish so often desired from modern furniture, but there’s a secret inside.

Sleek minimal house furniture

The two ends of the coffee table slide open to reveal a hidden compartment, so you can hide away all your clutter and keep the surface of the table looking impeccably tidy. Brilliant for when people are coming round unexpectedly, and you need somewhere to hide your mess in a hurry!

The Fun table is made from black walnut and is available from Camerich. It’s usually priced at £1605, but is currently available for a reduced price of £1123.50.


Fresh Design Furniture: Upcycled silver beer keg table

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012
How to make a table from a beer keg

Beer keg light up table

Who knew an old beer keg could become such a great table?

This stainless steel beer keg has been reclaimed and upcycled to produce a fresh new piece of furniture.

The keg has been fitted with 6mm of toughened glass on the top, to produce a sturdy table top. Inside the keg, 24v low voltage LED lights have been fitted, which light up the inside. So not only do you get a funky drinks table, but also one that lights up!

The silver beer keg table has been designed and created by ReUpCycled and is available from their store on Not On The High Street for £249.

A black beer keg table is also available, plus some other unique products.

Contemporary Kilo nest of tables from Habitat

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012
Contemporary modern occasional table set

Kilo nest of tables

Habitat have got contemporary occasional tables down to a fine art.

If you’re looking for occasional tables that don’t look old and fuddy duddy, then the Kilo tables are the perfect solution.

This nest of slimline Kilo tables, in three graduating sizes, have solid oak lacquered legs with a coloured steel top. The tables are designed by Elling Ekornes and Trine Haddal Hovet and this set come in airforce blue, sky blue and mustard yellow (other colour sets are available).

The tables are sturdy and stylish and will have heaps of uses. This set of three nesting Kilo tables costs £70.

If it’s only one or two tables you’re after, Habitat sell single versions of the Kilo table in a veritable rainbow of colours for £25 each.

Cityscape coffee table by Xor Designs

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
Xor Designs handmade table furniture

Cityscape coffee table

This contemporary style cityscape coffee table is not only oozing with great design, but it has some clever storage solutions built into the stylish base.

The base of the table is made from solid walnut and features a design reminiscent of a city skyline, with small office block buildings and tall skyscrapers nestling together. The table is created by Xor Designs, with each one individually made to order.

The top of the table is made from thick perspex, which enables the base design to be easily seen.

Xor Designs designer contemporary furniture

Clear perspex coffee table

It’s within the base, and the skyscrapers, that the storage solutions can be found. There are well constructed spaces that work as a magazine rack, the perfect sized sections to hold your TV remote controls and other little hidden nooks and crannies.

Functional coffee table storage

Magazine and remote control storage

It’s a clever coffee table design and, being made of solid wood, should be a long-lasting and functional piece of furniture.

The cityscape coffee table can be ordered from the Xor Designs store on Bouf.

Champagne cork side table

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
Champagne cork handmade table

Giant cork table

Partial to a glass of champagne?

Here’s a different way of having more champagne in your life, in the form of a champagne cork side table!

The table is handmade from top quality natural Portuguese cork. It’s shaped like a cork you’d pop out of a bottle of a bubbly, only in a rather more giant size.

The top of the table is flat, so you can safely use it as a functional table for drinks, plates or even to stand a lamp on.

The champagne cork side table costs £110 (usually £120) from Impulse Purchase.

If you like the giant cork idea, then they also do a matching champagne cork stool or a Bordeaux wine cork stool.

Glycine stylish oak side table

Thursday, March 15th, 2012
Contemporary side table bedside table ideas

Designer side table

We’ve been on the lookout for a stylish and practical side or occasional table recently, but some of the options available are frankly rather underwhelming. Then we found the glycine side table, which is most definitely not underwhelming and ideally suited to a contemporary home.

Designed and made in France by Drugeot Labo, the angular design of the glycine side table gives it a distinctive and contemporary look.

The table is made from oak and the space under the top provides a useful area where magazines or books can be stored (just slot them in). There’s also a small drawer included and room on top to display favourite home accessories, stand a lamp or keep free for occasional needs.

As well as being functional for use in a living room or hallway, the table would also make a great bedside table.

The glycine oak side table is new in at Heal’s and costs £495.

Stunning Kartell T side table

Thursday, March 1st, 2012
Contemporary designer nest of tables side table

Decorative occasional table

The Kartell designs are always striking, but one of the pieces we’re particularly fond of is the T table.

The T side table is designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell and features a wonderfully decorative top that almost looks like it’s been embroidered.

The table is available in three heights, which work well used together, plus a variety of colour choices.

The Found Home Store have all three sizes available and the T-Table is priced from £149.

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