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Winter Warmer – How Stoves Create the Perfect Ambiance

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Modern and contemporary home stoves

‘The weather outside is frightful…’

This is definitely ringing true as the coats, scarves and gloves have escaped the dusty under stairs closet and are being brushed off ready to brave the external chill. Fortunately, the comfort of your home should invite cosy slippers and hot mugs of cocoa rather than the bitter air, but somehow, the presence of a simple radiator doesn’t create the atmosphere that is so often seen on Christmas cards.

Stoves are perfect for any type of décor or fire surround and offer a focal point of the room that many other types of fireplaces don’t. Easy to maintain, light and clean, there are many advantages to choosing this type of fireplace and not just for the gorgeous glow they give out on a cold, winter’s eve.

‘But the fire is so delightful…’

Winter home heating ideas

Stoves and open fires are the perfect accompaniment to any home. With a roaring fire visible to all, there is no better way to make a feature of a room and there are so many different styles to suit your property, from traditional black iron fronts with brass handles to retro fronted stoves which would look perfect in a city home.

If you’ve never before considered an open stove, then now is the perfect time to look. With so many suppliers, they’ll be able to help you choose what size, style and colour would be most appropriate so you won’t be left on your own to decide.

Furthermore, the amount of choice available these days makes this home necessity suitable for any property and any room. By choosing the right supplier, you can find a stove that represents your style, needs and of course budget!

‘So, if you’ve got no place to go…’

Best contemporary stove fireplaces

Why spend money on expensive meals out? The affects that a stove can create make it perfect for a romantic night in with a home-cooked dinner and a bottle of wine, or for creating a welcoming atmosphere when entertaining guests.

Although popular among many homes, there are still many people who haven’t seen the full affect a real fire can have, and the relaxation it can create. Although lighting the fire is done so with such ease, the effect it provides looks like a real effort has been made – impressing all those who walk through the door.

‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.’

Keep your home warm in winter

With the weather turning and more time being spent in the home, there is no better place to be than in front of an open fire in the warm. Until you’ve had the opportunity to feel the heat within your bones, wrapped up watching a good old fashioned film, you may have never experienced total relaxation – the only thing to make this any better is being surrounded by the ones you love.

Let us know what you think makes a stove fire more special at this time of year, or whether you are currently considering this for your home and why.

***This guest post was written by Jenny Pilley of Clifton Fireplaces; the number one supplier of stunning stoves and fireplaces to suit both modern and more traditionally designed homes.***

Contemporary heating: Modern radiator designs from FlashRads

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Best contemporary modern radiator   Modern and contemporary home heating

Have you put your heating on yet this year?

As the weather gets chillier, it’s time to think about heating our homes. If you’re looking for a funkier way of providing heat, and are fed up with the usual plain old white radiators, then take a look at FlashRads.

They specialise in creating some seriously cool radiators that a perfect for modern and contemporary homes. They’re bursting with colour, unique design features and lighting and provide warmth, along with an eye-catching form of art on your wall.

Who knew radiators could look so good?


Storage Heaters: An alternative to Gas and Solid Fuel

Thursday, October 25th, 2012
How to heat your home during winter

Creda slimline storage heater

Sadly the summer (if you could even call it that) is now officially over and it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to heat your home for the winter.

If you live in a flat or a small house then storage heaters can be a good option as they make the most of cheaper electricity at night time and are more than adequate for heating a compact space. They’re not quite as economical for bigger flats or houses, however, so if you have a larger area or bigger rooms to heat then it might be a good idea to check out some alternatives.

As with most things, the latest models are the most cost effective and efficient storage heaters for your home, so if you have had yours for a while then do consider upgrading or replacing them. Not only will it be better for your pocket, it will be better for the environment too and will help to cut down your carbon footprint.

If you’re not quite sure how storage heaters work, here’s a quick guide:

The units contain special heat retaining bricks, which are ‘charged up’ over night on the Economy 7 rate of electricity, which is cheaper than the day time rate. The heat is then discharged throughout the day at a steady, comfortable rate to keep your house warm and cosy.

Some storage heaters, known as combination convector storage heaters, have a built in convector unit. This means that when it gets particularly chilly you can boost the heat output by turning the convector on. These heaters are a good option for larger rooms that might need a little more intense heat to keep them at a pleasant temperature throughout the winter.

Fan assisted storage heaters are a bit more sophisticated than regular units and they also give you more control over when the heat is discharged. They store heat just like a standard unit but have a much thicker layer of insulation to prevent the heat escaping until you want to heat the room. A fan carries the hot air through the heater (once it has been heated up by the thermal bricks) and then you simply flick a switch when you want the heat to be released into the room.

If you’re thinking about storage heaters for your room, remember that they do take up more space than conventional radiators, so consider how you will slot your furniture around the heaters, and if you have a big room, consider getting two smaller heaters rather than one very big one. It will make the process of feng shui-ing your room much easier.

***This is a guest post***

Gas Fires from Manorhouse Fireplaces

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

When it comes to finding gas fires in the UK you have an impressive range to choose from, especially from Manorhouse Fireplaces. Gas fires are able to produce an impressive amount of heat and they’re not as complicated to install as you may think. All gas fires must be fitted by a qualified engineer, but since an air vent isn’t always needed you can be sure of finding the right gas fire for your home.

Modern and contemporary gas fires

For example the Kalahari HE doesn’t need an air vent, and with an efficiency level of 78% you can be sure of getting plenty of heat from a stunning gas fire.

Gas Fires

Many gas fires offer an even higher level of energy efficiency. The Revolution Balanced Flue model is a great example, hitting highs of as much as 94%. This proves that a gas fire can be thoroughly modern in looks and efficiency at the same time. When coupled with modern gas fire surrounds you will be impressed by the good looks these gas fires can give you.

Gas fire for a contemporary home

Gas Fireplaces

The great thing about gas fires is that they come in both modern and traditional designs. The Logic Convector is a wonderfully traditional model offering a simple yet elegant design that would suit many locations.

But of course if you love the look and feel of a real fire you may think you cannot get it if you opt for a gas fire. Not true – the Vento Classic 65 is designed to look like a real fire, with a ceramic glass front that is virtually invisible. This provides safety, warmth and that old style open fireplace look that is hard to beat.

Fresh design gas fires

Whatever you want from a gas fire it is easy to see that you can look forward to just the right kind of gas fire for your home. Whether you have a suitable chimney or you want something that does not require a vent, you are sure to find just the right look, design and practical nature you want. You can indeed take a step closer to buying an energy efficient gas fire.

***This post is in association with Manorhouse Fireplaces***

Fresh Design Blog Dimplex competition winners

Monday, February 13th, 2012
Fresh Design competition to win a contemporary home heater

Dimplex MicroFire heater

Many thanks to everyone who entered our recent Winter Warmer competition to win a Dimplex MicroFire.

The winners were picked at random and we’re pleased to announce that the two lucky winners, who each win a MicroFire in their choice of colour (red or black), are Kirsty Fox and Marie Nicklin.

We hope you both enjoy your prizes!

Winter warmer competition: Win a Dimplex MicroFire

Monday, January 16th, 2012
Fresh Design competition to win a contemporary home heater

Win a Dimplex MicroFire heater

If you’re looking for a chic and stylish way of creating extra warmth in your home on cold days, then this contemporary style MicroFire from Dimplex is the perfect solution. Best of all, if you enter our competition you could win one!

The stunning MicroFire, which has a 1.5kW heat output and a choice of heat settings for flexibility and economy, is a sleek and stylish cube shaped portable electric stove and makes the perfect addition to any home.

The mesmerising Optiflame® effect creates a warm and cosy atmosphere, and can be operated independently of heat for a cosy ambience all year round.

As the MicroFire is electric you can just plug it in and go and it requires no on-going maintenance, making it thoroughly reliable and hassle free. It also has an overheat safety cut out so you can sit back, relax and enjoy.

The MicroFire’s modern finish creates a real focus point in any room, and is available in a contemporary high gloss black or red.

Two lucky winners will each receive one of the small and powerful Dimplex MicroFires (RRP £79.99), with the renowned Optiflame® effect. Winners can choose between the red or black version.

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us your favourite way of warming up during the winter and which room of your house you’d use a Dimplex MicroFire in. The competition closes at midnight on Monday 30 January 2012.

To find out more about the MicroFire, or for stockists information, visit Dimplex or call 0845 600 5111.

Dimplex modern MicroFire home heating appliance

Terms and conditions

* Entry is only open to consumers who are aged 18 or over and who are resident in mainland UK.

* Entry to the competition is by online blog comments only and only one entry per person is allowed.

* The competition closes at midnight on Monday 30 January 2012.

* The prize value is based on estimated high street price.

* The prize includes delivery to the consumer’s address but does not include removal of any existing fire/appliance or installation.

* The winner will be notified by email within seven workings days of the draw. If they cannot be contacted or do not respond within 14 days to the notification by email then the promoter reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible entrant drawn at random.

* No cash alternative or alternative prize will be given.

* The winner shall be responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes on prizes.

* No correspondence will be entered into regarding either this competition or these Terms and Conditions.

* In the unlikely event of a dispute, Dimplex/Fresh Design Blog’s decision shall be final.

* The competition is not open to the staff of either FreshDesignBlog or Dimplex, their relatives, nor staff of any other party involved in this promotion.

* Dimplex reserves the right to change the prize due to circumstances beyond its control or to offer an alternative of similar value.

* Entry to the competition signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Deck designer radiator wall art

Monday, November 28th, 2011
Modern and contemporary radiator designs

Designer wall art radiator

At first glance, this looks like it’s a mounted piece of metal wall art, but can you believe it’s actually a designer radiator?

It took us by surprise when we saw it, but what a fantastic design it is!

It’s made from brushed stainless steel and definitely has an artistic feel to it. But rather than just looking good on your wall, it will emit heat too.

The deck designer radiator costs £715.73 (including VAT) and is available to purchase from The Radiator Gallery.

Stûv 30 compact wood burning stove

Friday, October 7th, 2011
Modern designer wood burning stove

Modern wood burning stove

Nothing quite beats a wood burning stove, but some of the traditional stove designs don’t look quite right in a modern or contemporary home. The Stûv 30 compact wood burning stove successfully solves this issue, with its sleek and sophisticated look, and is ideal for the energy conscious consumer.

The Stûv 30 Compact wood burning stove is designed and made by Belgian company, Stûv. It emits 3-9kW of heat and is over 80% fuel efficient.

A unique feature (which is patent protected) is a clever inner rotating chamber which allows three different door looks and modes. You can choose to turn it to have a clear glass door, so you can see the fire burning inside, have the fire burning openly or with a solid door on the front, which is ideal when you’re using it as a slow overnight burner.

The wood burning stove is compact, making it suitable for use in both small and large rooms, and it can be placed on a floor or fitted on a wall.

The Stûv 30 Compact wood burning stove is available in the UK from various specialist stove companies, including Jetmaster, Bradley Stoves, Woodland Energy and Kernow Fires.

(Image credit: Photo by François Chevalier)

Dyson Hot™ AM04 fan heater exclusive at John Lewis

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Exclusive new fan heater from DysonDesigner Dyson home heater fan

Dyson hot home fan winter heaterDesigner Dyson hot fan heater controls

There’s a new fan on the block – a Dyson Hot™ AM04 fan heater, to be precise.

Sleek, stylish and contemporary, the Dyson Hot™ fan heater bears little resemblance to traditional home fan heaters. But not only does it look different, it works differently too.

The heater uses Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier™ technology, which draws in air and helps project the heat further. The oscillation device smoothly distributes warm air to the whole of the room.

From a safety point of view, there are no visible heating elements and the fan is designed to automatically cut out if it’s knocked over. It’s easy to clean, as there are no blades, and can be simply wiped with a cloth.

You should also be free of those horrible burning smells that fan heaters tend to acquire when dust gets inside them, as this one is designed not to do that!

The fan heater is easily controlled with a remote control and you can set it to the exact temperature you require.

If your home is in need of a Dyson Hot™ AM04 fan heater, then it’s available exclusively from John Lewis, priced at £269. It’s comes with a parts and labour guarantee for two years.

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