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Map design fabric storage cubes

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Map themed home decor ideas

As you may have noticed, we’re rather partial to maps and map decor, so couldn’t help but notice these nifty storage cubes.

The  map design storage cubes are handmade in Devon and covered with padded fabric doors. Each box features a map design on it – you can choose from any one of the continents…

Map decor storage idea for your home

…or opt for all of them and create your own map of the world!

Great for little and big kids alike, and a more option than plain storage boxes, the storage cubes can be ordered online from Holly Blue.


Back to school: top 10 picks for budding scholars

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

If you’ve spent the summer running round, acting as an unpaid taxi service and preparing constant meals, you’ll be glad of a reminder that a return to normality is just around the corner. Send your children back to school in style with our pick of the top ten bright, practical, colourful accessories. From stylish notebooks to smart files, you won’t even mind if they end up scattered around the house.

1. Owl notebook, Helen Gordon

Printed owl notebook, £5

This cute, retro notebook features a repeating owl pattern and is part of the woodland animals collection, designed and created in the UK by Helen Gordon. It’s A5, and contains 96 pages for notes. £5, available from IN-SPACES.

2. Daisy A4 box file, Olive and Daisy

Daisy print box files, £28

These pretty box files in a fresh Daisy design will help keep desks tidy. Available in a choice of two colour ways: marine blue on cream or powder blue, they’re great for storing papers of all kinds. £28 from Hello Pearl.

3. Set of three ‘Britain’ rollerball pens, Milly Green

Set of three ‘Britain’ rollerball pens, £7.50

These fun and modern rollerball pens come in three quintessentially British designs – soldiers, corgis and bulldogs and London buses. Even better, they take standard Parker refills so they’ll never run out. £7.50 for a set of three from Milly Green.

4. Bright desk lamp, Rigby and Mac

Bright desk lamp, £29.95

Add a colour pop to a desk with this retro desk lamp, available in orange, yellow and green. The height can be adjusted, perfect for shedding light where it’s needed. £29.95 from Rigby and Mac.

5. Billy the Cat pencil case, Not Before Tea

Billy the Cat pencil case, £5.95

Perfect to keep all your favourite pencils, crayons and erasers together, this pencil case is made from strong oilcloth to protect the contents from accidental spills. £5.95 from Not Before Tea.

6. Navy Scottie dog school satchel, Becky and Lolo

Traditional school satchel, £16.50

This traditional school satchel is so cute, you’ll probably end up using it yourself! It’s water resistant to keep books dry, and easy to wipe clean. Featuring a magnetic closure flap, an adjustable strap and buckle and leather effect detailing, it costs a pocket-friendly £16.50 from Becky and Lolo.

7. Check board lunch bag, Marks and Spencer

Check board lunch bag, £14

Ready, get set, go! Make sure  lunch stays fresh and tasty in this lunch box. Thinsulate™ technology provides a lightweight insulation layer that is moisture resistant to keep sandwiches crisp. £14 from Marks and Spencer.

8. Children’s ‘on the farm’ backpack, Sophie Allport

Children’s ‘on the farm’ backpack, £19

This design of tractors, land rovers, sheep, cows, sheep dogs and chickens by British designer Sophie Allport will appeal to a range of ages. Made from practical matt oilcloth, it has a front outer pocket and a sturdy handle for hanging. £19 from Sophie Allport.

9. Oak trestle desk, Aspace

Oak trestle desk/table, £275

Nowhere for homework? This oak trestle desk is the perfect place. Made from solid oak, this sturdy piece of furniture will last for years. Matching chairs, bookcases and other bedroom furniture are also available in the same range. £275 from Aspace.

10. Weekly Times desk planner, Seeso

Weekly Times desk planner, £11.95

Struggling to keep track of homework deadlines and social engagements? Get their week planned with this Weekly Times desk planner. Designed to look like a newspaper, this A4 weekly organiser has 50 sheets in total including 30 week sheets for planning. £11.95 from Fox and Star.


Clamber Doodle children’s cabin bed from Loaf

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Fresh Design kid's furniture from Loaf

Loaf have recently launched a range of new products with children in mind and we couldn’t help but be charmed by the wonderfully named Clamber Doodle cabin bed.

It’s not just the fab name that attracted our attention, but the design of it too. As with other cabin beds, the sleeping area is at the top, with a number of shelves and storage areas underneath for toys or clothing (four shelves and two drawers). What makes this bed special is the addition of a large chalkboard at the end of the bed.

Best cabin beds for kids

You can see now where it gets it name from, as kids can clamber up the ladder onto the bed, or do a spot of doodling at the end of it!

The bed is made from solid reclaimed fir and hand-finished in bleached timber. It’s fully reversible and the ladder can be fixed to either side of the bed.

The Clamber Doodle cabin bed is available from Loaf, along with a selection of other child-friendly furniture.

Why wool rugs are perfect for kid’s rooms

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Fresh Design children's room ideas using rugs

If you’re looking for a rug for your child’s room, have you considered one made of wool?

Some experts believe wool could be the perfect rug material to choose and today’s guest post, from The Rug Retailer, explores the many benefits of wool.

The Rug Retailer’s wool rugs are perfect for any child’s room but, you don’t just have to take our word for it. All you need to do is examine the vast number of benefits that wool, as a fibre brings to any room but, in the cases of children’s room, these benefits take on even more importance.

Here are some of the top reasons why wool rugs are perfect for kids’s rooms.

I.         Resilience – wool is incredibly durable, resilient and robust which is why some of the oldest rugs in the world are made from wool. It is a material that regains its texture and shape quickly. Even after a few months covering the floor under a bed, when the bed is moved, the wool rug will eventually bounce back into shape.

II.       Natural stain resistance and soiling ability – children are naturally less balanced and measured in the finer motor skills that an adult can be. In other words, where as an adult can walk along with a glass of liquid in hand, without looking at it, should a child do the same thing, the chances are it may slop out of the glass. With children playing in their rooms, you need a wool rug that you know will be able to withstand all kinds of punishment – and the ability to not let spills stain it is a perfect additional benefit too.

Fact – wool is able to resist stains due to the presence of lanolin in its fibres. It is a substance that can also be beneficial to skin and so children laying and sitting on wool rugs will also be protected.

Rug ideas for kids rooms

III.        Flame resistant – not many people are aware of the flame resistant nature of wool but this in itself makes them perfect additions to a child’s room. The fibre does not catch alight but tends to smoulder instead. Due to the lack of additional chemicals, as can be found in some synthetic mix rugs, this smouldering will not give off toxic smoke.

Fact – in order to thrive, a flame needs fuel, oxygen and heat to ignite the fire. Wool is not only naturally dense, but each fibre also contains too much water to be able to support all three of the fire triangle, hence it smoulders rather than catches alight.

 IV.            Durable – wool is one of the most durable natural fibres known and this is why wool rugs for children’s rooms will cost more than synthetic ones. However, you will get years and years of use from a wool rug; they will age and grow with your children, lasting until your small children are grown adults (and beyond!)

V.            Elastic – wool has elastic qualities that lets it be mouldable and springy under foot. There are two different types of wool cells, known as the orthcortex and paracortex. These cells grow at different rates and are at opposite sides to each other on the fibre. As a result, wool has amazing elastic properties. In tests, wool fibres can be stretched by 35% but easily return to shape.

VI.            Moisture resistant – as well as resisting stain, wool is also naturally water repellent. Quite naturally within the fibre, there is a barrier that prevents too much water soaking in but, when water does finally makes it way in to the fibre, it can absorb a third of its own weight in water and not feel wet. In clothing, this is known as a wicking property and it why wool is used in underwear for astronauts.

Fresh Design rug ideas for children's bedrooms

VII.            Availability of patterns and designs – not everyone wants the same looking rug in their child’s room and so, if you think that wool rugs tend to be grey in colour and nature – or itchy to the skin – you will be wrong! Wool can be dyed and treated in all kinds of ways and constructed to create strong rugs. Wool rugs today come in an infinite number of shapes and sizes, as well as patterns and colours. Neither do they tend to fade too readily, unless placed in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

VIII.        Functional and beautiful – any room deserves to be swathed in beauty and wool rugs do just that. For too long, functional has been a by-word for boring and yet, wool rugs for children’s room are anything but boring. They will provide hours of warmth under foot, as well as years of enjoyment and delight.

To check out the options available, and choose your rug, head over to The Rug Retailer.


Animal antics: Fresh design gift ideas for children’s rooms

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Christmas gift ideas for children's rooms

Add a bit of cheer to a child’s room, with one of these animal inspired gifts! Some of them can be even be personalised to make them extra special.

1. We love this dino shelf – both practical and stylish. Personalised child’s dinosaur shelfie, £64 from By Numbers

2. Aren’t these rather quirky and fun? They’re made from wool, so no sharp bits to worry about. Upcycled wool animal wall plaques, £35 from Green Tulip Ethical Living

3. Give a younger child something to look at, with this cute mobile. Wooden woodland animals mobile, £17.50 from Posh Totty Designs Interiors

4. Help a child learn their animal ABC. Personalised animal alphabet print, £28 from Pepper Print Shop

Animal antics: Fresh design ideas for children’s rooms

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Children's room decor ideas from Fresh Design Blog

Do your children love animals? Here are four ideas for bringing animal themes into children’s rooms, through the walls, floor and accessories.

1. Create your own animal wall art, with this set of six fabric animal picture frame wall stickers. Use them together, or space them out around a room. Just peel and stick….and if you don’t like where you’ve placed it, just peel it off and reposition it. They’re £26 per set from Spin Collective.

2. Hedgehog’s aren’t always prickly, as this hedgehog cushion proves. It’s handmade by Robin and Mould and available in burnt orange, or other colour options. It’s £18 from Howkapow.

3. Soft and cuddly, this green elephant cushion, with its floral appliquéd design, will add a touch of comfort and luxury to a child’s room. It’s designed by Matthew Williamson, as part of his Butterfly Home range, and is £18 from Debenhams.

4. Have animals underfoot, with these wonderful felt rugs. Choose from Billie Badger, Finlay Fox or Herby Hedgehog – £65 at Graham and Green

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