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Samsung G-Series three door black fridge

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Modern and contemporary fridge freezer

If it’s functional storage space you’re after, plus excellent chilling capabilities, then the Samsung G-Series fridge freezers are definitely worth a look.

These modern and contemporary kitchen appliances are built to provide the ultimate in function. There’s plenty of space inside the fridge for all your kitchen essentials, shelves that can be pulled up or altered to store larger items and flexibility on storage cooling temperatures.

The Samsung RFG23UEBP1 three door refridgerator is very similar in design and function to the RFG23DERS that we reviewed and tested previously, except this one is in a rather stunning black finish.

The fridge is on top, with a large deep double-layer pull out freezer draw below. At this time of  year, the ability to have chilled water on tap, plus cubed or crushed ice is second to none and a feature that is definitely worth investing in.

You do need a fair bit of space in your kitchen or utility room to fit in a fridge like this, but for function, ease of use and reliability, it’s a compromise worth making.

Contemporary modern kitchen appliances

Quirky storage idea: Koziol Edward scissors holder

Monday, August 19th, 2013


Contemporary scissor holderQuirky fresh design desk accessories

Where do you normally store scissors in your kitchen or study? Ours are normally in a drawer, canister or cupboard, but here’s a novel new idea for livening up scissor storage.

Koziol’s Edward is an unusual contemporary scissors holder. Stand him on your kitchen worktop or desk and let him hold the weight of your scissors. You’ll ensure you always have scissors to hand when you need them and get a quirky accessory to boot.

Edward, who’s rather alien-like in character, is made from sturdy red plastic and comes equipped with a pair of scissors. He’s £13 from John Lewis.

Essential kitchen electricals: Lively Kalorik kettle and toaster

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Funky design stripe kettleFunky kitchen appliances

First thing in the morning when we’re brewing that essential cup of strong coffee, we’re sure the sight of a lively kettle would help us feel perkier! Add to that an equally lively toaster design, and it could make for a great start to the day.

If you’re fed up with plain and boring kitchen appliances, then these two beauties are currently on offer and well priced. The Kalorik blue and white stripy kettle is normally only £35, but is currently reduced to just £25.

The matching Kalorik toaster, with its blue and white striped end panels, is also now just £25 which, for a four slice toaster with a funky design, seems pretty reasonable to use

Both the Kalorik kettle and toaster are available from Very.


Dualit Architect toaster with changeable colour panels

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013
Contemporary Dualit Architect toaster colour

Colour changing toaster

Who’d have thought of designing a toaster where you can change the colour of its panel?

Well, Dualit did!

The Architect two slice toaster has all the toasting abilities you’d expect, plus the addition of side panels that can be removed to change the colour of your toaster.

It’s a novel idea and great if you can’t make up your mind which colour toaster to buy, or change your kitchen decor and want your toaster to match it again.

In practice, we’re not sure how often we’d get round to changing the colour panels, but it’s a creative design nonetheless.

The toaster itself costs £69.95 and toaster colour panels cost £15 per pair. Panels are available from Selfridges in apple candy, azure blue, citrus, canvas white and chilli pink, but Dualit do make additional colours too.

Currently the panels are sold in matching pairs, but we think mixed colour selections would be good.

What do you think? Would you buy a toaster that you can colour change to match your kitchen?


Fab Friday Bargain: Morphy Richards slow cooker

Friday, October 19th, 2012
Winter one pot meal ideas

Get cooking with a slow cooker

It’s a dull, dreary and wet day here today, so we’ve dug out the slow cooker and it’s happily cooking a hearty stew for later.

Slow cookers are brilliant for cooking all sorts of warming winter dishes (and for using all year round, of course) and are ideal when you want to leave a one pot meal to cook slowly during the day and be ready in the evening.

This Morphy Richards 3.5L slow cooker is a fab Friday bargain, as it’s currently got £10 off its usual price. We love the cheery bright red colour which will definitely make you feel better on even the darkest of days, plus it’s got plenty of room inside to cook a big batch of something delicious!

The red oval slow cooker is available from Debenhams.

Dualit Vario two slice toaster in orange

Monday, July 23rd, 2012
Pantone tangerine tango 2012 orange year

Orange toaster

The year 2012 may mean the Olympics and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to some, but for others it’s the year of celebrating the joy of orange, or Pantone’s Tangerine Tango.

We’ve already brought you a selection of products for your home that embrace the uplifting shade of orange, but here’s another beauty to add to your wish list.

Dualit do a great range of toasters and are renowned for having them available in funky colours. Now there’s even a bright orange toaster available that will surely help lift your spirits in the morning.

Available exclusively from Selfridges, the two slice Vario toaster has all the mod-cons you expect from Dualit, including a defrost setting and buns and bagel toasting ability. Bring on the toast!

Plum Prestige Synergy toaster half price

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
Plum purple kitchen electrical appliances

Compact plum toaster

This compact Prestige Synergy two slice toaster not only looks gorgeous in plum, but it’s also a bit of a bargain (and we love a good money-saving buy!).

The toaster has non-slip feet, so it should remain stable on your worktop at all times.

Amongst the features, this electrical kitchen appliance benefits from a removable crumb tray, an illuminated defrost and reheat button, a mid-cycle cancel button and a six position electronic variable browning control.

The plum Prestige Synergy toaster is currently half price in the sale at Heal’s, so grab one before they go!

Heal’s have an Up to 50% Less Home Event running until 29th April, with lots of other bargainous home and furniture deals available.

Electrical Home Appliances We Use Every Day

Saturday, April 14th, 2012
Contemporary home kitchen appliances

Contemporary household appliances

Our daily lives have all been made much easier by household appliances. Whether it’s with cooking, cleaning or general maintenance, without them, we wouldn’t be entirely sure what to do.

Despite their amazing functionality, there comes a time when you want to upgrade to something better or buy something else as a replacement, although cost can be prohibitive. Fortunately, by visiting a site like, you can get the appliance you want without having to break the bank.

Some appliances are used more often than others, but are no less useful. One appliance that falls firmly into that category is the tumble dryer.

Although clothes can be dried naturally on an airer or washing line outdoors, they can be unreliable, and for someone with a busy lifestyle, a period of four or five days is far too long to wait for their clothes to dry completely.

If you’re really stretched for time, you can transfer your clothes straight from your washing machine to the dryer, and they’ll do the job in less than half an hour. If you leave them for a couple of days, a full load can by dry and warm in around ten minutes.

Washing Machines are perhaps more important, as using one is the best way to clean your clothes thoroughly and quickly, but they’re never taken for granted by those who own them.

An appliance that’s often taken for granted is the fridge freezer, but most people dread to think how they would survive without one. When it comes to preserving food, they do it like nothing else, and being able to grab something straight from there when you get home from work is incredibly convenient.

Fridge freezers are perhaps the only 24/7 appliance in existence, as they’re constantly keeping your food and drink fresh and cold.

***This post is in association with Appliances Direct***

Next cream food processor: under £50

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
Affordable food processor

Cream food processor

One of the kitchen appliances I’ve never owned is a food processor.

Every now and again – and usually prompted by a recipe that only gives instructions for making it with a food processor – I think about buying one, but am usually put off by the price and the worry that it won’t get used enough to justify paying that much for it.

But having come across this cream food processor at Next, which seems remarkably well priced and has some good reviews, I’m tempted.

It looks a reasonable size (three litre bowl), but still compact enough to not take up masses of room in a cupboard, and it’s a nice design.

The cream food processor is £45 from Next.

Do you have a food processor and, if so, do you use it a lot? I’d love to hear your food processor recommendations!

Next red and white spot kettle and toaster

Thursday, January 26th, 2012
Fresh design modern kitchen appliances

Liven up your kitchen appliances

The new range of kitchen appliances at Next includes some lively options, like this red and white spot kettle and toaster.

The kettle is a lovely pyramid shape, with a cordless base and a capacity of 1.8 litres.

The two slice toaster coordinates perfectly, with a matching red and white spot design.

Both items are in stock at Next, with the pyramid kettle priced at £32 and the toaster at £22.

There are other similar small kitchen appliances available, including a range with a cream heart design, more spotty pieces and lots of vibrant colours.

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