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Bathing beauties: Contemporary freestanding bath tubs

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

When it’s cold outside, you’ve had a long day and you’re tired, nothing beats stepping into a nice warm bath and simply relaxing.

If you’d love to do have your bath time relaxation in style, then check out these luxurious contemporary style bath tubs.

Luxury bath tub

Wow, the Lagoon bath is a tub of beauty. The oval freestanding bath is blessed with depth, making it perfect for a long soak. And the egg shaped design, with taps in the middle, provides space and opportunity to share your bathing experience with another. Great for romantic, candle lit bath times. Available from the Bath Store.

Modern roll top bath

If you prefer straight lines and angles to curves in your bathroom, then take a look at the Apollo bath. It’s got all the appeal of a freestanding roll top bath, and a great depth to it, but the square angled design gives it a very modern feel. Available from Victoria Plumb.

Contemporary luxury hydro bath

If it’s the ultimate bath for muscle soothing that you’re after, then this hydrotherapy bath could be the answer. The Starck freestanding bath is part of the Hoesch collection and comes equipped with 16 jets. It’s large enough to really spread out in and is lovely centrepiece for a contemporary bathroom. Available from C. P. Hart.

Five of the best shower styles

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Whilst it’s always an asset to have a bathtub in the home, many contemporary apartments boast only a shower room. Thankfully there are a number of ultra-chic showers on the market today, many of which will allow you to change a simple shower room into a spa-like masterpiece.

Prior to altering your existing shower room, it’s important to take note of the various renovation rules that may apply. If you’re planning on renovating an existing property, you must be conscious of the constraints – this is especially the case if your property is of a certain age.

Digital showers

Digital shower ideas

One of the more contemporary showers on the market today comes in the shape of a digital shower. Aside from innovative wireless controls and a number of impressive settings, you can even turn the shower on from up to ten metres away. This is certainly an attractive setting and one that most will have no problems in using.

A celebrity-worthy shower

The various types of showers available today are growing more innovative by the minute and those keen on Zen philosophies may wish to create their very own Asian-inspired wetroom. A shower tray by Mira Showers is one such chic option that offers a similar effect to that of a spa retreat – instead of a traditional shower with a glass door, you can surround yourself with potted plants, richly coloured tiles and warm tainted woods.

Electric showers

An electric shower is a popular option for many of today’s homeowners, and instead of having to wait for the shower to heat up, switching it on will activate instant heat. This is certainly an asset to those with a busy schedule!

Shower enclosure

Mira bathroom shower enclosure

If you’re lucky enough to have an alcove within your bathroom, this is a perfect place in which to place a shower. As well as full enclosures, semi-frameless enclosures are becoming one of the more prevalent options for contemporary homes, especially in smaller bathrooms where they create the illusion of more space.

Mixer showers

A full and powerful shower is on every homeowner’s wishlist, as there is certainly nothing more trying than a weak dribble of water. Due to many UK homes boasting low-pressure water systems, the mixer shower is becoming a popular choice.

Aside from numerous spray nozzles available from different shower head attachments, the technology behind such a system is able to augment the internal valve waterways.

Contemporary bathroom design ideas

***This is a guest post in association with Mira***

Bathroom accessories: Social networking design shower curtain

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Social networking shower curtain student bathroom

If you live and breathe social networking and find it hard to be parted from your phone or computer in case you need to update your status, then how about bringing the world of social networking into your bathroom?

This novelty shower curtain design is based on a social networking profile page and even has a transparent window (revealing your head and shoulders only) so you can star in your shower curtain’s personal page.

The information includes all the usual details you find on sites such as Facebook, including who the shower curtain is friends with (Hot Tap and Shampoo & Conditioner), who wishes to be unblocked (Wash Basin) and who they’re in a relationship with (Limescale).

The amusing shower curtain is currently reduced to just £10.99 at Find Me A Gift and is sure to raise a few smiles in the morning.


Luxury bathing: Duravit Nahho floatation bath tub

Monday, July 29th, 2013


Contemporary design bath tub float

When is a bath not just for bathing? When it’s designed for floating too.

Luxury bathroom company Duravit are bringing one of the spa favourites – floatation tanks – to your bathroom, in the form of the Nahhoo bath tub. The idea is that floating enables you to enjoy a feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation, as you ease away the stresses and strains of the day.

Best designer modern bath tub

The large, spacious bath provides plenty of room for you to float – on your back, or on your side. A specially designed curved headrest helps support your head as you float, but if you prefer, you can remove the lower part of it and slide further down into the water.

If you like having your ears underwater, then you can also take advantage of the musical aspects of this bath and use bluetooth technology to listen to music underwater.

Home floatation tank

The contemporary bath tub is exquisitely designed with your comfort in mind. All the essential controls – the tap fittings, waterfall tap and spotlights – are cleverly concealed behind a furniture flap (available in matt graphite or white finish) to provide a sleek finish.

If you’re seeking to create the ultimate designer bathroom retreat, then this definitely one bath tub that warrants further investigation.

Missoni Home Otil black and white flower bath mat

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Contemporary monochrome bathroom accessories

When Missoni Home make bath mats, they do it in style.

The Otil flower bath mat is no ordinary bath mat. In fact, it would be easy to overlook that it’s a bath mat at all, bar the fact that it’s made of plush cotton towelling.

With its bold black and white design, this piece looks more like a stunning rug for your home, rather than something you’d step out of the bath onto.

As you’d expect with Missoni Home, the designer Otil flower bath mat also comes with a price tag far removed from most bath mats….£179, gulp!

Should you wish to invest in this piece, as either an amazing bath mat or rug, it’s available to buy from Selfridges.

For more black and white home interior design ideas, check out our post on monochrome home accessories.


Top Two Roll Top Baths for a Transitional Bathroom Design

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Every well designed bathroom has a centrepiece – a focus of appeal and attraction that draws the eye as soon as you enter the room. Usually this feature is the bath and, as it sets the tone for the overall style and atmosphere of the bathroom, you need to make your choice very carefully.

Essentially there are three approaches that can be taken when it comes to the overall design of a bathroom: traditional, contemporary and transitional. A thoroughly traditional approach will rely entirely on proven and trusted Victorian or Edwardian designs, whereas a contemporary approach swaps these for clean lines, modern materials and innovations such as ‘waterfall’ style taps.

Transitional bathrooms borrow elements of both these styles to create a unique, quirky and fresh design. Leading bathroom experts Victoria Plumb look at the top two bath designs for this highly specific design style.

The Transitional Bathroom

Combining aspects of both old and new to come up with an eclectic and original approach that is unique, the transitional bathroom design allows for a strong traditional or modern centrepiece that compliments your bathroom’s design without having to follow the strictures of a formal theme. The wide range of style that Victoria Plumb offers is perfect for mixing and matching your own take on the concept.

Here are two top bath options for creating the perfect transitional bathroom.

1. Top Contemporary Bath

Whether traditional or modern, most bathtubs have large curved forms. The Manhattan Roll Top Bath is a modern, contemporary double ended roll top bath that simply oozes luxury and is perfect for anyone wishing to create a spa experience in their own home.

Luxury contemporary roll top bath

By being able to hold a relatively large capacity of water, this tub offers the potential for true relaxation from a long, deep soak. Built around extremely modern curved shapes and smooth finished edges, theManhattancan be perfectly matched with modern and traditional accessories so you can build your own unique design.

If you do choose modern designs which offer practical solutions to space issues along with sleek design aesthetics, there are a number of ultra-modern ‘open’ tap designs to choose from. These give ‘waterfall’ effects when in use and are perfect for maintaining the spa vibe in your bathroom.

2. Top Traditional Bath

The idea of a transitional approach to bathroom design works both ways and the iconic Liberty Roll Top Slipper Bath mixes modern appeal with tried and tested classic style for the perfect duo. This bath was featured in the top ten baths on

How to create a transitional bathroom

By making a traditional roll top slipper bath the focal point of your bathroom, you can enjoy the ultimate in luxury bathing. A modern bathroom needs to fulfil its function in a straightforward way, but many people find that the older styles have an in-built sensuous appeal.

A totally contemporary bathroom suite in a period home can seem quite harsh and out of place but by using a transitional approach you can have the best of both worlds.

Whether it is using chrome ball and claw or dragon feet to add finishing touches to your bath, or incorporating a modern basin in a slim line vanity unit, the choices you can make using the transitional idea are only limited by your own imagination when working with Victoria Plumb.

***This guest post is from Victoria Plumb***



Fab Friday Bargains: Reduced bathroom linen and accessories

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Fresh design bathroom fab friday bargains

It’s always a good time to stock up on new bathroom linen and towels when there’s a sale on and today’s Fab Friday Bargain will help you do just that!

Good old M&S currently have up to 20% off bathroom linen and accessories and there are some great options available at reduced prices (until 2nd April 2013).

These colourful pieces would certainly help liven up a plain white bathroom and at a fraction of their usual cost.

The Colourfield block towel, with its geometric style square coloured block print, is now priced between £4 for a hand towel and £12.80 for a bath sheet. If stripes are more your style, then the Colourfield striped towel can be picked up for between £4 and £20 a piece.

If your shower curtain has seen better days, then why not replace it with this floral print shower curtain, which is reduced to just £12. And for the floor, how about a slogan bath mat, also now priced at £12?

The Importance of Picking the Right Bathroom Furniture

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Bathroom furniture, banished to the wilderness during the last ten years whilst minimalism was the dominant force in bathroom design, is back, and it’s better than ever.

There are now more cupboards and cabinets available than ever before, and in just about every conceivable variation of size, shape and finish. But with such a huge range of products, choosing the perfect furniture for your bathroom can start to feel like a daunting prospect.

We all have different requirements, tastes and differently sized bathrooms, so let’s look at a few of the key variables to consider, making sure that you achieve the best possible results.

There are three types of storage unit that consistently out-sell all the others, giving us a fairly clear idea of how effective and useful these models are.

Firstly, there is the fitted vanity unit, which will allow you to keep your basin area clear from clutter, as we do all tend to accumulate far more toiletries and cosmetics than we really need, and this area of the bathroom tends to be where they end up. As a fitted unit, it will help to streamline your bathroom, concealing the pipes that are connected to your basin and taps, for a less functional appearance.

The arrangement of drawers and doors is entirely up to you, but these units are a great way to keep all of your assorted bathroom products neatly organised and discreetly out of sight, whilst remaining within easy reach.

A vanity unit will also provide you with a generous amount of surface area, so you can spread out when you need to.

Wall-mounted cabinets are always popular, as in Britain we don’t tend to have very large bathrooms, and this way, one doesn’t have to sacrifice floor space in order to gain storage capacity.

In shared or family bathrooms, giving each bathroom user their own cabinet, or section of a cabinet, can be a great way to keep things straight forward and efficient. For families with younger children, wall-mounted cabinets can be a great way to store any medicines or supplements safely out of the reach of curious young hands.

Finally, we have the tall, narrow freestanding unit known as the Tallboy. These units are so popular largely due to the fact that they would seem perfectly natural in any room in the home, thus helping the make bathroom feel less like a purely functional space and more like a natural extension of the rest of your décor.

As for finish, well, natural wooden tones or veneers are the most popular choice, bringing tactile appeal and a real warmth to your bathroom aesthetic, the perfect way to counteract to the slightly cold and sterile nature of an all-white bathroom suite.

Lighter woods, such as oak and pine, will keep the room feeling light and fresh, whilst darker tones, such as walnut and wenge, will create a dramatic, opulent look – a real style statement.

There are also metallic units crafted from stainless steel and brushed aluminium, as well as all manner of coloured lacquers, and even patterned designs.

The point is that with such a wide array of furniture options available, you will be able to find the perfect units for your bathroom. So take some time to have a click about and discover your ideal furniture. Good luck!

This is a guest post by Helen Davies, a senior content writer for Better Bathrooms, who sell good looking contemporary and traditional bathroom furniture at a realistic prices.

Fresh Design bathroom: Orla Kiely acorn design bathroom accessories

Monday, December 3rd, 2012
Fresh design designer home accessories

Acorn design bathroom accessories

Orla Kiely’s acorn design, as seen in the wallpaper we featured recently, looks great used on this range of bathroom accessories.

The range includes an acorn soap dispenser, acorn toothbrush holder, tumbler cup, soap dish and general purpose lidded container.

Whether used together or individually, a few new bathroom accessories are a quick and easy way of refreshing your bathroom.

The Orla Kiely acorn design bathroom accessories are in stock at Heal’s.

C. P. Hart Home Spa Blogger Challenge: Update

Monday, October 15th, 2012
Contemporary bathroom from C P Hart

Home sauna

Recently I’ve been busy creating a Pinterest board for the C.P. Hart home spa blogger challenge, featuring all the ingredients of my ideal dream home spa bathroom.

As my previous post mentioned, my ultimate dream home spa bathroom would be contemporary in style and have enough space in the room to provide plenty of relaxation experiences.

So they’d be a big freestanding hydrotherapy bath to ease away aches and pains, a steam room area to invigorate the senses, a contemporary shower to cool down in and a choice of two saunas, with different heats and scents, to relax in.

Although I normally like a bit more colour in a room, in this case the colours are kept deliberately neutral to help completely relax the body and mind.

C P Hart contemporary bathroom ideas

Modular bathroom furniture

I like the look of the minimalist style and design or the C. P. Hart wooden bathroom furniture and feel it complements the large, rectangular basins and design of the sauna/shower combo and steam room/sauna very well. The addition of the oval freestanding bath would help add a bit of a gentle line into the room, so that the clean, straight lines aren’t too overpowering.

Contemporary garden and deck furniture

Mandalay lounger (from Uber Interiors)

As my dream home spa bathroom has a balcony space just outside, a luxurious double lounger, complete with parasol, would be just outside the room and ideal for relaxing outside in the elements (I am imagining warmth!).

Of course, any spa bathroom isn’t complete without some pampering treats and you absolutely must have a cosy bathrobe to slip on! To provide the ultimate finish and warmth for the floor, there would be underfloor heating fitted under the neutral porcelain tiles and a heated towel rail to keep towels warm between treatments.

You can see the full rundown of bathroom elements on my Pinterest board.

C.P. Hart are a retailer specialising in contemporary bathrooms. They sell everything from luxury shower enclosures, home saunas and bathroom furniture, to tiles, taps and freestanding baths.

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