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Fresh Design idea: Rainmaker plant watering cloud

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Recycle plaster bottles into plant watering cans

Following on from the cork bottle stopper lights that we featured last week, here’s another nifty design idea we’ve spotted.

The rainmaker plant watering cloud transforms an ordinary empty plastic drinks bottle into a useful watering can.  It was created by Peleg Design and simply screws onto the top of the bottle, like a lid.

How to water houseplants

We’ve used similar bottle watering devices before, to drip feed plants in the garden (the watering device sits in the soil and slowly releases drips of water), but this idea is great for watering houseplants and potted plants. The design of the cloud means that you get a good sprinkling of water, like you would from a watering can, and for novelty factor, it looks like it’s raining!

At only £5.99 from Mocha, this is a brilliant buy – and loads more fun than simply buying a watering can.

Fab Friday Bargains: Summer garden essentials

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Now that summer is here, it’s time to make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you’re blessed with a garden, patio, balcony or tiny outdoor area, here are some essential summer Fab Friday Bargains.

Cheap contemporary garden furniture

Hot from the Habitat sale is this Belize garden sun lounger. With clean lines and a black powder coated aluminium frame, it’s a great piece of furniture for contemporary garden life. What’s more, when not in use for lounging about on, the back rest folds flat and it can double up as a bench. It’s half price in the sale.

Contemporary garden planter ideas

Vertical garden planters are great for a garden where you’ve got limited on space on the ground. Instead you can make the most of wall or garden and produce visually creative and interesting planters. Each has four pockets, with space for eight plants. Use these for flowers, strawberries, tomatoes or herbs. The vertical planters currently have 15% off at Freshly Forked.

Contemporary garden lighting ideas

Light up your garden at night and provide atmospheric lighting for summer barbecues or parties. The contemporary style garden oil lamp torches are available in a choice of colours and are currently reduced by 40% in the sale at London Garden Trading.

Flock Follies contemporary garden bird feeder

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Contemporary garden accessories for feeding birds

If you’re keen to look after your feathered friends, then here’s a stylish and practical way of doing so.

The Flock Follies bird feeders combine modern design with feeding ability. The sturdy plastic cube design feeder is aimed at feeding small garden birds, such as sparrows, wrens, robins, finches and tits, and has been designed with safety in mind.

Five different types of bird food can be dispensed, such as seeds, nuts, suet balls or meal worms, plus there is an area for drinking built into the lid.

Made in Cornwall, the Flock Follies feeder comes flat packed for easy home assembly. The feeder is available in a choice of four lively colours – kiwi green, raspberry pink, mandarin orange or clear frost. They’re £35 each from Bouf and come with sunflower seeds to get you started.

Contemporary garden accessories: Umbra bird cafe feeder

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Bird seed garden feeder

If you’re keen to attract birds into your garden, and love the opportunity to see them feeding, then this bird cafe by Umbra is both well designed and practical.

Created by the same company behind the innovative fish hotel, the modern bird feeder cafe offers a stylish way of attracting and feeding garden birds.

Feed the birds garden bird feeder

Seed is added to the top of the feeder and you can see the contents through the ‘windows’ of the cafe. The tray at the base provides ample room for the seed to drop down into and space around the edge for birds to perch and feed.

Amongst the retailers selling the Umbra bird cafe feeder, Red Candy have it in stock for £33.60.


Giant tea cup garden planter by Holly Palmer

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012
Contemporary designer garden planter

Giant tea cup planter

Do you remember the giant, Alice in Wonderland style tea cup stool that we featured previously on Fresh Design?

Well, here’s the same design in another incarnation – transformed into a giant tea cup planter.

The durabletea cup planter is made from MDPE moulded plastic, which is frost and fade resistant, so it can be safely used inside your home or outside in the garden.

It’s a novel idea which works well as a contemporary planter. The white tea cup planter is available to purchase from Holly Palmer’s store on Bouf.

British designer, Holly, is also the brains behind the wonderful Book Porcupine shelving unit.

Create a living wall with Woolly Wally pockets

Thursday, May 31st, 2012
Create a vertical living green wall

Create a living wall

If you’re got a bare wall in your home, garden or conservatory, then what better way to liven it up than creating your own living wall?

This amazing wall looks super effective, but is surprisingly easy to achieve. It’s created using a series of Woolly Wally Pockets – special pockets made out of recycled plastic that you can use as planters.

The pockets are the perfect size for small plants, such as fragrant herbs, providing ample space for each plant’s root system to breathe. You can put the pockets together to form a large living wall art panel on a wall, or just use a few of them to create a small design.

The Woolly Wally pockets are a great idea! They’re sold by Garden Beet, with prices starting at £29.99.

Patio Heaters

Saturday, August 6th, 2011
Heat your garden with a patio heater

Athena patio heater

Patio heaters offer a great solution to those evenings when the temperature begins to drop and a little more warmth is needed to keep the party going.  Different types of patio heaters from electric heaters, which can be floor or wall mounted though to gas heaters utilising fuels such as LPG cover most requirements.

Used in a wide range of applications today, patio heaters can be found in commercial environments such as a pub or restaurant gardens, outdoor office areas and even in nightclubs.  They do however, remain a favourite for the private garden where they offer the versatility to heat a patio area effectively if people are enjoying an alfresco meal or drink when the sun goes down.

Electric Patio Heaters

Offering great convenience electric patio heaters provide instant heat and are very powerful.  Infrared halogen electric patio heaters offer high performance and come in several designs such as tabletop or wall mounted for great flexibility.

The electric patio heater is not normally influenced by wind and does not generate any kind of smell.  They are also able to direct heat locally to wherever it is needed.  Many Electric patio heaters have waterproof features, making them ideal for use in any weather.

Operating costs are low, and little or no maintenance is required once installed, which does not have to be by a qualified electrician.

Garden patio heating solutions

Heatwave wall heater

Gas Patio Heaters

Gas patio heaters have come a long way since the original models were introduced.  In today’s environment, LPG Patio heaters offer much lower carbon emissions together with the ability to heat up in seconds.

They are truly versatile in portability, and can be used wherever you wish and with a working range or approximately 20 feet, they provide a good spread of heat over a large area.

Flexibility in design is the key to choosing the perfect patio heater. Whether you are looking at gas or electric there are a good number of options to look at regardless of fuel choice to suit your needs accordingly.

To view any of the above mentioned Patio Heaters see –

****This is a guest post from Patio Heater****

Bee house to attract bees into your garden

Monday, June 27th, 2011
Create a bee friendly garden

Gives bees a home!

If you’re keen to attract more wildlife and insects into your garden, then bees are a good cause to focus on.

Not only will you be giving bees a home with this copper roofed bee house, but they’ll hopefully also return the favour by pollinating your plants. It’s a win-win situation all round.

This bee house, with its durable copper roof, costs £25 from The London Garden Trading Company.

20 per cent off Ultra Chef gas barbecues at M&S

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Ultra chef 4 burner gas barbecue outdoor mealsSave money on a gas barbecue

Nothing beats firing up the barbecue and cooking a meal outside, but if you’re fed up of using coals or waiting ages for it to light and get going, then a gas barbecue offers the ultimate in effortless BBQ-ing!

There’s currently a special home event running at M&S, which includes 20% off a range of fabulous gas barbecues.

The Ultra Chef 4 burner gas barbecue is now £319.20 (was £399) and the Ultra Chef 3 burner gas barbecue is now priced at £239.20 (was £299).

Other gas barbecues are included in the deal at M&S, but the offer finishes on 27th April, so you need to be quick!

Eva solo bird feeder from Beth Stevens

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010
Bird feeder for the garden

Feed the birds

Have you been feeding the birds in this cold weather?

We’ve been glad to see that the blackbirds have successfully spotted lots of berries available in our garden to eat (during the first lot of snow, we put extra food out, but they didn’t find it). We also have some bird seed out too, for smaller birds, but the plastic holder it’s in has not fared well with strong winds in the past and a lot of the seed just falls out.

There are some much stronger bird feeders available though, including this Eva solo bird feeder which is designed to withstand wind, weather and beating wings!

The glass ball is made from mouth blown glass and can be suspended from trees, bushes or any other garden structures you have available, and it’s suitable for use on a balcony too. This feeder looks particularly good as you can use it for both nuts and seed – often the design of them means it’s an ‘either or’ choice – and it’s a nice contemporary design.

The Eva solo glass bird feeder is £39 from Beth Stevens.

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