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Nest Steam three piece pod steaming set from Joseph Joseph

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Nest Steam three piece steaming pod system - functional, compact and a great design

Newly released by household product specialists, Joseph Joseph, is this rather nifty Nest Steam three piece steaming pod set. It immediately caught our eye as it’s cleverly designed, functional and brilliantly easy to store.

Our current steamer is a big three piece affair, with a standard pan at at the base and two steamer sections that sit on top. It works well, but it does take up a fair bit of space in the cupboard.

The design of the Nest Steam is different in that it’s made up of three separate pods. You can use all three at once, add them one at a time at different intervals for vegetables that need different steaming times, or simply use just one of them.

Super nifty Nest Steam three piece steaming pod set by Joseph Joseph

The pods clip safely over the side of a pan (minimum size pan to use all three pods with is 18cm / 7 inches) and have non-slip silicone handles and pan rests.

It’s an ideal system if you want to cook several different types of vegetables at once, or small portions. The pods fit together comfortably in a pan and there’s till room to pop a lid on.

And when it comes to putting it away in a cupboard, it’s super compact and easy to store, as the three pods nest together in one. It can even be stored in a drawer, rather than a cupboard.

Super nifty Nest Steam three piece steaming pod set by Joseph Joseph

Voila, see why we like it?

The Nest Steam steaming pod set is available to buy direct from Joseph Joseph for £15.

Or you can get it from a variety of other retailers, including Debenhams (where you can currently get 10% off), House of Fraser (where it’s currently on offer with £3 off the price) or Lakeland.

What do you think – would this be the type of kitchen product you’d use?

Precision cutting with Edge of Belgravia Professional knife set

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

If you’re serious about cooking and food preparation, or want to be, then professional knives will help you achieve your goals.

The Precision range of knives by Edge of Belgravia have got professional design, style and function down to a tee and their new set of knives help add to their collection to provide cutting implements for every need.

We featured the first set of Precision knives last year, along with the rather funky Black Diamond knife block that goes with them.

Unusual black diamond geometric knife block

The new extension set is the perfect accompaniment to both these products, as it extends what you can do with the knives, yet still provides plenty of space in the block to store them.

The Professional Four Piece knife set allows you to fillet, bone, dice, slice, chop and mince to your heart’s content and there’s a good mix of knives for everyday use, and special tasks.

Professional ceramic knives for the discerning chef - from Edge of Belgravia.

For discerning chefs, there’s an extra large knife for chopping and dicing. If it’s slicing you want to do, then there’s a special slicing knife included – it’s designed with unusual recesses on the blade, so you can very finely slice meat, fish or other foods – no more chunky slabs here!

The large bread knife is a great addition for everyday use and is a good example of a knife that’s essential to have in a kitchen. But for a more specialised task, the fourth item is a new knife designed especially for filleting and boning fish. Whether that’s something you’re already a dab hand at, or are curious to try, it’s a useful addition to your kitchen equipment.

The knives are all very well made and meet the usual discerning standard set by Edge of Belgravia. The handles are comfortable to hold – an aspect that’s essential in a knife, especially where sharp blades are concerned – and the all-over black finish looks sleek and contemporary. The blades themselves are made with coated stainless steel, then finished off with a non-stick blade coating to give them their unique look.

Cook like a pro, with precision professional knives from Edge of Belgravia

The knives are a good addition to any existing collection of Precision kitchen knives, but are equally useful as a standalone set. They come in a sturdy box which you can always use to store them in if you wish (for example, if you want to keep speciality or sharp knives away from tiny hands), but it’s good that there’s space available in the Black Diamond knife block, if you want to add to an existing set.

The Professional Four Piece Knife Set retails for £79.90 and is available to buy direct from Edge of Belgravia.

(Disclosure: We were sent the knives to review, but all views and opinions are our own) 


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Fresh Design finds: Contented cat cookie jar

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

Oh my, this is purr-fect! A gorgeously created large cat design cookie jar.

Can’t get enough of cats? Or wish you had one, but can’t have one in your current home? Why not offer a home to this gorgeous large feline jar instead!

The contented cat is made from stoneware and is designed to be a cookie jar. It’s a good size and will look elegant displayed on your kitchen worktop.

The cat lives up to its name of looking contented. His eyes look open and alert and there’s a definite smile going on! Although it’s designed as a biscuit jar, you could easily use it for other storage purposes, or just as a decorative accessory.

You’ll find the contented cat jar available at Anthropologie.

Joseph Joseph kitchen accessories from House of Fraser

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Review by Fresh Design Blog of Joseph Joseph kitchen accessories

When it comes to kitchen accessories, there are some things that are inherently useful and give you many years of practical use, and others that are flash in the pan ideas that soon lose their appeal and end up sitting idly in the drawer or cupboard.

Sitting firmly in the years of practical use category are many of the kitchen accessories by Joseph Joseph. We’ve previously reviewed their Nest baking accessories, which are a great design and come in handy for so many cooking and baking needs.

Now we’re looking at a few more of their products, this time the Slice and Sharpen chopping board, the Flavour Bud and the M-Cuisine Cool Touch Microwave Dish.

What an excellent idea! A chopping board with a knife sharpener built in. Another good product idea from Joseph Joseph

There’s nothing worse than needing to chop something in the kitchen and discovering your knife just isn’t sharp enough any more. The Slice and Sharpen  chopping board is a great invention, as it’s got a very useful knife sharpener built into the side of the board.

The board itself is a non-slip design – which is pretty essential, given that there’s a sharpener integrated into it. The sharpener is made from ceramic and will be compatible with most stainless steel knives.

It’s a very clever idea and definitely something we can imagine using again and again.

This flavour bud is a useful way to 'inject' meat, fish or vegetables with a tasty marinade.

The Flavour Bud is a nifty little gadget to use for marinading.

The metal nozzle – which is quite sharp – is simply dipped into your marinade, whilst you squeeze the plastic bulb. The bulb fills up with marinade and then the stainless steel nozzle can be placed into the food you want to marinade.

It’s quick, easy and a good way to get full flavour to the heart of the dishes you’re cooking. The nozzle is easily removed for washing, plus it can be stored inside the bulb when it’s not in use.

A clever dish that you can take straight out of the microwave and hold easily in your hands without it being hot.

Having recently attempted to take something out of the microwave without oven gloves, and subsequently dropping it as it turned out to be hotter than expected, the M-Cuisine dish is a pleasing discovery.

The microwave dish is designed with a double wall, so that you can safely handle it straight from the microwave. The second outer wall of the dish is cool to the touch, so there’s no issues with it being too hot to handle. It’s well robust, well made and, as with all Joseph Joseph products, perfect for a contemporary home.

All three of these products, and many more in the Joseph Joseph range, are available to purchase at House of Fraser. There’s currently up to 50% off kitchen accessories, homeware and more in their sale.

(Disclosure: We were sent these products to review, but all views and opinions are our own) 


Wash and clean in style: Swedish designer dishcloths

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Admittedly it might not seem like the most exciting product to buy, but dishcloths are a kitchen essential for washing up and cleaning.

One of our past posts highlighted a cute chick designer dishcloth, but as it’s no longer sold by the retailer in question, we thought we’d bring you some alternative options.

What’s special about a Swedish dishcloth?

Forget traditional British dishcloths – the Swedish style is both incredibly stylish and highly practical.

No more boring squares of cloth, the good old Scandi style cloths feature distinctive and printed designs in a rainbow of colours, that will brighten up your kitchen and make you smile.

What’s more, they’re eco-friendly and made to feel much more like a sponge than a cloth. They’re super absorbent, can be reused and washed hundreds of times and are effective for cleaning a multitude of surfaces, including tiles, stainless steels, granite and glass.

Where to buy Swedish designer dishcloths

Love these colourful designer Swedish dishcloths. Fab designs and colours.

These lovely dishcloths – the blue bird, pink doodle, red heart, black dogs, turquoise star and blue fish – are all available from Sapphire Style. They’re only £3 each.

These Swedish style dish clothes are eco-friendly, super absorbent and gorgeously designed.

Jangneus specialise in authentic Swedish cloths that are designed in Sweden and individually screen printed in the Cotswolds. They’ve got some colourful and stylish designs.

You can buy packs of three via their store on Not On The High Street – three gift wrapped dish cloths costs £8.50. They come in colour choices such as turquoise, yellow, purple and green.

Other matching products are available too, including tea towels and trays.

Treat yourself to a dishcloth subscription

Great idea if you love Swedish designer dishcloths - get one in the post every month, with this subscription box idea.

Can’t get enough of designer dishcloths? Or need an extra incentive to tackle your cleaning? Jangneus also run a dishcloth subscription service, whereby you receive a new dishcloth in the post each month.

Jangenus Swedish Scandi designer dishclothes. Love this subscription box idea, where you get a new shiny design in the post each month.

There are various options you can choose from, including having cloths of a certain colour each month (red, blue, green, turquoise, purple or black and white), or a mixed selection of colours. It’s also a nice idea for that hard-to-buy-for recipient.

Fresh Design finds: Quirky kitchen accessories from Anthropologie

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

I love a good mooch around Anthropologie. It’s always a good place to find something a bit quirky and unusual, like these kitchen accessories.

Honey bee trivet

Wow, love this! Gorgeous brass honey bee and honeycomb kitchen trivet. Looks too good to put hot pans on.

What a gorgeous trivet! I love the honeycomb design of this, with a little bee added for detail at the top. It’s made of brass and, to be honest, looks a bit too good to cover with a hot pan.

Cluck & Coo cutting boards

Cute chicken (cluck) and dove (coo) shaped wood and marble cutting boards

Sadly these two fab cutting boards don’t come as a set – it’s an either or choice, but they’re both rather fun. One’s in the shape of a chicken (cluck) and the other is a dove (coo). They’re made from a mix of acacia wood and marble.

Dolci storage jar

Posh biscuit jar! Ornate Dolci biscuit and sweet storage container from Italy

This is a rather ornate earthenware storage jar, with an olive wood lid, from Italy. Ideal for storing biscotti or other sweet treats.

Russet measuring cups

Copper colour kitchen cooking and baking measuring cups

This set of kitchen measuring cups look like they’re made of copper, but they’re actually made of a coated stainless steel. They’re a lovely colour, plus useful too.

Cat’s meow bottle opener

Aww! Cute cat shaped brass bottle opener - a must-have!

And finally, who could resist a cute cat shaped brass bottle opener? Every kitchen drawer needs one, of course!

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