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Industrial style multi drawer storage chest

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
Industrial trend home accessories

Multi coloured storage chest

Embracing the style of the industrial trend, here’s a great metal storage chest that can be used on a desk or in a craft room.

Its nine drawers are the perfect size for storing away office essentials, such as rubber bands or paperclips, or craft items such as threads, safety pins, buttons or brads.

The chest is slim enough to fit on a shelf or perched on a desk and the bright design provides a nice splash of colour.

The multi nine drawer storage chest costs £50 from John Lewis.

If you like the style and look of this piece, then a matching four drawer metal chest is available too.

Eiffel Tower letter holder from Graham and Green

Thursday, May 19th, 2011
French Paris Eiffel tower home desk accessories

Get the Eiffel Tower on your desk

If the thought of going to Paris makes your heart beat faster, then how about popping this beauty on your desk?

Designed to serve a practical purpose – holding and storing letters and correspondence – as well as being naturally eye-catching and decorative, this Eiffel Tower letter holder would glam up a boring desk at home or work.

The Eiffel Tower letter rack costs £28 from Graham and Green.

The over-sized pencil sharpener desk tidy / pen pot, shown alongside it in the picture, is still available too, for £18.

White cardboard desk from Ecocentric

Thursday, March 10th, 2011
Paperweight desk by Cardboard Future

Desk made from cardboard!

Doesn’t this look like a great desk? Can you believe that it’s actually made from cardboard?

Designed by Cardboard Future - a company specialising in making contemporary and practical pieces of furniture from corrugated cardboard – the Paperweight desk combines clean lines and clever, sustainable design with practical functionality.

The desk is made from extra strong, Grade A white double walled corrugated cardboard, which has been varnished and had edge protectors added. The desk is fully able to cope with the demands of modern life and has been fitted with an integral deep cable management tray, twin flaps for easy cable access and cable outlet slots.

The legs can be postioned as shown in the picture, or at the ends of the desk. The paperweight desk is supplied partly assembled, with full instructions for putting the rest of it together.

It’s a very clever concept and the white colour fits seamlessly into a home or office environment.

The Paperweight white cardboard desk is available to buy from Ecocentric and costs £155.22.

Funky office desk accessories from Colloco Homeware

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Funky horse memo note holderComputer disc sticky memo notes

We’re rather partial to an occasional quirky accessory to add to our desk (like the nesting bird paperclip holder or pencil sharpener desk tidy), so couldn’t resist either of these quirky items from Colloco.

First, there’s Morris the horse, who acts as a handy memo holder. There’s a slot in his back to hold pieces of paper (he comes with a stack supplied), but he can also display a note for you in his mouth – just squeeze his ‘ears’ together, and his mouth will open.

Morris has been nicely designed and offers a fun way of adding a practical memo pad to your desk and, when you’re not using his mouth to hold a note, it can double up as a pen holder. Morris the horse memo holder costs £10.95.

The floppy disc sticky notes also caught our eye. The notepad is modelled on the look and style of the now retro 3.5″ computer discs that we all used so much in the 80s and 90s and is very realistically produced.

There are 50 sticky sheets of floppy disk paper per pad and you get a set of three pads for £7.50.

Both of these fun and quirky office desk accessories are available to purchase from Colloco Homeware and Gifts.

Desk daisy magnetic paperclip holder

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Flower pot paperclip magnetic desk tidyPractical and fun daisy desk paperclip storage organiser

We can’t resist the occasional fun office desk accessory and have featured a couple of paperclip holders before. But now there’s another one to add to our favourites, in the form of this desk daisy paperclip holder.

Designed to look like a small flowerpot of flowering plants, this fun and creative desk accessory comes with a set of 30 petal shaped paperclips in pink, yellow and orange. The yellow centre of the flowers is magnetic and you can arrange the ‘petals’ as you choose, to form large blooms or half flowers, so when you want a paperclip, you can reach out and pick a petal!

The desk daisy magnetic paperclip holder is £12 from Urban Outfitters.

Pencil sharpener desk tidy from Graham and Green

Friday, October 15th, 2010
Home or office desk tidy

Oversized desk tidy

If you’re looking for a fun way to store your pens and other essental desk paraphenalia, then how about this oversized pencil sharpener desk tidy?

Highly appropriate for the job, it’s a class apart from some of the usual plain and boring desk tidies seen graxing many an office desk. Use it at home or take it in to work.

The pencil sharpener desk tidy is available from Graham and Green.

Don’t Stop Believing Print

Thursday, September 16th, 2010
Think positively and gain motivation

Motivational print

Everyone needs an bit of extra motivation or encouragement sometimes. This bright and cheery sunny yellow print is perfect for those dull days when you’re feeling sluggish, uninspired and in need of a boost.

Carrying the message, “Don’t stop believing,” you could hang it in view of your desk at work, in your hallway or kitchen – anywhere that you’ll get to see it when you need it most.

There are other colours available too, but the yellow is a great impact colour and, with its cheery disposition, it shouldn’t fail to lift your spirits.

The Don’t Stop Believing print is sold by Peters and Janes for £25.

The return of the nesting bird paperclip holder

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
Create a nest out of paperclips

Build a paperclip nest

We love it when we find items we’ve previously featured reduced to super fabby prices.

Remember the nesting bird paperclip holder?

This quirky little piece, which would look great on a desk, was reduced by Objects of Design from its original price of £32.50, to £24.50, before being dropped a further 50% down to £12.25.

We couldn’t possibly resist that, so a white nesting bird is now winging its way towards our desk.

Get yours before they all fly away!

Clever ceramic notepad

Monday, January 11th, 2010
Eco-friendly notepad

Eco-friendly notepad

Never worry about running out of paper again, with this ceramic, re-usable notepad.

This eco-friendly item is designed to look just like a notepad, but is made of ceramic. It comes with a wipeable pencil, which is tucked in the slot at the top, and you can write your shopping lists or notes on it.

The pad measures 20cm by 14cm and can easily be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. As well as the pencil that comes with it, you can use china markers or dry wipe pens safely on the ceramic surface.

If you’d like to go for this paperless option, then find it at Soulful Toaster for £12.

Rodrigo Torres paperclip and pen holder

Monday, November 2nd, 2009
Chip the paperclip holder

Chip the paperclip holder

It’s not long since we featured the nesting bird paperclip holder, but already we’ve found something similiar that equally deserves a mention.

Designed by Rodrigo Torres, this polished stainless silver bird – called Chip – is also magnetic and is the ideal storage facility for paperclips, but it’s got the added bonus of offering somewhere for you to rest your pen too.

The little open eye socket area is the perfect place for your favourite pen. Use those moments of procrastination at your desk to decorate the polished silver bird with an array of paperclips!

The Rodrigo Torres Chip magnetic paperclip holder is £28 from Utility.

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