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Spring cleaning: The bedroom

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

In the second in our series on spring cleaning (if you missed our top tips on cleaning the kitchen, you can catch it here), we’re venturing cautiously into the bedroom, armed with dusters and determination.

The bed

Start by stripping the bed, and washing the bed linen according to manufacturer’s instructions. Vacuum the mattress, then ask someone to help you turn it over. If there are any stains or discoloured areas on the mattress, spray with a mild upholstery cleaner, then sponge with warm water with a drop of washing up liquid added. This will also help remove any dust mites.

If there’s room, ask someone to help you pull the bed out, and vacuum underneath it. If your headboard is wood, clean it with a little furniture polish sprayed onto a duster (don’t spray directly onto the headboard, as the liquid may run down and destroy all your hard work by staining the mattress!). Clean a padded or fabric headboard by vacuuming on a low power. Wait until the cleaned areas are completely dry before making the bed back up.


Next, tackle the storage areas. Take everything out of drawers and off shelves, and wipe the insides of the drawers with a cloth dipped in warm water and a tiny drop of washing up liquid then squeezed dry. Allow to dry. Consider investing in some drawer organisers, which are brilliant for sorting socks, scarves, jewellery and underwear so that you can actually find them!

Line drawers with scented drawer liners, or left over wrapping paper or wall paper, and add lavender bags, a couple of bars of perfumed soap or scent sachets. This is also a great opportunity to sort through everything as you put it back, and only replace when you need. 


Take everything out of the wardrobe and vacuum the inside before wiping it down with a damp cloth as before. Sort through clothes and put anything that needs washing, dry cleaning, mending or binning on one side before replacing what’s left. Add a couple of scent sachets or cedarwood rings, which are great for deterring moths.

Old furniture

If you have vintage or antique furniture in your bedroom, it may have taken on a musty smell over the years which can transfer itself to the clothes or belongings stored in it. To get rid of this, take everything out of the cupboard or drawers and put it somewhere else temporarily.

Fill a small plastic lidded pot with white wine vinegar and carefully punch some holes in the lid. Leave it in the furniture overnight, then wipe or polish the shelves and cupboards before returning the contents. If this doesn’t do the trick, wipe the interior of the furniture with a cloth soaked in a dilute white wine vinegar mixture then wipe again with plain water.

To help you get started, here are a few cleaning products we love:

Carpet beater, Hunter Gatherer

Fantastic for beating the dirt out of bedroom rugs, you can also use this traditional carpet beater for dry-clean-only curtains. It’s also fantastic for airing pillows and duvets, just pin them on the washing line and let all your inner frustrations take over! Just £12.50, available from Hunter Gatherer.

Lavender hearts, Karenza & Co

These pretty lavender-filled hearts are embroidered with fresh Spring flowers, and are perfect for hanging in wardrobes, tucking in drawers or hanging from door handles to scent the room. £9.50 each, available from Karenza & Co.

Lavender linen water, L:A Bruket

This gorgeous lavender linen water will make your bedroom smell fresh and summery. Use to spray clothes when ironing, or spray a little onto bedlinen for a relaxing fragrence. £15.95 for a litre, complete with spray bottle. Available from nook.

Limeleaf and ginger candle, Prey

This organic candle is ethically produced, and burns with a light, uplifting fragrance guaranteed to banish any linger staleness from your bedroom. Priced at £25, available from Prey.


Fresh Design bedding: Lost weekend duvet set

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Fresh design bedding

So often, nicely designed duvet sets seem to come at a bit of a price. Either you end up paying a lot more for bigger sizes, or you find a design you like and then discover that pillowcases cost extra.

Thankfully, this duvet set, from Marquis & Dawe, not only looks great, but has an affordable price tag too.

The design is called Lost Weekend and features a Parisian style village (more like a town, in the case of the king size version!) with lots of architecturally interesting buildings. The design is hand drawn in black and featured on a white background, but there are some red accents added to liven things up.

The duvet set comes with matching pillowcases and is available in single (£19.95), double (£24.95) or king sizes (£29.95).



Storage accessories: Dachshund dog ring holder

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Contemporary jewellery storage ideas

What is it about dachshund dogs that are so appealing?

For all you dachshund fans, here’s a cute little storage accessory that will help keep your rings and jewellery organised, and hopefully bring a smile to your face along the way.

The cute little fella is made from shiny silver plated metal, with an elongated tail to slip on your rings and blue sparkly eyes.

You only need to part with £11.95 to get this dachshund gracing your dressing table – bargain!

Fab Friday Bargains: Fresh new bedding

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Invest in new bargain priced bedding and duvets

Treat your bedroom to a fresh new look, with these fab Friday bedding bargains.

Whether you’re a fan of soothing, calming colours in your bedroom, or prefer to be swathed in lively, uplifting shades, we’ve got the options covered.

From left to right on each row, starting from the top:

Floral trail duvet cover set, now from £11

Blue Anicia bed linen, bySheridan, now from £12.50

Natural Kismet bed linen, bySheridan, now from £14.50

White bed linen, by Jeff Banks, now from £24

Red Hatha bed linen, by Rocha.John Rocha, now from £14

Campervans duvet set, now from £18

Scribble duvet cover set in blue, now from £10

Bright print bedset, now from £16

Green painted leaf bedlinen, by Christy, now from £4.80

Utilising Space in a Bijou Bedroom

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Contemporary modern bedroom

Your bedroom should be a haven of tranquillity, but if you’re tight on space then it can feel more like a cluttered mess, which is far from helpful when it comes to getting a good night of sleep.

If you’ve just moved into a new house or are considering remodelling, there are a few simple tricks you can apply to make sure that you fully utilise the space in your bijou bedroom.

Remove the clutter

Before you even begin to start looking at which fitted bedrooms may suit your unique needs, it’s best to begin by clearing out all non-essential items. Take the time to go through your personal belongings, donate what you don’t need to charity and move as much as you can into another room in your house or put it into storage.

Once you have de-cluttered, you’ll become acutely aware of how much storage space you need in your new bedroom. And this is an absolutely essential piece of knowledge to have in your quest to maximise space.

Break with tradition

When it comes to utilising space in your small bedroom, think about space-saving innovations.

Many bedroom doors tend to open inwards, which steals valuable space right from the outset. Instead of following tradition, consider installing a sliding door, which takes up no unnecessary space whatsoever and can be installed to slide across the wall on the outside of your room.

In addition to space-stealing doors, beds are the biggest culprits when it comes to hogging the room. Instead of the standard double or king-size bed, consider installing a sofa bed, futon, or even a wallbed. Wallbeds ensure that floor space in your bedroom is maximised to its fullest.

Built-in wardrobes

If a wardrobe is an absolute necessity in your bedroom, opt for a built-in one that really maximises floor space. Not only do customised built-in wardrobes offer excellent storage facilities for clothes and shoes, but some even allow for the installation of built-in televisions, stereos and all manner of other accessories. With these appliances seamlessly built-in to your wardrobe, there’s no need for space-stealing tables and stands either.

Innovative storage and display

The wardrobe can be one of the most cumbersome pieces of furniture in any given bedroom. If you’re intent on conserving floor space, however, it’s time to get innovative and forget about traditional ideals. Consider purchasing a set of drawers on wheels, which will slide seamlessly under your bed and negate the need for a wardrobe, while making use of space that is conventionally wasted.

In addition to removing your wardrobe from the equation, ensure that you make intelligent use of vertical space. Floor-to-ceiling shelving, on at least one wall, is absolutely essential in any bijou, space-restricted bedroom.

Create an airy feel

While space-saving furniture and innovative storage methods are a must when it comes to conserving room, it’s also important to remember that the right design elements can also help to further enhance the illusion of space.

White walls and bed spreads create a light and spacious feel, while oversized mirrors reflect light perfectly. To avoid a bland feel to the room, pepper your haven with colour, in the form of brightly upholstered chairs, beanbags or quirky keepsakes; this presents the perfect opportunity to put your own stamp on your new spacious abode.

***This is a guest post from Betta Living***

Dormeo Octaspring Evolution Plus Memory Foam Pillow: Review

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Memory foam pillow sleep review

Having previously reviewed and been impressed by the comfort of the Dormeo Octaspring mattress, we were interested to discover there are now pillows available with the same ‘octaspring technology.’

Dormeo kindly offered us the chance to road test (or bed test, really!) a pillow, so we took up the challenge and off we set to put it through its paces…

What’s special about the Octaspring Evolution Plus pillow?

Dormeo Octaspring mattress review

An Octaspring foam spring

The Evolution Plus pillow   is one of four pillows in the Dormeo Octaspring range that utilise their specially designed ‘octaspring’ technology (the other pillows in the range are Octaspring Classic Evolution, Octaspring Memory Evolution and Octaspring Evolution).

This means that, unlike standard pillows, the pillow is made up of special ‘springs’ constructed from memory foam.

The pillow has 12 soft memory foam springs to cradle the head, plus another 12 firmer foam springs around the edges of the pillow. These are designed to tuck under your neck and help keep your spine correctly aligned as you sleep.

Our verdict on the Octaspring Evolution Plus pillow

Having never slept on any kind of memory foam pillow before, it did take quite a bit of getting used to.

Firstly, because it’s a lot firmer than a standard synthetic pillow and secondly as there was a bit of a difference moving from sleeping on two pillows to just one Octaspring one.

At first, I tried using it placed on top of a standard pillow to provide the pillow height I’m used to, but to be honest it really didn’t work. The combination of a firm memory firm pillow on top of a soft standard one created a funny balance and I ended up with a stiff neck.

Instead, even though it’s lower than I’m used to, and hence probably why it took so long to get used to it, the best way of using the Evolution Plus pillow seems to be on its own (or perhaps it might work with another identical pillow beneath it if you do want the height?).

With time it did become a comfortable alternative to a standard pillow. The foam helps your head gently mould into the pillow each night, but you’re not left with a ‘dent’ in the pillow afterwards and it seems to spring back into shape again after use.

One of the benefits of the foam ‘springs’ is that they’re designed to allow good ventilation, and this was very evident, as the pillow stayed cool throughout the night.

If you don’t get on with standard pillows, or suffer from back problems, then the pillow may be a good option to try, especially as it’s designed to help provide a comfortable and well-aligned sleeping position.

Overall, the Octaspring Evolution Plus is a well made, comfortable pillow, with a nice outer finish, and is definitely worth trying if you’re interested in memory foam to improve your sleep. Compared to other pillows, it’s an investment piece at £80, but it does come with a two year guarantee from Dormeo Octaspring.

Find out more about Octaspring on Facebook

Fresh design bedroom linen: Quote design pillowcases

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Message on a pillow

Fancy leaving a message for your loved one on their pillow? These lovely pillowcases, with their hand drawn messages, could be a good solution.

There are four different pillowcase designs available, each featuring a simple quote message. The quotes are hand drawn in dark grey ink on a white cotton pillowcase.

The pillowcases are £12.50 each (not per pair), so you can mix and match them as you wish, and are sold by Urban Cuckoo.



Fresh Design and Carpetright bed competition winner

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Fresh Design ideal bedroom ideas

Thanks to everyone who entered our recent competition in association with Carpetright to win a double bed. We had some brilliant entries depicting your favourite bedroom items and decor and loved checking out all of the Pinterest board entries.

It was a tough decision, but we’re pleased to announce that the winner was Rachael Walton. She came up with a brilliant range of ideas for her perfect bedroom, including everything from the flooring, wallpaper and curtains, to the paint colour, storage options, decorative accessories, lighting and wall art.

Well done and we hope you enjoy your new bed!

Monsoon purple Adriana bed linen

Monday, March 25th, 2013
Purple bedding bedroom ideas

Adriana bedding

How can it be so cold again? On a day when we’re longing to still be snuggled up in bed, we’re rather aptly drooling over bedding.

In particular, we’re loving the vibrant colours and design of this Adriana bedding by Monsoon, which looks like it would be perfect for a duvet day.

The duvet and pillows are made from 100% cotton percale, with a thread count of 180.

All the bedding can be bought from Monsoon, where they stock the duvet in a great range of sizes – single to super king, priced from £50 to £80, and £10 for pillowcases.

However, we’ve also found the Adriana bed linen available at Debenhams, where there’s currently 20% off.

For an extra layer, the purple Florence hand crocheted throw is £90 from Monsoon.

Five Top Tips to Declutter a Bedroom

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Beds with hidden storage

Have you had enough of feeling like your belongings are closing in on you, taking your bedroom further and further away from the calming haven you desire and closer to the mad old hoarder’s lair you fear?

Stay calm: here are five tips to help you effectively tackle your clutter. We’ll show you how to hide it away so there is less on display, and make it appear like there is more open space in the room as a whole. Clutter will not take over your life!

1)   Firstly, find new and ingenious places to hide away your clutter. Stuffing belongings underneath a regular bed can mean more space in a room, but it could also mean your belongings are nearly impossible to reach and they’ll act as a dust trap – the last thing you want in a bedroom. Instead, why not go for a bed with in-built storage?  You’ll be able to neatly store away anything from books and bric-a-brac to linens and shoes.

2) Avoid creating a cluttered first impression by forgoing shelves mounted at eye-level, and fixing them high up instead. Shelves set above a door frame offer a great place to keep books and the like, while being as good as hidden to the casual glance.

3)  We all know lighter colours make a room look bigger and airier, but you needn’t sacrifice all personality. One feature wall in a lively shade or pattern will make the room a more welcoming place to be – which could well be more important than it looking empty and spacious anyway! If you want to be really clever, wallpapering the feature wall in a slightly reflective pattern will help to create a more three-dimensional, therefore bigger, look to the room. Horizontal stripes are good if your room is narrow, as they’ll visually widen it out.

4)  Let your storage do the talking. If you have a theme in your bedroom, get hold of storage solutions that fit this theme. That way, they’ll become an intentional feature of the room rather than looking like clutter. If your room has a traditional theme, look for an old-style trunk to sit at the foot of your bed. If you’ve created an oriental style theme, why not use a screen to conceal your nearly stacked belongings?

5)  If clutter is a real problem in your bedroom, you can’t really ignore this as an option: have a clear out. There, we said it. Of course, it may seem like an impossible task, but with guides like the one here from How Stuff Works to help you, you should soon be on your way to the more spacious home and bedroom you dream of.

***This post is in association with Storage Beds Direct***

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