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How to develop a colour scheme for your bedroom

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

How to update your bedroom decor, taking your bedding as your focal point

Do you want to liven up your bedroom with a new colour scheme, but aren’t sure where to start? Rather than decorating the walls first, then trying to find soft furnishings and accessories to match, one simple trick is to start with your bedding and work from there.

Whether you’ve got a favourite bedding set that you love, or want to start from scratch and invest in a new duvet, using your bedding as a starting point makes complete sense – especially as the bed is normally the key piece of furniture in the bedroom.

Analysing a duvet colour palette

Take the Linea Traveller print bedding set shown above. It’s got a pleasing colour palette that’s dominated by the rich shade of red, but there are also plenty of other colours involved that you can pick out and be inspired by.

There’s blue and lilac on the flowers and other parts of the floral design, a mustardy gold and a softer terracotta type red.

Think about how the colours could be used

Painting the walls is always a good way of transforming the look of a room and when it comes to paints that would work well with this particular duvet cover design, there are plenty of options. A bright red can be too dominating in a bedroom – you want to sleep, rather than feel too energized – so a picking out the terracotta instead would be better.

We love Dulux’s Curious Crimson paint colour, which would bring out the terracotta accents of the design. Even if you aren’t ready to have it on every wall, it would work really well used on the wall behind the bed.

Cherished Gold, Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2016, would tie in well with the mustard in the duvet cover and is ideal combined  with terracotta. If you’re up for trying something different, you could even try Cherished Gold on the ceiling – imagine that view from your bed!

So we’d use terracotta and mustard as the two key colours, then use a hint of blue as an accent colour. Here’s how we’d put it together with the paint and accessories:

How to create a terracotta and mustard colour scheme

See how well it goes with the design from the pillowcase? All items are available House of Fraser.

There’s a rug for the floor, three individual vases of various shapes and textures, a pair of candle votives and a set of three wooden houses, each featuring one of the colours on the roof. You don’t need masses of accessories to help tie a scheme together – just a few select pieces will suffice. We’d add in some curtains or maybe a roller blind, plus some flowers and, voila, the room is complete.

What do you think? Is it a colour palette you’d decorate with?

(Disclosure: This is a collaborative post)


Go global: Colourful Peruvian-style ideas for bedrooms and bathrooms

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Love colour? Add these bright and cheery Peruvian design accessories to your bedroom and bathroom for a lively global style

Go global this summer and add some Peruvian style to your bedroom and en-suite bathroom, with these colourful accessories from M&S.

Main image – Peruvian tapestry digital print bedding set – from £49.50

Smaller images, from top to bottom -

Peruvian tassel bath towel – £18

Peruvian pattern striped bath mat – £15

Authentic weave cushion – £12

Pack of two Peruvian bedding sets – from £35

Spring has sprung – refurbish your rooms for the new season

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

  New bed linen can really make a difference to a room!

Spring has officially sprung. Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been waiting forever for the warmer months to make an appearance?

And, as we prepare to embrace longer, brighter, and warmer days, it’s also the perfect time to update and refresh your bedrooms.

With every new season comes a catalogue of new and exciting trends and, when it comes to updating your bedrooms this Spring, who better to ask than the hotel experts? After all, they are responsible for ensuring that hotels are not only comfortable and inviting but also reflect the season’s hottest trends.

So, if you’re looking to revive your home, hotel, or guesthouse just in time for the new season, we’ve created a helpful guide outlining how you can uplift your rooms based on some top tips from hotel linen suppliers and interior experts.

Choose the perfect colour scheme

Your choice of colour schemes can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a room, so it’s important that you think about them carefully. As with every new season, there are a whole host of eye-catching colour palettes to choose from to uplift and transform a wide range of spaces.

Spring 2016 is a season of contrasts, especially when it comes to colour.

With this in mind, expect to find a spectrum of bold vivid colours as well as earthier, more natural tones. Above all, Spring/Summer 2016 is about experimenting with a wide range of colours and tones in order to create the perfect ambience.

It’s all about the bed linen

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your bed linen. After all, changing your bed linen will not only improve the quality of sleep, it will also instantly uplift and revive your room.

100% cotton bed linen is a perfect choice for the warmer months, due to its natural breathability, 100% cotton bed linen will provide a cool, comfortable and refreshing sleeping experience, throughout the warmer summer months.

As a general rule, when you’re choosing your new bed linen, you should always remember that the higher the thread count, the more luxurious it will look and feel, a high thread count can range from 200 and anything up to 800.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are not only perfect for optimising comfort, they are also great for injecting a healthy dose of personality and character into a room.

Spring offers the perfect opportunity to fill your rooms with vibrant colour, interesting patterns, and bold statement designs, reinforcing the style of your home or establishment.

There are a whole host of ready-made soft furnishings that will allow you to transform your home, guesthouse, or hotel. From cushions, bespoke curtains and bed linen furnishings like flat sheets  through to rugs, runners, and even fabric headboards, getting your summer linens right will instantly add style, interest, and colour to a wide range of spaces.

Duvets and pillows

Even during the warmer months, there really is no better feeling than wrapping yourself up in, soft, indulgent duvet and relaxing your head on a super soft pillow.

Choosing the right pillows and duvets can be an integral factor when it comes to ensuring that you and your guests are able to enjoy a restful and comfortable night’s sleep, whether they be a guest in your home or at your hotel.

Ultimately, the quality of sleep your guests will experience comes down to the quality and comfort of your duvets and pillows. This season it’s all about embracing luxurious goose feather and indulgent microfibre pillow technology.

Above all, it really is the smallest finishing touches that will make the biggest impact to the look and feel of a room!

In order to enhance your favourite spaces further, there are a number of luxurious finishing touches that can make all the difference, especially when it comes to optimising comfort and memorability.

For example, ensuring that you always have a fresh vase of spring flowers in the room. What’s more, with the days getting longer, daylight is lingering well into the evenings and creeping into the early mornings – so buying black out curtains can really help with a great night’s sleep.

Neither of these come at a big expense, and really make a big difference.

By following this guide, we hope you can quickly and easily freshen up your rooms ahead of the warmer months.

Shades of grey: Contemporary bedroom styling idea

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Contemporary grey bedroom scheme - classic, easy-on-the-eye colours and fresh crisp linens

What’s your ideal bedroom interior style?

For a timeless contemporary bedroom scheme, monochrome shades of grey, black and white work wonderfully well together. Think white wooden floorboards teamed with black furniture, a cosy grey rug to step out of bed onto, and black or white blinds.

The folks at Julian Charles, a retailer of luxury bedding and accessories, recently asked how we’d best dress an interior with their products. So with a contemporary bedroom in shades of grey in mind, here’s what we’d choose.

The choice of bedding can make or break the look of a bedroom. For a contemporary room and classic colours that won’t date, I’d opt for the Ashford silver luxury duvet set. I love the geometric and multi-stripe patterns, which are primarily in silver and grey. But rather than just the one design, you get a choice of two with this one, as the duvet is reversible. Two-in-one definitely offers better value for money and gives an added element of choice – bonus!

I love having a throw on the bed. It’s a great extra layer to be able to throw on during the colder months. Plus, of course, it does help ‘dress’ the bed during the day and give it that hotel chic look. In this case, the luxury grey Darla quilted throw is the perfect companion to the bedding. It’s soft and cosy and has just the right amount of detailing on it to help it stand out.

Cushions are a must to add to the bed, both in terms of dressing it and providing extra comfort. I’d have to include the Ashford silver boudoir cushion - I love the design featured on it and this matches the bedding. Plus the Darla grey filled square cushion works fantastically with the throw.

Finally, to help retain the fresh scent of clean bedding in the room, and generally add some soft fragrance, I’d add in a Fresh Linen candle.

The end result looks great – stylish, contemporary and, hopefully, long-lasting.

Julian Charles

(Disclosure: This post is also an entry into a Julian Charles competition)

Toucan liven up your home furnishings

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Funky toucan cushion covers from H&M

Why not add a bit of fun to your home furnishings with a new set of cushion covers?

If it’s colour and quirkiness that you’re craving, then take a look at these toucan design cushion covers.

They’re from the new range at H&M and will help add a touch of exotic charm to your living room. The yellow background toucan cushion cover and the single toucan print design cover are both £7.99 each.

If you really love the birds, you can even go the whole hog and get toucan design bedding too:

Fun toucan bird print duvet cover from H&M

Toucan duvet, £19.99

Exotic toucan bird pillowcase from H&M

Toucan bird pillowcase, £6.99

Wayfair home styling with Pantone Colours of the Year 2016

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Pantone colour of the year 2016: Rose quartz pink and serenity blue

When it comes to interior design colour schemes, pink and blue are not normally colours I’d automatically put together, and certainly not pastel shades. But thanks to global colour authority Pantone announcing in December 2015 that their Colours of the Year for 2016 are Rose Quartz (pink) and Serenity (blue), suddenly these two colours are being pushed to the forefront.

Along with some other home interior bloggers, I’ve been working with Wayfair to see how easily these two shades can be incorporated into the home.

The colours

Pantone colours of the year 2016 - Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone’s Rose Quartz is a soft dusty pink, whilst the serenity blue is an interesting shade of cooler blue, with a hint of purple in it.

Pantone say:

Pantone colors of the year explanation from Leatric Eiseman

Together they remind me most of of sunsets, and the colours in the sky blending together as one as the sun sets on another day.

In fact, two postcards I love sprang to mind immediately – one depicting surfers on a beach at sunset, and the other a favourite image of a piece of appliqued hand-dyed silk, which features a blend of both of these colours. They had to feature somewhere in the room scheme…

Styling a bedroom with Pantone Colours of the Year

I wouldn’t automatically choose to put pink and blue together, not least in a bedroom, but with the combination of feminine (pink) and masculine (blue) it seemed like an interesting pairing.

Online store, Wayfair, have a wide range of homeware products available, so off I went for a (long) trawl through the options. After much deliberation, I chose to use the following products:

Wayfair styling challenge: Ideas for using Pantone Colours of the Year 2016 in your home

Full blossom art print by Nicola Acaster (£39.99)

Wayne Ridge 220 count cotton duvet cover set (£38.49)

London Clock Company pink faux leather alarm clock (£20.99)

Rocca Streep cushion cover (£17.99)

Sleep cotton cushion cover (£16.99)

I knew I wanted to incorporate my two postcards into the room somehow, but the size of them meant that they wouldn’t really provide enough impact on their own. So I chose a larger canvas print in the form of the full blossom art print, by Nicola Acaster. The canvas print features cascades of pretty pink cherry blossom against a sky full of shades of blue.

For a bedroom scheme, having the right bedding is essential. Pink bedding would have been a bit much for me, so I opted for the Wayne Ridge duvet cover set in blue and white. It’s a nice contemporary design and the stripes of colour, with their blends of shades, means that it’s got just the right amount of balance and is not an overpowering design.

No bed is complete without some extra cushions. I may well have mentioned before that I’m a bit of a sucker for cushions and have quite a collection (ahem), so it was useful to discover that these two were available to buy as just the covers. The stripy square one and rectangular blue one fitted perfectly over existing cushions.

Ideas for combining pink and blue in a bedroom interior

Sometimes it’s hard when buying online to get a good impression of the real colour of items. In the case of the stripy cushion, the blue in it turned out to be way more turquoise than I’d expected – not a good match for the Pantone Serenity blue, but the two shades of pink are ideal to represent the Rose Quartz.

Pink and blue bedroom based on Pantone colours of the year 2016, rose quartz and serenity

I was tempted by lots of lovely blue glass vases at Wayfair, but then I spotted the London Clock Company’s pink faux leather clock and had to opt for that. It’s a fab bit of retro styling and the pink fits in perfectly in the room.

I also added a few other accessories I already owned, including a blue scented candle and a large chunk of rose quartz. And, of course, here are those two postcards:

Use postcards or pictures to inspire home colour decoration ideas, like these with their Pantone colours

All in all, it’s been an interesting experience and has definitely made me rethink my views of combining pink and blue. For a bedroom colour scheme, the blue is refreshing, whilst the pink is restful, so the two work well together.

For more product ideas featuring these two colours, have a look at Wayfair’s Ideaboard. 

(Disclosure: The post is in association with Wayfair, but all views and opinions are our own).

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