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Fresh Design finds: Quirky kitchen accessories from Anthropologie

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

I love a good mooch around Anthropologie. It’s always a good place to find something a bit quirky and unusual, like these kitchen accessories.

Honey bee trivet

Wow, love this! Gorgeous brass honey bee and honeycomb kitchen trivet. Looks too good to put hot pans on.

What a gorgeous trivet! I love the honeycomb design of this, with a little bee added for detail at the top. It’s made of brass and, to be honest, looks a bit too good to cover with a hot pan.

Cluck & Coo cutting boards

Cute chicken (cluck) and dove (coo) shaped wood and marble cutting boards

Sadly these two fab cutting boards don’t come as a set – it’s an either or choice, but they’re both rather fun. One’s in the shape of a chicken (cluck) and the other is a dove (coo). They’re made from a mix of acacia wood and marble.

Dolci storage jar

Posh biscuit jar! Ornate Dolci biscuit and sweet storage container from Italy

This is a rather ornate earthenware storage jar, with an olive wood lid, from Italy. Ideal for storing biscotti or other sweet treats.

Russet measuring cups

Copper colour kitchen cooking and baking measuring cups

This set of kitchen measuring cups look like they’re made of copper, but they’re actually made of a coated stainless steel. They’re a lovely colour, plus useful too.

Cat’s meow bottle opener

Aww! Cute cat shaped brass bottle opener - a must-have!

And finally, who could resist a cute cat shaped brass bottle opener? Every kitchen drawer needs one, of course!

Add embossed designs to your baking with a textured rolling pin

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Awesome textured rolling pin design idea

Inject some fun, personalisation and extra texture to your home baking by using an embossed rolling pin.

The design on the rolling pin is instantly transferred to the pastry (or you could use it on sugarcraft fondant work too). It’s simple and easy to use and can transform the look of your pies and tarts. Who knew making pastry could be so fun?

1. Bring a touch of the stone age into your home baking, and get your kids keen to eat the results, with this fab dinosaur embossed rolling pin. £22.61 from Etsy

2. If geometrics are more you, then opt for a geometric embossing rolling pin, £27 from English Abode

3. Get your children into baking and exploring patterns, with a child size textured rolling pin. Available in a choice of designs. £3 from The Dotty Dough Factory

4. Want something more unique? Create your own personalised embossing rolling pin featuring a name and shape of your choice, £26 from Boon Homeware

5. Finding it hard to decide on a preferred design? Get eight, with this set of colourful plastic embossed rolling pins. £14.99 from Amazon.

6. Love cats? Add some feline inspiration to you baking with a cat design embossing rolling pin, £22.61 from ValekRollingPins on Etsy (dogs are catered for too!)

7. Add a doodle style swirl design to your pastry or fondant with a stick rolling pin kitchen tool. £2.71 from Amazon.

8. Add some traditional designs to your pies, with a handmade folk pattern embossing rolling pin, £27 from English Abode.

Joseph Joseph contemporary kitchenware: Nest baking accessories

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Nest mix mixing bowl set from Joseph JosephContemporary kitchen baking equipment

At Fresh Design, we’re big fans of home baking, but in order to bake efficiently, it helps to have the right kit to hand.

In terms of baking accessories, some of the essentials include a mixing bowl to prepare all your ingredients in and measuring spoons to help you add the correct amount of ingredients.

Contemporary kitchenware company, Joseph Joseph, founded by twins Richard and Antony Joseph, produce a range of stylish and practical products that are perfect for the modern home baker.

We were invited to test out two new products from their Nest food preparation collection – the Nest Mix and Nest Measure.

Review of Joseph Joseph baking accessories by Fresh Design Blog

Nest Mix is a three piece mixing bowl set with the added addition of a highly useful egg separator. The colourful bowls are in graduated sizes and stack inside each other, so they’re easier to pack away and store in a cupboard. The egg separator clips onto any of the bowls, and makes juggling the yolk between the egg shells to separate off the egg white a thing of the past – hooray!

Each of the bowls also have nicely designed spouts, which makes transferring ingredients from bowl to mixer, or bowl to cake tin, a lot easier. The designers seem to have thought have everything and we’re impressed by the addition of a stainless steel egg cracker rim on each of the bowls, which ensures egg cracking is quick and easy.

The bowls are all lightweight, so work well combined with scales for measuring out baking ingredients. They were ergonomically comfortable to use and work with, plus they washed well too.

Joseph Joseph kitchenware products reviewed by Fresh Design Blog

The Nest Measure set is an equally useful piece of kit. Consisting of eight pieces, the set features measuring cups ranging in size from a tiny 1/4 of a teaspoon up to one cup. In fact, the set seems to cover all the key measurements you’re likely to need. Each measurement is listed on the handle – our only criticism is that on some of the colours, and in some lights, they’re easier to read than others and we wish they were a tad clearer.

We do however love the fact that each piece clips together, so you can retain them all in a neat and compact nest, rather than having a drawer or cupboard full of random pieces. The colours are lively and attractive and help ensure the product stands out easily when you’re delving in a drawer to find them!

The Nest Mix retails for £30 and the Nest Measure for £10. Both are available to purchase from Joseph Joseph.

* Disclosure: We were sent the two products for review, but all views and opinions are our own.


Baking accessories: YolkFish egg separator by Peleg Design

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Great design kitchen baking innovations

You know that feeling when you come across a kitchen or baking accessory that you can’t believe you’ve lived without? Meet the YolkFish.

The YolkFish is a cleverly designed gadget that helps you separate egg yolks from the white in an instant. No mess, no flecks of yolk left behind in the whites and no more unwanted bits of shell in eggs.

Designed by the folks from Peleg Design, the YolkFish uses the power of suction to quickly and effectively suck up all the egg yolk, leaving the white behind. For those of you who are fond of making meringues, for example, you’ll know only too well how even the tiniest speck of yolk can ruin a meringue mixture.

It’s a great idea and an essential kitchen accessory for bakers. What’s more, at only £8.95 this is one kitchen gadget you won’t regret buying.

Here’s the YolkFish in action, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use:

Fab Friday Bargains: Top Lakeland home baking buys

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Fresh Design guide to bargain baking buys

It’s sale time again (do they ever stop these days?) and for our Fab Friday Bargains we’ve been delving into the baking bargains at Lakeland. If you love baking, but aren’t so enamoured by some of the prices of pans, moulds and other equipment, then now’s the time to snap up a bargain or two.

Top row:

Baroque cake pan, now £4.99 (was £9.99)

Three tier baking sheet rack, £9.99 (was £14.99)

Four individual silicone loaf moulds, £3.49 (was £5.49)


Middle row:

Tala icing syringe set, £14.99 (was £24.99)

Whirly cake pop mould, £6.49 (was £9.99)

Loose based pie set, £12.99 (was £19.99)


Bottom row:

Panasonic bread maker, £99.49 (was £119.99)

Silicone mini madeleine pan, £3.49 (was £5.29)

Chocolate teacake mould, £4.99 (was £8.99)

Fab Friday baking bargains

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Love home baking? Check out our selection of Fab Friday Bargains, all with a baking theme to them.

Make and bake your own bread

Fancy waking up in the morning and tucking into freshly made bread? A bread maker can make bread making an easy task for even the most un-seasoned bakers. This Panasonic bread maker is super slim in size, so perfect if you’ve not got space in your kitchen to accommodate a large machine. There are three loaf sizes available, plus a rapid bake options, and you can even time it so that you can wake up to a fresh loaf.

How to make cookies

Aren’t these biscuits rather nifty? They’re designed to sit on the side of a cup or mug. Have a go at making them, with the Bit On The Side baking kit. You get five powder coated cookie cutters, a recipe booklet and storage jar. It’s now £6.99 for the set, a saving of £10 off the original price.

How to make the perfect chocolate brownies

If you’re like me and never quite end up managing to cut chocolate brownies or other traybakes into identically sized pieces, then use this tin instead. The Masterclass non-stick pan has 12 square holes, so all your brownies or other cakes will be the right size and shape. Save 20% off the usual price.

Home backing offers

Never run out of cooling rack space for your freshly baked home treats – check out this for buy one, get on free on a Linea rectangular cooling rack. Other kitchenware items are also included in the offer.

Pancake ideas for children

With Shrove Tuesday approaching in a few weeks time (Tuesday 4 March), why not make some Pudsey bear shaped pancakes for your children instead this year? The silicone mould is shaped to make up to four bear head pancakes, or you could use it to make bear shaped fried eggs. The mould is now only £1.99.

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