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Kitchen space savers: Affordable ceramic stacking mug sets

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Tidy up your cupboards and save room, with these space saving stacking ceramics

Stuck with a small kitchen or a lack of storage space? Why not opt for sets of mugs that are designed to be stacked together.

The space-saving ceramic designs either come as sets that neatly stack together in your cupboard, or on specially designed stands that can be left out on your worktop or used in a cupboard.

They’ll look way more slimline and organised than standard stacked ceramics, which often don’t sit neatly inside one another, and hopefully free up some much needed space in your cupboard.

Here are six affordable stacking mug sets that we’ve spotted:

Short on storage space in your kitchen cupboards? Opt for a space saving stacking mug set

1. Loft set of four stacker floral mugs – £15 – from M&S

2. Set of four espresso cups and saucers in stand – £15 from M&S

3. Geo Skandi set of four stacking mugs – £9.99 from Dunelm

4. Set of five debossed stacker mugs – £16 from Next

5. Set of four medium woodland animal stacking mugs in stand – £12 from Next

6. Loft set of four stackable geometric textured mugs – £15 from M&S


British design classics: Blue and white striped Cornishware

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Gorgeous blue and white classic stripe Cornishware cake stand from John Lewis

You might not have known what this distinctive blue and white striped pottery was called, but the chances are your grandparents or parents owned some.

Known as ‘Cornishware’, it was launched in the 1920s and remained immensely popular into the 1950s, 60s and 70s. It fell out of favour as being old-fashioned, but now it’s back in vogue again with its retro feel and clean lines.

Cornishware history

The history of Cornishware goes back as far as 1864. The pottery of T.G.Green was founded by Thomas Goodwin Green, who (rumour has it) bought an existing factory while on his honeymoon, despite having no experience of the business!

Cornishware was first produced in 1924. Although the pottery has never been produced in Cornwall, the pattern reminded an employee of the blue skies and white-crested waves of that region and so the range got its name. Cornish clay was also used in the production.

The pattern became an instant success, and the iconic stripes appeared in contemporary adverts and illustrations all over the country, making it a familiar sight.

The famous Cornishware pattern became an instant success in the 1920s.

Unfortunately, the original workshop in Stoke on Trent couldn’t compete with modern product methods, and closed in 2007.

But fortunately, a team of Cornishware enthusiasts banded together to save the brand – hooray!

You can still buy a full range today, and for the first time it’s also available in red stripes as well as the iconic blue.

Pieces of vintage Cornishware often turn up in charity shops and auctions, and prices range from a few pounds to several hundred. Genuine pieces of pottery will carry the Cornishware stamp underneath.

Pieces of genuine Cornishware carry a backstamp, such as this example from 2012. Photo: Libby Norman

You can buy a full range of Cornishware online from T G Green, with prices starting at around £12 for a mug. Alternatively, you can visit John Lewis to buy online or in person.

Part of the appeal of Cornishware is the timeless stripes and bright, cheerful blue that match any decor or colourscheme. We’ve picked some complementary products to help you create a fresh, retro feel.

Cornish Ware paint No 48, Designers Guild

Cornish Ware No 48 paint, Designers Guild

Endlessly cheerful, reminiscent of the famous pottery, this would make a lovely feature wall in a kitchen. Available in four finishes: matt emulsion, water-based eggshell, oil-based eggshell and floor paint. Prices start at £5 for a sample pot from Designers Guild.

Scattered anchor paper napkins, Seasalt Cornwall

Blue and white nautical napkins from Seasalt Cornwall

A pack of 20  lovely paper napkins, in a unique prints inspired by Cornwall, these make a perfect foil to Cornishware mugs for afternoon tea. £3.50 for the pack from Seasalt Cornwall.

Short coffee cup in blue stripe, Decorator’s Notebook

Short coffee cup, Decorator’s Notebook

If you prefer a more eclectic look, mix a few of these stripy mugs in with your Cornishware. They’re just the right size to fit under most coffee machines, and you can choose from a range of glaze colours. Each cup is individually hand thrown by fair trade partners in India. £8.95 each, coming soon from Decorator’s Notebook.

Uka stripe bowl in blue, Nkuku

Blue and white Uka bowl, Nkuku

This elegant Uka stripe bowl is handmade from stoneware, and each one is painted by hand with this pretty stripe pattern inspired by traditional Japanese designs. Great for soups, cereals or as small decorative storage bowls. £12.95 each, available in different colours from Nkuku.

Bistro napkins in blue, Ville et Campagne

Blue and white bistro napkins, Ville et Campagne

Add a fresh feel to a summer dining table with these generously sized (50cm x 50cm) bistro napkins. Available in a choice of five colours, including blue stripe, they’re made from pure cotton and cost £22 for a set of four from Ville et Campagne.


Floral delight: Colourful Sissinghurst Castle ceramic range

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Add some colour to your kitchen with this gorgeous floral Sissinghurst Castle range.

This ceramic range is absolutely bursting with colour from an array of beautifully depicted floral blooms.

The design of the cheeseboard caught my eye initially, then I was pleased to discover there are even more pieces in the range – plates, mugs, bowls and even a rolling pin. I love how the designs are continued inside the mugs and bowls too, so they’re not left plain inside.

Sissinghurst Castle floral stoneware range from Anthropologie

This gorgeous range of stoneware is rather aptly called the Sissinghurst Castle range. If you’ve ever been to the National Trust’s Sissinghurst Castle garden in Kent, then you’ll know why – the gardens there are bursting with flowers too, especially at this time of year (it’s definitely worth a visit).

Here are the links to each of the pieces, which are available to purchase at Anthropologie:

Dinner plate –  £20

Side plate – £14

Bowl – £14

Mug – £12

Sissinghurst Castle cheese board – £58

Rolling pin – £32

If you don’t want to go all out floral with your dinnerware, then these pieces would work very well used in a mix and match fashion, with white china.

Time for tea: 10 bright mugs for dull days

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

The British weather just loves to surprise us, and although we’re hoping for a late burst of warm days as we move fully into the autumn, there have been several grey days when we just want to curl up with a cup of tea, preferably in a nice, bright, colourful mug.

Here’s our pick of the top mugs for chilly autumn days.

1. Elephant parade mug, Cambridge Imprint

Bright elephant parade mug, £13.50

If anything can lift your spirits it should be these orange and pink elephants! This half pint creamware mug is manufactured in Stoke on Trent and decorated with a print by artisan producers and printers Cambridge Imprint. £13.50, available from Berry Red.

2. Woodstock mug, Clare Loves

Woodstock retro bird mug, £12

This design is certainly ‘chirpy’! The retro ‘Woodstock’ pattern is available in sunny yellow or teal, and has been screen printed onto bone china before being glazed and kiln fired.  Made in Britain from bone china, dishwasher safe. £12 from Clare Loves.

3. The Modern Home chairs mug, The Oak Room

Modern Home iconic chairs mug, £8.49

This porcelain mug is great fun for style lovers, featuring a colourful, retro design of four iconic chairs. Designed in Britain, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. £8.49 from The Oak Room.

4. Unikko mug in red, Marimekko 

Unikko mug from Marimekko in red, £16

Guaranteed to cheer you up, this lovely mug is printed with Marimekko’s signature design first seen in 1964. The simple poppy flower design brings a splash of colour to your breakfast table and a smile to your face. £16 from Cloudberry Living.

5. Billie mug, Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Billie mug, £6.50

A classic by popular designer Cath Kidston, this Billie mug is a welcome addition to any style of kitchen. Made from fine bone china, it’s dishwasher and microwave safe. £6.50 from Daisy Park.

6. Chunky Lulu mug, Festin Coquin

Chunky hand painted Provencal mug, £14.50

Forget Britain – let’s imagine we’re in Provence with this chunky pottery mug, hand painted and hand crafted in Provence in the workshops of Festin Coquin near Avignon.  Microwave and dishwasher safe, it costs £14.50 from Boutique Provencale.

7. Set of two POP latte mugs with spoons, Sagaform

Set of two POP latte mugs with spoons by Sagaform, £22

Ideal for tea or coffee with a friend, this pair of mugs with spoons from Swedish design group Sagaform has a design by Ann-Carrin Wictorsson, the creative name behind a number of well known Scandinavian products for the home. It costs £22 for the set from the Scandinavian Shop.

8. Origami mug in red, Alison Appleton

Origami mug in red, £10

These bone china origami mugs are inspired by Japanese geometric design but made and fired here in the UK. Dishwasher and microwave safe, they cost £10 from Alison Appleton.

9. Dachshund mug, Milly Green

Bright pink dachshund mug. £10.99

Nothing says ‘happy’ like a pink dachshund! Bearing the words ‘determined dachshund’ inside the rim, this fine bone china mug is hand decorated in the UK and makes a lovely gift for a dog lover. £10.99 from Milly Green.

10. Poppy mug, Poundland

Bright budget poppy mug, £1 from Poundland

Cheap and cheerful, this poppy-printed china mug is ideal for cheering up a kitchen on a budget. At this price, if the sun does decide to come out, you can take your cup of tea into the garden without worrying too much. £1, see the Poundland website for stockists.


Fab geometric espresso coffee cup and saucer set

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Geometric cups and saucers

Ah, there’s a new geometric-themed item that’s going straight to the top of our list of fab geometric trend homeware – this striking multi-colour espresso cup and saucer set.

They say the cups are designed for serving up espresso in, but they don’t look too tiny. We reckon you could easily have a small cup of coffee or tea in these too. Or perhaps use them to serve up a delicious chocolate dessert in at a dinner party…mmm.

Geometric homeware trend fresh design

You get four cups and saucers and the set comes nicely boxed, so is ideal to give as a gift.  It costs £24.95 from Dotcomgiftshop.

Forest friends: Dapper animal porcelain plates

Friday, August 14th, 2015

Designer animal ceramic plates

Add a forest of quirky animals onto your dining table, with these dapper animal plates.

The designs are based on paintings by Rachel Kozlowski and each animal has its own unique character and appeal.

The plates are sold individually for £9 each and are available in a variety of designs.

Forest friends animal plates

If you have your eye on a doe, you’re even more in luck, as this design is currently reduced to just £2.95 at West Elm.

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