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How your doors can transform your home

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

As one of the most integral design features of any home, doors play a big part in adding to the overall aesthetics of a house and its interior design.

From high-end, modernist doors to restored Victorian timber entranceways, every door adds a different dimension to your home. If you’re in the process of transforming your property into a design dream, don’t forget about the part your doors can play.

The front door

Door style for a modern or contemporary house

If you’re looking to create a strong first impression when visitors arrive at your home, perfecting the look of your front door is a must. Ideally this should reflect the design look that will meet the visitor once they enter your home.

If your home is very formal, a modern door with perfect paintwork and precisely aligned numbers will start your décor as you mean to go on. If you’ve decorated in a shabby-chic style, a roughly restored door with a few personal touches like pot plants would be great.

Internal doors

Doors for a contemporary house

The importance of internal doors can be all too easily overlooked, however they play an integral part in contributing towards your home’s character. From modern doors with clean, geometric lines to solid and traditional timber doors, you can really alter the feel of a space by changing the entranceway.

For a great selection of internal doors in a range of style, colours and finishes, check out Todd Doors showroom in St Albans or view their latest range online.

Patio doors

Modern patio doors

If you’re renovating a living room or kitchen and want to bring in more light and space, patio doors are a great interior design tool. Installing a wide patio door into an external wall shouldn’t be too difficult and any specialist company should be able to complete the job in a short space of time. Whilst it may only take a matter of minutes to fit, the difference it will make to the look and feel of your home will be long lasting.

Patio doors can change the way that you live in your home, allowing easy access to your garden and creating a fantastic social and family space. Though you may take your doors for granted, giving them a little bit of attention and consideration next time you’re redecorating could completely transform your home, making it feel contemporary, stylish and most of all, a great place to live!

***This is a guest post from Todd Doors***

Quirky home accessories: Giant metal display pin

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Quirky contemporary design hook

Why hang your towel on a peg, when you could hang it on a giant metal safety pin?

These rather quirky giant metal safety pins are  individually handmade and are a fun alternative way of hanging things up. Use one your kitchen wall to hang up your tea towel, in a bathroom to hang a towel on, in a craft room to hang rolls of ribbons or in a bedroom to hang scarves, ties or belts on. The possibilities are endless.

The giant metal display pins are available from Gertie & Mabel, for just under £30 each.

Make the most of loft storage space with a loft ladder

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012
Access your loft with an extendable loft ladder

Easy loft access

It’s not the most exciting home purchase, but if you’ve got loft storage space available, having a safe, functional and easy to use loft ladder really does make the world of difference.

No more trying to balance on an unstable ladder to access your loft – this sturdy Abru aluminium ladder can be fixed inside your loft and lowered down when you need it.

It will allow you to easily access your loft space and store away personal possessions or clutter out of sight, offering a valuable extra storage area.

The extending ladder has two overlapping section and comes with all the components you need for DIY installation, plus a loft pole that will allow you to easily pull the ladder up and down.

The Abru 2 section  loft ladder is normally priced at £49.98, but currently has 15% off at B&Q.

Keep in Peck bird wall hooks

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Bird wall hooksBird design quirky wall fixtures and fittings

We love browsing the Apartment section of ModCloth, as they tend to sell some quirky home products. Even though they’re based in the US, they do ship to the UK, which is a definite bonus.

Our latest find is this set of Keep in Peck bird design wall hooks. The five silver woodpeckers are made from sturdy metal and rock along a white bough.

You can hang coats, scarves or towels from the woodpeckers beaks, or loop items through their cut out wings. It’s a fun and functional storage option for a hall, porch, kitchen or bathroom. The hooks come with all the fixtures and fittings you need to hang the piece securely on the wall.

The Keep in Peck wall hooks cost $44.99 per set.

Introducing Radiator Covers World

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

A new website has launched offering consumers the opportunity to avoid unsightly looking radiators without having to pay a fortune for designer radiators throughout the home.  Radiator Covers World offer a selection of different styles, both modern and classic, made from high quality MDF and manufactured to last.

Whilst designer radiators themselves can have a stunning impact, they are expensive.  So if you’re on a budget, then why not take a look at the radiator covers they have on offer?

There is also a bespoke service available, so if you have unusual sizes or are looking to have a cabinet built, this will also be something they can help with. The current website is a soft launch only and shortly many more designs will be offered, accompanied by high quality photography to help customers choose.

Radiator Covers World is hoping to exploit this in demand niche, as whilst there are retailers selling similar products, few strive for a breadth of quality and range that a specialist retailer can match.

They have also launched with asocial conscience charity program which they hope will be successful.

***This is a guest post from Radiator Covers World***

Contemporary Gumball coat stand

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
Funky coat stand

Funky coat stand

For a modern take on the traditional wooden coat stand, why not try this gumball coatstand from Oliver Bonas?

The stylish, slim white stand won’t take up heaps of room, but is equipped with enough hooks to hang a selection of coats, hats and other accoutrements on. The style and design of the hooks have a sense of fun and the tips of the hooks are finished off with different coloured balls – hence the name ‘gumball coat stand.’

The coatstand measures 170cm tall and would like right at home in your hall, bedroom or office. It’s £45 from Oliver Bonas.

Black butterfly hooks

Friday, March 5th, 2010
Stylish butterfly hooks

Stylish butterfly hooks

There are lots of very nice hooks on the market at the moment, but some of the butterfly themed ones can be a bit too girly, pink or pastelly.

These ones get over that problem very effectively, as they’re an all over black design. The butterflies have been intricately cut, so you see all the detail on their wings, and the noir works beautifully against a white or cream wall.

Use them as stylish coat hooks, in a bedroom or even in the kitchen, to hang tea towels from.

The set of three black butterfly hooks are available from Urban Outfitters, for £9.

Stylish Life hat rack

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
Hat storage rack

Hat storage rack

If you’ve got lots of hats, and nowhere to store them, then why not snap up this colourful hat rack?

You could store at least eight hats on it, plus have room to hang scarves on the rack too.

The hat rack is a real bargain, as it’s been reduced down to only £6.68 at Stylish Life.

Unusual decorative house hooks

Friday, October 23rd, 2009
House shaped hooks
House shaped hooks

There’s no excuse anymore for having boring hooks or nothing to hang things from!

Take this row of hooks, for example, which are decorated with  five black houses. The houses look European in style and have fantastic architectural detail added to the buildings, as well as a little white scooter in the road below.
It would be perfect for hanging coats, keys or tea towels on and the houses stand out well when hung against a plain wall.
Amazingly,  this decorative and functional piece home accessory is only £5.99 from Beautiful Things - a bargain for a very unsual row of hooks!

Pipe Work coat stand

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
Bring pipe work back to your walls

As far as decorative features go, this is pretty ironic.

A lot of people go to immense trouble trying to cover up all the pipe work in their homes, so it’s not on show, then along comes Nick Fraser and designs a hall stand that’s made to look like exposed pipe work!

The pipe work hall stand is made from powder coated copper pipe and features brass compression fittings which can be used to hang your coat or jacket on.

It’s finished off with a steel bucket at the bottom, which you can use as an umbrella stand.

If you’d like to add a touch of irony into your home, love exposed pipe work and creative designs, and perhaps need somewhere to hang your coat, then the Pipe Work hall stand by Nick Fraser can be purchased via Bouf.

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