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Thomas Edison style Steampunk table lamp from Iconic Lights

Monday, September 12th, 2016

Done shaped exposed bulb table lamp in steampunk style

If you love all things steampunk style, then here’s a lamp that could provide the perfect finishing touch to your interior decor scheme.

The Thomas Edison style steampunk table lamp is sold by Iconic Lights. The light itself is simple and elegant in its design. The aged brass base and lamp fitting is accompanied by a plain glass dome that is placed over the top of the base.

But what helps transform this seemingly simple piece into an attractive and eye-catching light is the use of a well chosen bulb. In keeping with the theme, and paying tribute to Edison’s love of the incandescent light bulb, it make sense to choose an exposed bulb to go inside the dome. You get to see the intricacies of the light flowing through the bulb and the different patterns within the bulb design.

Elegant antique brass Thomas Edison steampunk table lamp. Great used in an industrial design room.

We tried it with a Squirrel light bulb (available from Iconic Lights) and the effect was lovely. It transforms what would be a rather ordinary and unexciting lamp into something special. As it’s encased in a pure glass dome, it does produce a bright light, so you probably wouldn’t want it too close to you (we had thought it might look nice on a desk, for example), but it’s excellent for bringing light into a dark corner.

With the evenings drawing in and darker autumn nights around the corner, this is a lovely lamp to lighten up dark evenings as the seasons change.

With a price tag of £30 from Iconic Lights, it’s very good value for money and an affordable way to have a feature light to use exposed bulbs with.  It definitely looks more expensive than it actually is.

If you’re looking for ideas on how you could create a steampunk look in your home, Iconic Lights have a great Steampunk Collection Pinterest board that’s full of inspiration.

(Disclosure: We were sent a lamp to review, but all views and opinions are our own)

Light up your life: 10 outdoor lighting ideas

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

From LED to candles, nothing creates outdoor atmosphere like some strategic lighting. Drape strings of lights through the branches of trees, position lanterns and use tealights to cast pools of light onto your outdoor table.

Even if the weather’s not fine enough to sit outside, looking out of the house onto a lighted garden can look very pretty. Here are our top 10 picks.

1. Kamla garden lanterns, Red Lilly


Create ambience around summer patios for garden parties with these recycled glass lanterns. The wire holder has a vintage rust patina and can be spiked into the ground. The lanterns come as a set of two and are available in three different styles. £19.80 from Red Lilly.

2. Brass lanterns, MiaFleur

These stylish brass coloured lanterns will bring an atmospheric glow to your alfresco parties. Made from zinc with a brass coloured coating, and with a hinged glass door to protect the candle from the elements, this is a lovely way to light up the garden. Available in two sizes so that they can be grouped together to create an interesting contrast. Prices from £36 from MiaFleur.

3. Lighthouse 220, Menu

The Lighthouse oil lamp from Menu makes an unusual addition to those balmy English evenings (remember those?!) when you can sit outside with a glass of wine. Inspired by the lighthouses along the Scandinavian coast, the porcelain and steel lamp has a newly developed oil burner that gives a bright light. There’s also a unique filling system that makes it possible to replenish the oil from above so there is no need to take the lamp apart. £64.95 from Black by Design.

4. Oval loop lamp, Edge Company

If you don’t like the hassle of candles, this nickel plated mesh wire lamp is battery powered for light with minimum work. Available in two different designs, they’re also currently 50% off in the sale. Were £48 now £24 from IN-SPACES.

5. Aurora mood lantern, The Glow Company

Stylish and contemporary, the Aurora mood lantern creates a focal point in your garden with colourful light. A lightweight but sturdy lantern that’s IP65 rated for outdoor use, it changes through eight key colours and everything in between. Set to colour phase, colour flash or hold on your favourite colour for stunning mood lighting and even adjust the brightness of the colours depending upon your mood, all via remote control. £39.95 from The Glow Company.

6. Hallianna outdoor lighting garland, Out There Interiors

Contemporary outdoor lighting to brighten up a boring wall or illuminate a late night barbecue need not be twee. These functional, no nonsense bulbs are perfect for the modern exterior and will lengthen those summer evenings and barbecues with friends. £85 from Out There Interiors.

7. Bottle light, RED5 Gadget Shop

Don’t throw away your empty bottles – recycle them into lamps with these bottle lights. A cork based design holds a small yet super bright rechargeable LED for you to slip into your bottles.  Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the lights create a cosy, improvised table feature and won’t be blown out by a gentle breeze. £9.95 each from RED5.

8. Miners’ lamp, Coastal Home

This traditional miners’ lamp is ideal for a table decoration or for hanging from a tree. Inspired by 19th century miners’ oil lamps and adapted for modern day tea lights, this wind proof enamel lantern creates a welcoming light on dark evenings. £11 from Coastal Home.

9. Grey stone effect lantern, The White Lighthouse

This grey stone effect candle holder with cut out stars, handle and glass inner is actually made from concrete, making it robust and giving it an urban twist. £12 from The White Lighthouse.

10. Brushed metal rectangular lantern, Hoi Polloi

This unusual brushed metal rectangular lantern would look wonderful on a terrace or dining table. Pop in a couple of pillar candles to enjoy an atmospheric glow. £66.99 from Hoi Polloi.

By Sara Walker

Stylish and affordable pineapple design lamp from Iconic Lights

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

Love this modern chrome pineapple design lamp - and especially the affordable price tag!

We’re written before about the popularity of pineapple designs in home interiors, with pineapples featuring on everything from wall art and wallpaper, to cushions, candles and lampshades.

Now, here’s another gorgeous pineapple design – this time in the form of a lamp base.

The chrome pineapple base lamp is from Iconic Lights and is a modern and stylish lamp. The shiny chrome base is realistically designed to represent a pineapple and it’s finished off with a black lamp shade.

The on / off switch is located on the lamp cord, which makes it easy to find and use.

Fab chrome pineapple lamp base, complete with shade.

I was a bit concerned the black shade would darken the light, but it’s lined in a golden yellow, and this solves this dilemma perfectly.

In fact, when it’s turned on it creates a lovely golden glow – and even makes the top of the pineapple look golden. Rather apt, really!

Love how this lamp creates a golden glow on the pineapple base when it's turned on.

In terms of price, Iconic Lights never fail to deliver. At only £20, it’s extremely good value for money, especially as it includes the shade too.

We’ve seen various other pineapple design lamps available elsewhere, but they’re all more expensive than this one. Admittedly, this lamp is a lot lighter in weight than the others, but the price means you could effectively buy two or more for the price of one elsewhere.

Overall, we’re really impressed with it. It’s well made, bang on trend and lights up a dark corner in style. It’s the ideal style for a modern or contemporary home and would be perfect in a living room, as a bedside lamp or for extra lighting in a dining room.

(Disclosure: We were sent a pineapple lamp for review, but all views and opinions are our own).

Modern CSYS Desk task lamp by Jake Dyson: Review

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Csys task lamp designed by Jake Dyson - very modern and industrial in style

Did you know that Dyson had moved into the realm of lighting?

You can be forgiven for not realising, as neither did we until recently. But they have….and they’ve done so in style, too.

In this case, it’s Jake, the eldest son of vacuum cleaner inventor Sir James Dyson, who’s the brains behind the lighting venture. Jake studied product design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

His  first commercial product was the Motorlight™ wall light, but it’s LED technology that really captured his imagination. So in 2015, Jake Dyson lighting joined forces to become part of the main Dyson company.

Jake’s creation is in the form of the CSYS task lights. There are three lamps in the collection – the CSYSTM Desk and CSYSTM Floor, which are both freestanding, and the CSYSTM Clamp, which can be attached to a table.

The lights are all designed in a sleek, modern and minimalist manner and the technology involved is just as modern as the design.

Construction of the Csys task lamp, a product by Jake Dyson

Where some lights use springs and pivots to stay in position and even then, don’t always stay at an exact position, what makes the CSYSTM lamps unusual is that they are based on an axis glide motion. You can position the light exactly where you want it to be and it can be moved both vertically and horizontally, as well as 360 degrees around the base.

The design also involves the use of heat pipe technology. A technological process normally found in satellites is used to draw heat away from the LEDs. This helps them to cool more effectively than normal. Due to this, they claim that the lights can last for up to 154,000 hours. Impressive.

CSYS Desk light – The Fresh Design verdict

Modern design CSYS Task lamp by Jake Dyson, with LED lights that will last

We were thrilled to be invited to review the CSYS Desk light. It arrived well packaged in a box, which included a handle on the side of it. A minor aspect, perhaps, but this makes the product much easier to carry when purchased.

The lamp involves a small element of construction before you can use it, as you have to attach the horizontal arm and add three small screws. There are very clear instructions provided and everything you need to put the pieces together.

Close up shot of the axis construction on the CSYS task lamp by Jake Dyson

Once constructed, it’s ready to use. The on-off button on the base responds to the lightest of touches and the light comes on immediately. It’s powered by eight LEDs which produce a warm white light.

The position of the light is very easy to adjust too. Thanks to a counterweighted element which works like gravity,  the horizontal arm can be moved up or down when a tiny amount of weight is put on it – all very sleek and sophisticated. It is said to rotate around the base too, but somehow we didn’t find this movement had quite the effortless glide that everything else does.

Another good feature is the dimming facility. By holding the on-off button, you can dim the light. That’s not all though – the lamp remembers the level you’ve had it on when you last used it, so when you switch it on again it automatically comes on at the same level. Clever.

Overall, the CSYSTM Desk lamp is a great piece of modern design. It’s very industrial in style and is ideal for using on a desk, either at home or work. The base is heavily weighted, making the lamp fully stable and secure when it’s in position.

The smooth gliding action of the arm works wonderfully and adds to the distinctive style and design of the piece. It totally lives up to its expectations as a task lamp, fully meeting lighting needs with ease and grace.

The CSYS Desk lamp, and the other lamps in the range, can be purchased online from Dyson.

(Disclaimer: We were gifted a lamp for the purpose of this review, but all views and opinions are our own)

Animal magic: Iconic animal table lamps

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Let a dog light up your life - a bulldog lamp, that is! Such a quirky, fun and unusual table lamp design.

It’s often said that having animals can light up your life and, in this case, that’s quite literally the case!

These gorgeous designed table lamps are fun, quirky and contemporary and perfect for adding both light and appealing design into your home.

A recent new addition at Iconic Lights, the bulldog table lamp is a lovely design that’s sure to appeal to dog lovers. Made from light wood, with a simple slot-it-together format, this cheeky chappy will light up your home and provide a decorative talking point to boot.

As an added touch, when the light is turned on, a cute little bone appears on the back of the dog. With its collar effect and cable ‘lead’ this chap looks like he’s about ready for walkies!

If the bulldog doesn’t tick quite the right boxes for you, then a selection of other animal lamps are also available, including these endearing characters:

All these animal lamps are such fun! Which to choose though, cat, sheep, squirrel or dog?

Sitting cat lamp, with cone shade and bell

Decorative wooden ram table lamp – that even has a woollen coat!

Wooden squirrel table lamp in light wood

Sitting dog with cone shade table lamp

All five of the animal lamps featured cost £40 each and are available from Iconic Lights.

Alternative Christmas tree: twig style Cherry blossom tree

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

White Sakura cherry blossom tree - great to use as an alternative Christmas tree, or an Easter tree

Twig style Christmas trees have been hugely popular over the last few years, but if you fancy one that can be used all year around – indoor and outside – then look no further.

The white cherry blossom tree, from Iconic Lights, has all the style and simplicity of the twig trees, but without the wintery dusting of snow. The branches are all fully adjustable, so you can shape it how you desire and each of the lights features a dainty Sakura blossom style design.

Pretty blossom flower style lights on the Iconic Lights white cherry twig tree

This medium sized tree is battery operated and is adorned with 120 warm white LED lights. One of the biggest added bonuses, in our view, is that it’s multi-functional and has been weatherproofed, so it’s suitable for use indoors or outside in your garden.

For Christmas, you can opt for the minimal look and simply use it as it is, or add a few of your favourite decorations. The tree can be used to as a lighting decoration or feature inside your home, or be used to create an attractively lit decoration outside.

We used this tree as part of a previous post, to help add an extra touch of atmosphere to a romantic dinner for two and the lighting and style is perfect for this, as you can see here:

A romantic dinner for two, made special by Amalfi ceramics and tableware from Duckydora

We’re also looking forward to trying it outside as an outdoor Christmas decoration, but so far it’s been a bit too windy lately to try this out. The base of the tree is sturdy and has four holes that you can use to peg the tree in place when it’s outside, but in super gusty weather, we didn’t want to risk it getting blown over on its first excursion outside! It looks like it will be fine in our usual winter weather though. The battery compartment is well secured and it could be extra weather-proofed by the addition of a simple plastic bag around it.

At just £30 from Iconic Lights, the white cherry blossom tree is a great buy for Christmas. We can easily imagine it being used during the rest of the year to brighten up a dark corner, add atmosphere or transformed into an Easter tree too.

(Disclaimer: The tree was supplied for review, but all views and opinions are our own)

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