Inspiring objects: Heritage feather design bookmarks by Kosha

Kosha feathers used as art

Aren’t these feathers beautifully designed?

They’re created by Kosha, a Swiss design studio specialising in creating inspiring objects.

Not just a decorative object, the heritage feathers are designed to be bookmarks. They’re made from a flexible form of stainless steel and come with a gentle curved shape. When they’re placed in the pages of a book, they flatten and sit perfectly. But once you’re done with your bookmarking needs and remove the feather, it will become curved again.

Kosha feather design bookmark object

The bookmark feathers are realistically designed and you can see that the creators have paid exceptional attention to detail. On one side of the piece, there are delicate lines branching out from the central shaft of the feather, reflecting the detail you’d expect to see in an actual feather. The edges of the piece have a sense of movement to them, evoking the feel of the feather being blown by a small puff of air and dancing in the wind.

The other side of the feather is plainer, but benefits from the addition of the rather apt Cicero quote, “A room without books is like a body without a soul,” – something we definitely relate to!

Kosha yellow gold feather bookmark

The heritage feathers come nicely presented in a box, making them perfect to give as a gift. They’re ideal for those hard-to-buy-for recipients and, with the feather theme, could make a good Easter gift for those wanting an alternative to chocolate.

For the Kindle generation, who might not read paperbacks so often or have such a need for a bookmark, the feathers look equally delightful simply used as decorative objects to accessorise your home.

Kosha stainless steel feather reviewed by Fresh Design Blog

Thanks to the flexible steel, they don’t just lie flat on a shelf, table or desk – the tip and bottom of the shaft are curved upwards, giving them a sense of movement and fluidity, like a feather that’s blown in through an open window. Alternatively, either a single feather or a group would look great displayed in a slimline clear glass vase.

The feathers are available in a range of colours and finishes, including the classic stainless steel, green, olive green and rich purple, to some higher quality finishes for that special gift. The red gold feather has an alloy of 16 carat gold and copper, yellow gold feathers 24 carat yellow gold over stainless steel and there’s 9 carat gold and rhodium on the black gold feather.

Kosha’s exquisite feathers are available to purchase in the UK via Amazon. The same design is used to great effect in a range of feather jewellery and in iPhone cover plates.

Gorgeous Kosha gold and silver feathers

***Disclosure: Kosha sent us the heritage feather bookmarks for review, but all views and opinions are our own.***


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