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Unusual butterfly design shelf

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

How to create a statement wall

This caught our eye this morning and is it any wonder why?

As far as shelves go, this is a really unusual option that doubles up as a striking wall feature. The butterfly shelf is made from metal, in a sea green shade, and the edges of the butterfly’s wings have a decorative flower effect.

There’s space inside on the open shelves to display a few favourite accessories, small vases or candles.

The shelf is available from Graham and Green, but hurry if you’re interested, as they’re flying off the shelves and there are currently only five left.


Triple shelf mirror from Dwell

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
Modern contemporary mirror ideas

Mirror with shelves

This contemporary mirror is made up of a random arrangement of seven rectangular mirrors.

What sets it off even more is the addition of three small shelves, which are perfect for displaying decorative accessories on, like candles, a clock or a photo frame.

The triple shelf mirror could be used to make a small room feel bigger, or add reflective light into a narrow hallway. It costs £129 from Dwell.

Circuit shelving unit from SquarePear Furniture

Friday, August 19th, 2011
Funky modern home shelf storage unit

Modern shelving

SquarePear Furniture create some really unusual pieces of furniture and home accessories, including this modern circuit shelving unit.

We love the loop design, and rounded corners, of this useful home storage solution and the white satin paint finish gives it a sleek and smooth look.

There’s plenty of room on the shelf to store a good number of books or trinkets, plus there’s extra storage room on top, for example to stand a photo, candle or vase.

The circuit shelving unit costs £190 and can be ordered from the SquarePear Furniture store on Not On The High Street.

Ferm Living Dorm shelf

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
Stylish interior design storage idea

Stylish wall display unit

Looking for a stylish way to display your favourite home accesories?

This eye-catching Ferm Living Dorm shelf offers an attractive and contemporary wall unit display solution.

Designed by Trine Andersen, the Dorm shelf is shaped like the outline of a house. It’s made from a mix of birch and alder plywood and comes with a pale blue or pale pink background.

The Dorm shelf is available to purchase from Cloudberry Living for £69.96.

The Fold shelf: storage and sculpture combined

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Stylish and practical modern Fold shelf   3d wall art sculpture and shelf

If you love wall art sculptures, but also need some practical storage in your home, then meet the Fold shelf.

This clever design combines an impressive three dimensional wall sculpture with a useful shelf, that can be used for storing books, home accessories, CDs or DVDs.

The unusually shaped Fold shelf is made from a single sheet of powder coated metal that has been laser cut and hand folded along perforated cuts. The crisp edges of the shelf expose the perforations, which produces a trendy stitched detail effect.

One shelf used on its own on a wall is effective enough, but you could combine several shelves to form unusual sculptures and art on your wall. You can even choose which way up you position it, for maximum design and creativity.

The Fold shelf comes with everything you need to fix it safely and securely to your wall and is available to purchase from the Hidden Art shop.

Glow tub chair and coffee table

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

glow-tub-chair       glow-coffee-table

Tub chairs are really comfortable for outdoor use, but this funky chair contains an LED light source, so it glows and provides some light as you sit outside when dusk is falling.

What’s more, it changes colour too – going through a series of seven different colour hues. Controllable via a small pocket sized remote control, the chair has a battery life of five hours and can easily be recharged again.

A matching coffee table, with the same abilities, is also available to complete the look. If you just want one piece, then a coffee table that lights up to tell you where to put your glass in the dark sounds perfect.

Both the glow tub chair and the glow coffee table are available from Dwell.

Holly Palmer’s Book Porcupine

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
Holly Palmer's Book Porcupine

The Book Porcupine by Holly Palmer

British designer, Holly Palmer, is renowned for coming up with ingenius ideas and her clever Book Porcupine is no exception.

The Book Porcupine offers a novel and rather different way of storing your books. The nifty little shelving unit has a range of 18 different compartments of varying sizes (to accommodate small, medium and large sized books) and the books slot into the spaces.

It’s called the Book Porcupine due to the way the book spines stick out of the shelving unit – like the needles on a porcupine. When books are removed, colours in the compartments are revealed.

The Book Porcupine isn’t cheap, but it is a designer piece and a great example of inspired design. The porcupine storage unit is available in white, with splashes of green and orange.

(Via Freshome)

Creative Storyline shelf

Friday, June 12th, 2009
Storyline shelf

Storyline shelf

Ever wondered what a sound looks like? According to Frederik Roije, it looks a bit like this!

Yes, this rather creative Storyline shelf has been built in a shape based on the graph produced of the frequencies generated when the word ‘bliss’ is spoken.

It all sounds a bit technical, but in simple terms this is a really funkily designed shelf that will look attractive on any wall. We’re big fans of unusual shelves and this one ticks all the right boxes.

The shelf is made out of anodised steel, coated with a dark grey finish and is tough enough to hold books and other items.


The Storyline shelf measures 90 x 20 x 28cm and is available for £145 from the lovely DutchByDesign.

For another unusual shelf idea, don’t miss the unique floating self shelf.

Conran balance shelving

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
Conran balance shelving

Conran balance shelving

If you’re in need of some new shelving, then how about this eye-catching balance shelving?

It’s made from solid lipped and veneered European oak (also available in walnut for a slightly higher price) and offers a modern, but practical, design. You can use it against a wall simply for storage, or use it in a larger room to divide the space and use it for objects d’art.

It would look great used like this, for example, in an open plan home, where it could help define certain areas, but not block out light or act as a ‘wall’.

The oak balance shelving is available from the Conran Shop for £725.

Self Shelf the amazing floating shelf

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
Self Shelf floats like magic!

Self Shelf floats like magic!

If you’re looking for a novel form of shelving which will get noticed for all the right reasons, then how about the Self Shelf?

This clever shelving invention is basically a fake book that attaches to your wall and acts as a shelf. It’s sturdy and can hold a fair weight, but looks great as it appears to be floating on your wall.

The Self Shelf is available in three colours – yellow, blue and red – and costs £19.95 from DutchByDesign.

Found via Domestic Sluttery

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