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Iconic Radiators: Contemporary designer towel rails and radiators

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Radiators and towel rails have come a long way in terms of design. They’re no longer purely functional – they can also be stunningly created to be a design statement in their own right.

One company specialising in designer radiators and towel rails is Iconic Radiators. They’re a great starting point if you’re looking for something a bit different for your bathroom. Here are some of our favourite designs for a contemporary home.

Stunning EOS round designer radiator and towel rail - perfect for use in a modern bathroom

Gorgeous EOS round radiator designed by Mario Talin. There’s an oval option available too, which looks equally good.

Love this super slimline modern design radaitor. Wouldn't this look super in a contemporary bathroom?

Perfect for a small bathroom, the Slimline Giuly towel rail is designed by Mariano Moroni

This Lattice design radiator is really cool! Suitable for use in a modern home or office, it would create quite a talking point.

Unusual Lattice designer radiator by Jacek Ryn – sure to be a talking point, this design works when used in a modern home or office.

Love this donut shaped designer radiator, so unusual.

Another fab round design - Zero Otto designed by Francesco Lucchese. There’s even a special holder built into it so you can add your own essential oils to make your towels smell nice!


Transform your house with wood windows and doors

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

If you thought wooden windows were only suitable for use in traditional homes, think again. They’re versatile, stylish and fully appropriate for use in a range of contemporary homes too and can make a real improvement to the look of a home.

In the second post in a short series exploring the benefits of wood, we’re looking at how the look and feel of homes can be transformed when they switch to wooden windows and doors.

The owners of this house recently took the plunge and had their windows and doors changed. This is what one side of their split-level home looked like before the makeover:

House before a wood window and door makeover

The windows had standard white frames and didn’t stand out all that much against the brickwork and dark wood cladding.

The owners wanted to update the windows and doors with energy efficient timber, which would produce a high quality look, be low maintenance and last well.

Bereco Limited, a member of the Wood Window Alliance, supplied the windows and doors, including gorgeous French doors and bi-folding doors. The outside of the house was painted and the dark wooden cladding was updated for a warmer shade of wood. With the addition of bespoke wood windows, the end result was an amazing transformation.

This decking area is now super functional and a lovely space to sit or dine outside. The bi-fold doors can be opened up completely and offer an extension of the inside with the out.

Home makeover with gorgeous solid wooden doors and windows

One of the benefits of wooden windows and doors is that they can be any colour you wish, as they can easily be painted. Plus, you can even have dual colour windows, with one colour on the outside and another on the inside. Versatile, eh?

The owners of this home chose a stylish pale grey, which looks sleek and modern. Partnered with natural wood, it helps bring out the colour and beauty of this natural material.

Inside the home, the effect looks just as good as outside. This kitchen window has been smartened up a treat. The wood of the window works well alongside the style and design of the kitchen:

Kitchen window makeover featuring a new contemporary wooden window

And the windows now located in a bedroom add to is fresh and contemporary look:

Freshly updated bedroom with new wooden windows

Having all of their windows and doors changed made a huge difference to the look of their home. Who wouldn’t want to swap a standard back door for a solid wood stable-style door?

Gorgeous wooden stable door used as a back door in a home

If being eco is high on your priorities, switching to wooden windows and doors is more environmentally friendly than uPVC. A good solid wooden door and expertly fitted wooden windows will help reduce unwanted draughts and could add warmth to your home, and in turn, help to cut down on heating bills.

We hope you’ll agree that wood can look stunning used in modern and contemporary homes.With the versatility and beauty of wood, it’s a fabulous natural material to have and should provide your home with a long-lasting and reliable service.

Wood Window Alliance logo

WWA is the benchmark for the industry, providing the reassurance of high quality, performance and sustainability standards. It’s easy to find an accredited supplier or installer of quality wooden windows by visiting

* This post is in collaboration with the Wood Window Alliance

Hang a floating shelf with this Handy video

Monday, October 19th, 2015

DIY help: how to hang floating shelves

Love the idea of having a contemporary style floating shelf or drawer on your wall like one of these, but worried about your lack of DIY skills? Don’t panic – on-demand DIY services provider Handy has come to the rescue with a fab instructional video.

DIY can be challenging, and even something relatively small like hanging a shelf can be a daunting task. Drill one wrong hole and you could run into a whole host of problems.

To help ensure your DIY attempts are successful, Handy have produced a series of really useful two minute short videos to demonstrate how to take on common household DIY tasks in a simple and effective way.

In the first video of the series, Handy’s handyman shows you how to hang a floating shelf. It first highlights everything you need to carry out the task, such as the required tools, spirit level and screws, then takes you simply through the shelf hanging process step by step.

Watch the video now:

Floating shelf product details

1. Oak effect floating shelf – Dunelm

2. Umbra conceal bookshelf – Red Candy

3. Hudson pink floating shelf kit – The Range

4. Pacco floating drawer – Mocha


Make your furniture inspirational with these quote knobs

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Make your home inspirational

Inspirational quotes and sayings to uplift, encourage and motivate you have been popular in home products and wall art for a while, but this is the first time we’ve come across a cupboard door knob version.

Pushka Knobs sell over 25 door knobs with quotes on them, so there’s plenty to choose from. Whether you’d a morning prompt to, “Do your best,” or “Make today amazing”, or a reminder at the end of a tough day that, “Everything happens for a reason,” they’ve got the options covered.

Positive quotes for your home

Produced in a lively colour palette with a retro style, these offer a fun way  of adding positive quotes into your home and of jazzing up your furniture en route. What’s more, they’re only £6 each.

Hang in style: 4 creative and unusual hooks and hangers

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Best cool and creative hanger hooks

Get tidy and organised at home, with these creative and unusual wall hangers and hooks. From jewellery and fashion accessories, to tea towels and stationery, these four cool ideas will provide statement storage in your home.

1. Practical and stylish, this cloud jewellery hanger doubles up as wall art.  The white wooden cloud incorporates hooks disguised as rain drops. It’s £25 from Bombus

2. Get your scarves organised, with this geometric scarf hanger. It’s perfect for keeping accessories crumple and crease free. £17 from Lisa Angel Homeware and Gifts

3. Hang it or clip it with these giant bulldog style clipper books. Perfect for coats, bags, scarves or umbrellas, the hooks are finished in matt nickel. A set of three giant clip hangers costs £14.50 from Red Candy.

4. For storage that will be a talking point, opt for a large safety pin hanger. Use it in a home study to store desk accessories, as a means of hanging kids artwork or in a kitchen to hang your tea towel from. The decorative safety pin is only £6.95 from All Things Brighton Beautiful.

How to draught proof your sash windows

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Sash windows are extremely popular at the moment and have been for many years. However, they might need a little help when it comes to draught proofing them.

To help, here are some options to help you draught proof your sash windows and keep your home nice and warm this winter.

Draught proofing


How to draught proof your sash windows

Many sash window fitters can provide draught fitting as part of your installation or as a separate service; depending on your choice. It is recommended that you do use this service as it is not economical to have windows that are not draught proofed – they will let a large amount of air in making your room extremely cold and reducing energy efficiency.

The draught proofing process involves creating an air tight seal around each frame and window to keep draughts at bay. It has been predicted that draught proofing sash windows can save you around £50 a year due to the decrease in heat you use.

This method can also work as a sash window draught excluder so it is worth considering all your options.

Curtains and blinds


Use blinds to keep draughts out of sash windows

However, if you simply do not want to go down the draught proofing route – you can simply install curtains and blinds. These can stop draughts coming through the window into your room and maintain a good temperature – thick curtains are especially good at this.

Double glazing

Sash window double glazing

Your third option is to install double glazing. If you have an older property, you will find that your sash windows are only single glazed. This is because it was not a legal regulation when your house was built to have double glazing – it is now (on new builds at least).

There are currently two types of double glazing available on the market today – fixed secondary glazing and temporary secondary glazing. Fixed consists of panels that slide over one another and cannot be removed from the window frame at any time whereas the temporary option is exactly that – temporary.

It involves using a plastic film, attached to the window using a magnet. This option can be fitted as a DIY job and as a result is the cheaper alternative.

So, whilst it is recommended to keep your original sash windows – it is a good idea to maintain them as best as you can. As a result, ensuring that they are draught proofed is one of the main pieces of maintenance you will have to do on your sash windows.

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