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Nuts: Novelty squirrel nut grinder and chopper

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Fresh design squirrel nut cracker

This little chappy probably comes under the ‘things you didn’t know you needed’ category of kitchen gadgets. Not just a cute looking fella, this squirrel will chop and grind nuts for you – clever, huh?

Designed for use with pre-shelled nuts, all you need to do to get perfectly chopped nuts with ease is pop in some shelled nuts, tilt back the squirrel’s head and turn his bushy tail.

Fresh design kitchen gadgets

And, voila, the result is perfectly chopped nuts in the jar beneath.

This fun and useful squirrel nut grinder is available from Oliver Bonas, where they’ve chopped a chunk of its price in the sale.

Techno kitchen: iKettle the wifi kettle

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Make hot drinks wirelessly

The humble kitchen kettle has gone all techno, thanks to the introduction of the world’s first wifi kettle.

No longer do you have to wander out to your kitchen to put your kettle on, as you can set it to boil from your smartphone.

If you want to wake up to a fresh brew, then your kettle can act as a wake-up call (like a modern version of the old Teasmaid) and it can even ensure the water temperature is perfect for the drink you require (if you want green tea  at 80 degrees, or coffee at 95 degrees, it’s sorted).

Technological kitchen gadget design

Once boiled, the iKettle will even keep the water warm for you, so you can doze off back to sleep for a while. The only thing it sadly won’t do is fill itself with water or pour out your drinks for you.

Interested? Head over to Firebox, exclusive retailer of the iKettle, where you can currently pre-order it in time for Christmas.

Gourmet Gadgetry fun kitchen cooking gadgets

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Make waffles at homeHow to make cake pops

These days there’s a gadget for almost everything. If you’re keen to get crafty and creative in the kitchen, there are plenty of fun cooking gadgets you can use.

Gourmet Gadgetry produce a range of home gadgets to help you make delicious desserts, savoury foods and sweet treats in minutes. The waffle maker makes one large waffle, or five smaller heart shaped waffles. Try sweet waffles served with chocolate and cream for a dessert, or knock up a round of savoury potato waffles.

The non-stick electronic cake pop gadget makes 12 round cake pops and is great for using with children. But don’t think you’ll just be stuck with making cake in it – it also doubles up as a useful gadget to make other round foods in. Try pizza dough balls and other savoury party nibbles, and it seems better value for money then simply being a cake pop maker.

Both items can be purchased direct from Gourmet Gadgetry, but they’re also on special offer this week from Create and Craft. The waffle maker and cake pop maker are available for £24.99 each, plus you get 500g of luxury fondue and melting chocolate thrown in, so you can get baking and making straight away.

Wesco Spaceboy rocket design bin

Monday, January 21st, 2013
Contemporary design spaceboy rocket bin

Rocket design bin

Why have a boring bin when you could have a rocket shaped bin!

The Wasco Spaceboy XL bin is sleek and silver and has been effectively designed in the shape of a rocket. As well as being an appealing design to look at, it serves well as a practical and functional bin for all your waste disposal needs.

The contemporary kitchen bin opens with a flip top lid, can hold up to 35L of rubbish and is fire resistant.

What’s more, buy it now and you can take advantage of a discount in the January sale at Red Candy.


Amazon Black Friday lightning homeware deals

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Teal cast iron cookwareJoseph Joseph contemporary designer kitchen utensils

Amazon’s infamous Black Friday Deals Week kicked off yesterday, with lots of so-called ‘lightning deals’ launching throughout the day.

Each deal is only available for a limited time and in limited numbers, so you have to be quick. We’re spotted several good homeware deals coming up today, including:

A teal Le Creuset cast iron casserole, starting at 1.30pm.

A four piece stainless steel cookware set, starting at 6pm.

Joseph Joseph colour coded chopping board set, starting at 6pm.

Kitchen Craft non-stick paella pan, starting at 6pm.

Joseph Joseph six piece utensil set, starting at 6pm.

A Tefal Vita compact food processor, starting at 8.15pm.

There are deals running every day this week – with a Kindle Fire offer coming up on Friday – so keep an eye out! And if you’ve snagged a bargain, do let us know!

Nick Munro Domus coffee pot from Occa-Home

Thursday, November 1st, 2012
Designer stainless steel coffee pot

Domus coffee pot by Nick Munro

British designer Nick Munro is renowned for his original and modern designs.

Amongst his many designs are a host of contemporary stainless steel products and the Domus coffee pot is one of these.

The design of this sleek and stylish coffee pot was apparently inspired by an old bicycle pump. There’s not much about it that we particularly liken to a bicycle pump, except perhaps for the coffee plunger element!

Compared to other typical coffee pots, we really like the size and style of the Domus. It’s well made, elegant and has a good sized handle, which makes it easy to pour coffee, plus the coffee plunger slides down with ease.

It’s unusual to come across a coffee pot that is so slimline, yet still provides an ample amount of coffee, as often they can be quite chunky in design. This makes the design particularly ideal if you’ve got limited space for storage in your kitchen as it won’t take up loads of room in a cupboard.

That said, you’re unlikely to want to hide this coffee pot away, as it’s a functional and stylish item and looks lovely displayed out on a work surface or shelf.

The Domus coffee pot is available in two sizes, small and large, with the small one providing 400ml of coffee (14fl oz) and the large 1000ml (35fl oz).

If you’re a fan of coffee, and love modern British design, then it’s a must-have item.

Nick Munro’s Domus coffee pot is available to buy from Occa-Home.

To complete the look, other co-ordinating stainless steel Domus products are available, including a Domus sugar bowl and Domus cream jug, also available from Occa-Home.

(Disclosure: We were sent a Domus coffee pot for review)

Ototo fresh design spaghetti tower

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Fresh design kitchen innovationFresh design kitchen pasta portion measure

Looking for a suitably sized storage jar for spaghetti?

This unusual jar will not only house your spaghetti in style, but also dispense it in different portion sizes too – clever, huh?

The spaghetti tower is designed by Ototo and the decorative cap doubles up as a spaghetti measure. There are four different openings – for one to four portion sizes – which help you measure out the right quantity of pasta you need.

As someone who always finds it hard to judge the right amount, this is definitely a useful innovation to have – especially when it’s built in to a storage jar and doesn’t involve needing another kitchen gadget.

The spaghetti tower storage jar and measurer is available from Mocha, for just £12.99.

Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer on sale at Selfridges

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Reduced price designer Kitchen Aid mixerContemporary design kitchen gadget by Kitchen Aid Contemporary designer Kitchen Aid kitchen gadget

It’s no secret that we’re constantly lusting after a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer!

It’s a brilliant and powerful kitchen machine, hands free mixing is so convenient and the style and design of the mixer is very appealing.

Sadly this kitchen essential doesn’t come cheap – it’s definitely an investment piece – so we’re always on the lookout for special offers. Luck is on our side this week, as Selfridges have a whole host of Kitchen Aid Artisan mixers in their summer sale!

There’s a rainbow of colours available, including electric blue, blue willow, silver cocoa, ice blue, tangerine orange, majestic yellow, cranberry pink and boysenberry purple.

Originally priced up to £449, the Kitchen Aid mixers are in the sale from £379 to £399.

Fab Friday Bargain: Brita Marella water filter jug

Friday, April 27th, 2012
Drink better water at home with a water filter

Blue Brita water filter jug

Drink better tasting water at home by investing in a water filter jug.

The Brita Marella XL water filter jug is a good buy normally for anyone wanting to drink purer water, but it’s even better now, as it’s reduced by 50%.

The filter technology helps provide cleaner, clearer and better tasting water and the jug has a 3.5L capacity, which is larger than some other water filter jugs.

The addition of a clever electronic memo on the jug will ensure that you’ll never forget to replace your water filter cartridge.

To take advantage of this fab Friday bargain, head over to Heal’s, where the Brita Marella filter jug is now only £14.

Special Offer: Sense touch-free bin

Monday, August 15th, 2011
Modern technological kitchen bin in yellow

Techno bin

The Sense bin is no ordinary kitchen bin.

This clever bin makes full use of infra-red technology, so it can sense when you’re approaching it (hence its name) and the lid automatically lifts for waste disposal. All you have to do is hover your hand within 10cm of the lid and, voila, it will be ready and waiting for your rubbish.

The 50L slim line hardwearing bin is perfect for use in a kitchen. It’s made from non-corrosive iron and finished in a smooth and glossy powder coating. We particularly love the striking colour of the glossy yellow, but it’s also available in turqouise blue, black or stainless steel.

The usual high street price for the Sense bin is £110. However, for the next five days you can take advantage of a special offer at and buy the bin for only £49.

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