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Get organised: 2014 calendars for home or work

Monday, January 6th, 2014

If you’re anything like us and feel like the new year has arrived quicker than we’d expected, perhaps you’re not entirely organised yet either. If you’re still in need of a 2014 calendar, here are some lovely options available. The bonus for being somewhat disorganised is that you may even manage to snag a bargain too!

Bubble wrap calendar

2014 contemporary home calendar  2014 designer calendar

We love bubble wrap! It’s so satisfying popping the bubbles. Now you can pop a bubble everyday, with the rather novel bubble wrap calendar.

It’s a brilliant idea! There’s 20% off and it’s available from Incognito.

Tree calendar

Designer calendar by Gail Kelly  Contemporary home calendar

Designer Gail Kelly’s 2014 calendar features 12 black and white tree linocut designs, originally hand printed on Irish linen.  An array of native trees are covered, each depicted with some fascinating facts, so you can learn something new each month.

Linocut tree prints

The calendar is £8 from Gail Kelly Designs.

Rob Ryan calendar

British designer Rob Ryan calendar  12 special designs by Rob Ryan

The 2014 calendar by designer Rob Ryan features 12 intricate and characteristic designs from this much loved artist. It’s  £5.02 from his Mister Rob store on Etsy.

Typographic calendar

Typographic lovers design calendar

The typographic wall calendar by Rosie Robins is available in a choice of three designs – the original typographic option, one aimed at typographic food lovers or the typographic garden lover’s calendar. All three are nicely produced and currently have 20% off.

Liven up your desk with holiday and travel themed desk accessories

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Amusing desk accessories

When everyone else seems to be on holiday and you’re stuck inside at work, why not liven up your day by investing in a few fun desk accessories that evoke memories of holiday and travel?

They may not totally make up for a relaxing holiday, but might just help brighten your day and make the time go by a little bit quicker.

We love the range of home office accessories available at Mocha and these four items remind us of different types of holidays.

If you love trees, woods and forests, then the woods keyboard notes bring a bit of greenery onto your desk. In two shades of green and shaped like trees, the memo notes can be propped up along the top of your keyboard to create your very own foliage display.

Wishing you could be whisked off to exotic climes and enjoy a camel ride? We can’t quite provide that for your desk, but Lenny the camel does do a brilliant job as a desk assistant. He’ll hold your pen in his mouth so you don’t lose it and comes equipped with 140 paper memos on his back for all your essential notes.

If you’re dreaming of beach holidays and fish and chips by the coast, then these fun sardine paper clips evoke memories of the sea, whilst keeping your paperwork tidy. They even come in their own realistic sardine tin.

Or if you’re more of a fan of city breaks and skyscrapers, why not get creative and use the novelty staple city to dock your stapler and create your own city landscape. It will help keep all your stapling supplies together and organised, whilst providing a novel addition to your desk.


Funky Union Jack telephone

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Funky contemporary Union Jack telephone

Unleash your sense of Britishness, with this lively Union Jack design telephone!

The traditionally styled push button telephone has been given a contemporary uplift with the easily distinguishable red, white and blue flag design. It’s certainly not a phone you’ll easily lose.

The colourful Union Jack phone is available from Very.

Maybe her Majesty uses one of these?!

Quirky desk accessory: Bunny scissors and paperclip holder

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
How to organise your desk

Desktop organiser

We’re rather partial to having the odd quirky accessory on your desk, both to help amuse and aid in desk tidying missions.

Our latest discovery is this carrot clutching bunny rabbit. The ears of the rabbit can be pulled up to reveal a useful pair of scissors, and the carrot is equipped with a magnetic top, so you can store and organise a few paperclips on it.

It ticks our boxes for novelty factor and will liven up our working day.

The desktop bunny scissors and paperclip holder is £20 from House Interiors & Gifts.

Fab Friday Bargain: Anglepoise type 75 mini task lamps in fresh funky colours

Friday, January 4th, 2013

 Anglepoise desk lamps in fresh design contemporary colours
Ah, the anglepoise lamp – a lighting design classic that’s still as fresh and functional today as it ever was.

The Type 75 mini task lamp is designed by Kenneth Grange and is the perfect size to use as a desk or table lamp. The lamp has a solid base and can easily be angled and moved to the position you want.

We particularly love the lamp in these colours – deep purple, powder blue and forest green – and they’re all available on a special buy price at John Lewis, of £68.

Jonathan Adler menagerie giant erasers

Saturday, November 24th, 2012
Designer Jonathan Adler elephant whale turtle

A menagerie for your desk

What a brilliant idea!

Jonathan Adler’s wonderful menagerie range have been transformed into giant erasers.

So if you can’t afford the original china versions, perhaps you could run to buying one (or two) of these!

Choose from the elephant, whale or turtle giant eraser, £12 each from Heal’s.

They’re definitely too nice to do any rubbing out with though – we’re keeping them as desk ornaments!

Setting Up an Office Space at Home

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Neville Johnson fitted home office furniture

More and more people are choosing to work from home and create a functional home office space. Whether you’re keen to beat the commute, start your own business venture or a tired of working in a busy office, working from home can be hugely exciting and rewarding.

Here are some practical issues to consider when you’re setting up an office space from the comfort of your own home.

The first thing on your long list of tasks to do should be to create a space conducive to productivity. Sitting at the kitchen table may be easy, but it’s not ideal for your back and you may find the fridge and the kettle too much of a distraction.

Nor should you consider the living room a good place to set up your office. In order to work successfully from home and get the most out of your time you need to set aside a space that is just for work, where you can close the door, physically and mentally.

Look around your home and consider areas where there is less noise and fewer distractions. You’ll need plenty of plug sockets and good lighting. A dedicated corner of a spare bedroom is a possibility for those who are space-poor but a whole room that you can turn into an office is an even better option if you have a bigger house.

Modern compact=

Workspace is the next big consideration. A large desk unit with drawers can minimise the amount of space you need, especially if it comes with drawers large enough for files so that you don’t need a separate filing cabinet.

Larger spaces can be fitted with a U-shaped workspace, giving you three worktops all within reach and if your space is slightly smaller or in a corner L-shaped workspaces work well. Have a quick look online and you’ll find a range of home office furniture that is both practical and affordable, with plenty of options to make your workspace more productive.

Remember that when you’re just starting off you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money, but at the same time it’s worth spending as much as you can afford it order to get furniture that is comfortable to work at and will last you a few years.  And whatever you do, don’t skimp on your office chair.

You’ll be spending a minimum of 8 hours a day sitting in it and probably a lot more as you get your business off the ground so it’s essential that you get a chair that offers plenty of ergonomic support for your neck and back.

Best of luck with working from home!

***This is a guest post***

Steuart Padwick Stroller desk in spring green

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
Award winning stroller desk furniture design

Stroller desk

Looking for a new desk? The clean lines and fresh green colour of this Stroller desk help give it a spring-like appeal and it’s currently available at a superb price.

The stroller desk is designed by award-winning furniture designer Steuart Padwick and it’s a sophisticated piece of furniture. The desk is made from solid oak with engineered wood and oak veneer and it’s finished in a fresh green and clear lacquer.

The desk offers ample space, plus has two roomy drawers and a storage compartment. In fact, it’s got a multi-functional ability to it, as the central storage compartment opens up to reveal a mirror, so you could use the Stroller as a contemporary style dressing table instead of a desk!

Contemporary home dressing table

The desk becomes a dressing table!

The green stroller desk is usually priced at £1495 on the high street, but if you buy it now at it will only cost you £299.

If the green isn’t for you, the same desk is also available in white or walnut.

Fair Trade paperclip letter rack

Monday, March 5th, 2012
Fair trade home products

Paperclip letter rack

Not only is this a fun design, but it’s also a great way to help get your post organised and keep things neat and tidy on your desk.

The paperclip design letter rack is made from three oversized, chrome-plated paper clips. It’s a fair trade product and is made in a workshop in Northern India.

The paperclip letter rack is only £8, with free p&p, from Created Gifts.

Contemporary Reborn loft desk

Thursday, November 10th, 2011
Reborn furniture wooden desk

Colourful desk

We’re loving the Reborn range at John Lewis, particularly due to the uplifting colours and designs used. One of the pieces of furniture that really stands out is this Reborn loft desk.

The contemporary style desk is made from solid oak and oak veneers.

Its sleek and uncluttered look is accompanied by the brightly coloured compartments which add life and zing to it.

The Reborn loft desk costs £225.

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