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Unusual upcycled Lovely Legs climbing wall lamp

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Lovely Legs upcycled wall lamp featured on Fresh Design Blog

We’re always on the lookout for unusual designs, and love examples of creative upcycling, so this wall lamp certainly caught our attention.

The Lovely Legs design wall lamp is constructed from discarded old legs from traditional Windsor chairs. They’re combined with copper elbows to form a novel design that ‘climbs’ the wall. The lamp is finished off with a hand woven lampshade.

This very individual design is made to order by Furniture Magpies and you can choose your desired lamp shade colour. It comes with full instructions on how to attach it to a wall, plus three wall attachments.

It’s definitely a contemporary lamp that’s likely to become a conversation piece!

Anyone for ice cream? Novel ice cream cone lights

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Novelty ice cream cone design lighting

Celebrate your love of ice cream, with an unusual ice cream cone design light.

The lights are handcrafted from ceramic by designer Alex Garnett and are inspired by good old Mr Whippy ice creams. They’re designed to be used with bayonet style light bulbs and, when the bulbs are fitted, they provide a rather apt extra element to the design.

Would you believe a bulb could help resemble a Mr Whippy so well?

The ice cream cone lights are available in two cone sizes (small or large) and cost from £45 from Let it Reign.

Fresh Design idea: Cork bottle stopper light

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

How to make a bottle light

Forget the old style empty Mateus wine bottles made into lamps (hands up who knows anyone who had one?)….here’s a novel idea for a quick and easy way of transforming glass bottles into  lamps.

There’s no major diy involved with this – all you need to do is buy these cork bottle stopper lights. Charge them up via a USB cable, pop them in your desired bottle and, voila, you have a light!

The lights will last for approximately 2.5 hours, then can simply be recharged again. You can use them with any bottle, from empty wine and spirit bottles, to decorative or coloured glass bottles.

If you’re having a party and want to create atmospheric lighting, these bottle stopper lights would be much safer to use than candles stuck in bottles. If you don’t want them to all run out at the same time, you could stagger turning them on, so the effect lasts longer into the evening.

They’d also be great for using at barbecues on summer evenings, or when having late night drinks outside. The options are endless.

A pack of three rechargeable cork wine bottle stopper lights costs £13 from Hunter Gatherer.


Statement lighting: Dexter 8 cube floor lamp

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Contemporary floor lamp

Isn’t this cube floor lamp stunning? It’s most definitely a statement piece of home lighting.

The design consists of eight cubes stacked and joined together, each with a light in it. It’s sculptural and eye-catching, as well as serving a practical purpose of providing light in a room.

Stacking cube design light

The Dexter lamps are made of steel and glass, and available in either a gunmetal or copper finish.

They look like designer lamps, but are amazingly being sold by Bhs. Top marks to them for fresh and contemporary lighting design!


Light up your home for less: Sale lighting shopping bargains

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Half price lighting

Save money on new lighting for your home, by shopping in the sales.

Whether you’re looking for a new desk light, unusual light, pendant shade or lighting for children’s rooms, we’ve got it covered. Check out these bargain beauties.

Top row:

Star shape light, now £88 from My-Bohemia

Anglepose Type75 mini task lamp, now £59 from John Lewis

Gianna 7 light cluster, now £99 from BhS

Middle row:

Aluminium penguin light sculpture, now £82.50 from Bears in the Wood

Framed wall light and artwork, from A+B Furniture, now £360

Litecraft children’s aeroplane ceiling pendant light, now £31.60 from Debenhams

Bottom row:

Decorative rhino wall light, now £79.20 from I Love Retro

Metal animal ‘night night’ light, now £27 from The Original Metal Box Company

Lana knitted effect pendant, now £25 from BhS

Seeing the light: How to create a contemporary home

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Dan Challinor is director of specialist lighting and audio visual company Electrikery. Here he talks to Sara Walker and shares his tips on how to give your home a contemporary feel, using  clever lighting and audio visual tricks.

Starting from scratch

According to Dan, if you’re starting with a blank canvas then there’s no limit to what you can achieve with your home.

Linear lighting gives a modern edge

“For a really modern look, we like to hide the lighting, unless it’s an architectural light fitting that really forms part of the decor,” he explains. “We use a lot of linear lighting, so the light fittings themselves are hidden, and you just see the glow. The shadow and dark spaces around the lights are just as important in making an impact – if you’re using downlighters, for example, you’ll get a band of light bordered by bands of shadow, which can be made to look very visually impressive.”


If you’re on a lower budget or are having to work within the confines of an existing room, there’s still plenty you can do to give your home a more modern feel.

“Lamps are very accessible and easy,” says Dan. “Our technical director and chief designer, Richard Mather, will often work by hiding any overhead lighting and just using feature lighting to give targeted light.

That means you have a room that feels clean and uncluttered, but you’ve still got light where you need it. In a room such as a sitting room, if you have old-fashioned overhead fittings, you can simply take them out and just use lamps.

Recessed lighting gives a clean feel to a period room.

“Another really easy way to give a room a modern feel is just to change your light bulbs. Since the advent of LED bulbs, there are dozens of shades of white and colours to choose from. Old-style bulbs give off a lot of heat, and the bulbs tend to become scorched as time goes on, so that the light is yellower, giving a cosy old-fashioned feel which won’t suit a modern interior.

Just replacing your bulbs with LED white lights and painting the walls white will completely transform a room, making it feel instantly lighter, brighter and crisper. LED bulbs have been a real innovation – at £5 to £20 each they may seem expensive, but they’ll last on average between two and three thousand hours, which is ideal in the UK when we need our lights on a lot in the winter.”

Audio visual

Once you’ve sorted out your lighting, it’s time to think about continuing the clean, contemporary look with your TV or music system.

“These days, there are three options for wall-mounting speakers – on the wall, in the wall and behind the wall,” explains Dan.

“You can actually position the speaker behind the wall so that it’s completely hidden and plastered over, but it’s best done when the wall is built. You can retro-fit, but it’s a messy job! It also leaves a portion of your wall unusable, as you can’t put in hooks for pictures or anything like that.

“An alternative solution that we’re using more and more is to hide the speaker cover with artwork. We use a great company called Artcoustic, who produce acoustically transparent canvas that comes either ready-printed with a photo, or personalised with your own photo. Artcoustic also provide just the canvas, and we’ve used it to make prints of old movie posters for some customers, to give an authentic cinema feel.

“Another way of hiding a TV is to use an automated mount. There are many different designs, and at the touch of a button you can have a mirror or picture that slides back into a cavity and a TV that slides out. Another great product is called Magic Mirror, special mirrors that actually turn into TVs – the image floats on the mirror itself. Lots of people like to have mirrors over their fireplaces, and often that’s the only place to put the TV, as well, so now you can have both in one.

Magic Mirror in daytime, ‘mirror’ mode…

….and in TV mode.

“If you’re thinking of making any major changes to your home, do get some expert advice – much more is possible than you might think!”

You can find out more about Electrikery by visiting their website,

Light up your home: Funky lighting ideas from Next

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Contemporary modern home lamps

Next has come up trumps with their lighting range this season. They’ve got some very funky contemporary lights suitable for all budgets. Here are some of our favourite picks.

The Smoke crackle table lamp, £32, is a lovely design and the lamp base is very attractive.

The Blake 9 light, £130, is a great contemporary light in designer style.

We love the Stag head light, £25, which will light up your wall in style – it’s not just a lamp, but a nice piece of wall decor too

The Rover dog table lamp, £30, is super cute too and very quirky.

For something a bit different, how about a white lit bay ball, £35. Have it as a faux flower decoration in the day, then turn it on and add a bit of atmosphere to your room.

Also in the Blake range is the Blake 15 light, £200. It’s a striking light to have in the centre of a room – we can see it working well above a dining table, for example.

In terms of standing floor lamps, the Hanbury plum floor lamp, £100, would fit in well with a plum or purple decor scheme.

We can’t resist the bow tie dog table lamp, £45 – very characterful!

Do you have a favourite?

Wow factor desk lamp: The Kartell Taj task lamp

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Best contemporary modern lights

This isn’t any old desk lamp, this is the Kartell Taj task lamp….and what a fab light it is!

The designer piece is more like a contemporary sculpture than a table lamp, with its sleek, smooth, unjointed finish that gently curves up and over. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something different, that will double up as a form of art, to light up your room.

With its LED technology, the lamp provides an ample source of light for use on a desk or side table and it certainly beats the usual style of desk lamps hands down.

The Kartell Taj task lamp is available from John Lewis.

Philips LivingColours Bloom mood light

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Use colour to reflect your mood


What mood are you in today? With this unusual Philips light, you can change your home lighting to reflect whatever mood you happen to be in.

The LivingColours Bloom mood light will bathe your room in the colours of your choice. Whether you want bright and invigorating shades, or soft soothing pastel hues, there’s a colour to suit you.

A simple remote control allows you to select the colour you fancy, then dim or adjust it to the right intensity. Plus, there are settings to save your three favourite colours to memory for quick recall purposes.

If you fancy being illuminated in colour, then John Lewis have the white lamp in stock for £60.

It’s a similar idea to the KOH Concepts lamp that we reviewed recently, but the main difference with the Philips mood light is that you can change the colour as you please, rather than being stuck with just one lighting colour.

What do you think of these colour lamps? Is coloured lighting the way to go, or would you rather just stick to your usual lamp bulb? Do let us know in the comments below.

Up cycled washing machine drum lamp

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Fresh eco design lighting

Fresh design doesn’t have to involve new components. In fact, we’re always on the lookout for funky new designs involving recycling and up cycling.

These lovely drum lamps are a perfect example of this. They’re made by designer Willem Heeffer and have been constructed from old washing machine drums. His goal is to use locally sourced and recycled materials and transform them into products that are totally different from their past.

That’s certainly been achieved with these lamps, which are vastly different from their humble beginnings.

The lamps are available in a variety of powder coated colours, including pink, slate and blue. You can find out more, plus ordering information, on Willem’s website.

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